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Corrie Kids: The Next Generation of Weatherfield Residents

(This post was originally posted by Michael Adams on the Coronation Street Blog in November 2015, reposted with permission.)

Over the past few weeks, I've mulled over the title and content of this post, and it's been sat in the drafts folder for what seems like longer than Gail Rodwell's entire married life. But I've came to a conclusion, and after several changes in subject, I've decided to dedicate it to the future generation of Weatherfield residents - the next bunch of Ken's, Rita's, Emily's and Audrey's.

Originally, I intended to write a post about the next generation of Corrie fans, though after constructing almost the entire article, I realised how much of a complete and utter hypocrite I was, baring in mind that I am included in that demographic.

Aadi and Asha Alahan

I want to like them, but I don't. I love the concept of twins on the show, and I think Dev's kids have so much potential in them. Like Bob Hope's twins in Emmerdale, they're often sidelined and forgotten about, even though the children who portray Aadi and Asha,  Zennon Ditchett and Tanesha Gorey, are fine young actors for their ages. Plus, Gorey has a strinking resemblence for Shobna Gulati, who played Sunita, their late on-screen mum. The death of Sunita was a missed oppurtunity for the characters to evolve, and hopefully one day they can use this as part of a storyline. But, like their father, have had little or no storylines as of late. My hopes are that the twins will take a dislike to Dev's blossoming relationship with Erica, and that all those missed opportunities will be achieved. Sadly, I can see some sort of disaster killing Asha off, and Aadi inheriting the shop from Dev in the future. Let's hope not, they have so much more potential!

Amy Barlow

I adore Amy, portrayed by the superb Elle Mulvaney. She is witty and sarcastic, essentially a young version of her mum, Tracy, and she even echoes her late, sorely missed great grandma Blanche. My expectations are always fulfilled in a scene with Amy Barlow, a fine example of the humour present in early episodes of Corrie. As for the future, I'm really looking forward to upcoming scenes with her despicable cousin Simon. Out of all of the children on the programme, Amy is the one character I'd hate to see re-cast, a common occurrence in soaps, especially in children. As for the future of young Amy, I'd love to see more of her scheming mannerisms, and it would be great to see her stir some trouble up in no. 1! Let's hope she never gets sent upstairs to play some tapes...

Simon Barlow

Alex Bain has had some amazing storylines over his tenure as malicious Simon Barlow, and I hope that he continues to for years to come. Though to cut it short, I am sick and tired of his current abuse storyline, which is starting to feel dragged out, slow and to be frankly honest, quite embarrassing. However, I am always on the end of my seat watching the scenes, and I cannot wait for the outcome. Looking towards the future, I hope Simon recovers from his damaged reputation, as I'd love to see Leanne happy for once.

...and the rest!

Weatherfield is tearing at the seams with children, with far too many to highlight. Though to summarise, I can see Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) remaining a troubled young adult, haunted by the thought of disowning her daughter Miley, who will probably turn up on the Cobbles one day. I'd love to see her relationship with Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) become something a little more than friendship. Liam Connor Junior will probably fade into the background alongside his mum Maria (Samia Ghadie), and it's sadly inevitable that Lily Platt and Max Turner (Harry McDermott) will probably be re-cast multiple times, and probably leave Weatherfield with Kylie at some point. We know what's in store for poor little Hope Stape, and I can see psycho Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews) becoming obsessed with Jack Webster again

No matter which characters remain, the future for Weatherfield will always be gloomy, though it would be interesting to jump forward ten years to see who's still lurking about! (I love a good spoiler...)

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Robin said...

I know she is not a major character and still very young, but I love the little actress playing Ruby. She's one of the true child actors who doesn't just sit there during her scenes waiting for her bit to come up! She's more natural than Hope and seems like she does her own little thing during scenes....which might be difficult for the adults to manage. There's been a couple,of cases with ruby and fiz that seemed like fiz had to keep an eye on her!

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