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Sunday Comments January 3

I hope you're sitting comfortably. We had a marathon of Corrie last week with 10 episodes so this summary may take you some time to read!
Johnny found out what Rob had up his sleeve. It was nearly a Darth Vader moment, "Johnny, you are her father!" Rob went on something his drunken mother told him but Johnny had always suspected he might be Carla's father, confirming Rob's fishing expedition. He's not saying what he wants exactly but Rob is threatening that he could tell anyone anytime. At least Johnny got a dig in at Rob by telling him Tracy is living with someone else.

Tracy's profits have never been that great and since Tony wiped her out, she's back to the edge of bankruptcy. She mentioned to Robert that she was happiest as a florist. Oh, that's no coincidence, is it? Nobody says something like that out of the blue on a soap for no reason. Especially when they've come and stood in the middle of a busy restaurant kitchen getting in the way, hair unhygenically flying about. Rob is still yanking Tracy's chain and she's falling for it, hook, line and sinker.

Tracy doesn't know what she wants for Christmas but it better be good. Let's see what Robert can come up with? Meanwhile, Rob is yanking his cellmate's chain, scamming him with the oldest card trick in the book while he's waiting for Tracy who's lied to Robert and said she was going to the bank. She's well and truly sucked in now. He's smooth, isn't he? He knows about Robert so he's really stringing her along. I do think Rob was the love of her life. She might love Robert but it's a throwback to other days and a rebound from the grief over her mother. She's very good at lying, is our Tracy. Looks him right in the eye and everything! It upset Rob and he's going to double his efforts to make her pay.

Amy's still sawing at that violin and Emily's got her a spot in a church concert. How, I have no idea. She's still terrible at it but when Tracy doesn't show up and she finds out there's 200 people expected, her nerves get the better of her.

Where's Tracy? She's gone to the prison because Rob sent her a visiting order. He ups the ante by telling her there's a chance he might get out. She's got no idea that Robert has gone to Ken and asked formally for his blessing to ask Tracy to marry him! Tracy starts the fancy footwork, trying not to commit herself and, remembering that she's probably missed the concert, gets out before she has to answer Rob. All that professing of love and Robert is pretty quick to start shouting at Tracy for missing the concert and she comes over all defensive. It's not her fault. It's never her fault and he knows very well that's her standard excuse. The fight has sent her right to Rob which is exactly what he wanted.

Meanwhile, Robert presented Tracy with her Christmas surprise, a shop full of flowers. He thinks she should change the shop to a florist. Not really such a bad idea. Tracy didn't take it all that well, felt like other people were trying to run her life. For once, though, she seemed to pay attention to what her father had to say and apologized. She's even taking it on board. So there's going to be a florist in the shop instead. Over at the prison, Rob is planning to meet Robert and stir the pot a little from that side of things.

Will Robert tell Tracy he's been invited for a visit? Rob doesn't want him to so he didn't. So much for being honest. Tracy's all over the place, because she believes Rob's lies. What to do? Robert is in a bad mood because of the secrecy and the thing with Rob and he should be taking Leanne's warning to stay away seriously. He's too curious to stay away, though. No good can come of this.

Todd's not too happy about the shop being changed to a florist. I suppose it's either keep your job and sell flowers or be unemployed. And Todd answered Tracy's mobile and now knows Rob is in the picture. Good thing he's good at keeping secrets.

Back in Weatherfield, Carla and Nick planned an engagement party with party planner Michelle's help. Rob wanting to see Johnny is dampening Carla's mood. Norris is in a snit about not being invited and Nick didn't even do that much, just asks for last minute ribbon! ha! Why would you invite Norris anywhere if you didn't have to? He never has anything nice to say and only goes for free food and a nose at any potential gossip or disasters, which is pretty common on Corrie, let's face it. The party had some fun scenes, with Aidan losing his socks, Gail getting tiddly (again). Johnny lied to Carla about what Rob wanted, of course. Loved Carla asking Roy to walk her down the aisle. Awwww. Liz and Johnny made a connection, too. Liz's new man or just a confidante? Time will tell.

Johnny gets delivery of a DNA kit and has to be sneaky about getting a sample. Since there doesn't seem to be a PA in the office anymore, and Alya's not around to do it, Carla is the one that licks the envelopes. Johnny manages to snatch one, pretending to take the post out to send it, and he sends the envelope flat on it's way with a forged signature for Carla's consent. Along the way he confides in Liz who promises on her honour of being a barmaid, never to tell the secret! Aidan has noticed a bit of a spark between Liz and Johnny. I think I do like the two of them as a couple. Right now Liz is being a friend, a voice of reason but it could work.

Carla still doesn't trust what Johnny says about why Rob wanted to see him. Robert finds out about that so he wonders if Rob might get in touch with Tracy. When he tells Tracy that Rob saw Johnny, she can cover as far as that goes but manages to smooth over his insecurities. Tracy didn't get any joy out of Johnny when she went fishing for information.

Johnny is still waiting for the DNA results while Rob is harassing him on the phone for the cash but he's not going to pay up until he knows what the results are. Liz thinks he ought to tell his kids the truth but he hesitates until he knows the truth himself. Later, he sees Kate and Carla both in wedding gowns with Michelle joking that they look like sisters. They do, actually and he can see it.

Mary seems to have settled her mind on the fact that Brendan's married. She's off to a convention with her fella and her friends are very unkind about her new interest behind her back. Then Rita overheard Brendan on the phone to his wife, lying about going to the convention. Of course, Rita didn't know he was married and tried to do the right thing and told Mary and tried to warn her, out of concern of course. I hope Rita doesn't tell Norris! Mary seems to be going ahead with this relationship. They sure steamed up the car windows after the convention!

Ken and Nessa are going to the engagement party along with much of the community. Nessa is contemplating a flowered jumpsuit. Please, no. Nessa continues to rub Audrey the wrong way. I suppose the only reason Nessa continues to work at the salon is easy access to Ken. She did ask Audrey to do her hair for the party and all that bitching came home to roost. Audrey made her look ridiculous. Everyone knows it and even Ken lied about it. He knew well enough not to be "honest" like she asked.

Michael is horrified that Eileen send in the RSVP and refuses to go so Eileen brings Dee to the pub. She came to bring Michael a present, her father's cufflinks. Talk about 20 pieces of silver! In the end, Michael decided to go to the awards after all. too much guilt from all sides, I guess. But Michael's photo is going to be in the paper and I think another man's life is going to get a shock due to that sort of thing. Eileen's written him an acceptance speech, too, giving herself some credit. He admitted to Gail that he's scared he'll end up back in prison.

Michael is dreading the awards ceremony but everyone is very proud of him. Why didn't Michael just contact the committee and turn down the nomination? And how does he know he's even going to win or does every nominee get an award? Nick is stressed with all the prep and Michael nearly didn't show up but he did, with Gail's urging. Billy did read out the nominees but while he was doing it, Eileen got all shirty, thinking he was getting back together with Gail and Michael was trying to explain. Into the middle of it all came Dee and a neighbour who recognized Michael, saw him running away from the house the day Dee's house got burgled. And naturally, he did win.

Gail tried to intervene but it was another victim confrontation. I don't know why Michael thought running after Dee would help anything but it did. With Gail's words making a difference, I think, she decided to drop the matter. That's a few points in Gail's favour, I think. Could this be the first baby steps back to getting reunited? Michael has to make it up to Eileen first. But as usual, Eileen made it all about her.

Erica and Anna go on the razz again to another singles' night, this one not in the Rovers and after a bit of ribbing by Erica, urging Kevin not to be such a boring old thing, he decides to go to it as well though both he and the women are surprised to see each other there! And both Anna and Kevin find someone they might like to date. Anna has been contacted by someone she met, Barry who seems to be very enthusiastic once Erica sent the text for Anna. He sent back a photo which we didn't see. Probably just as well.

Anna and Kevin both have dates on Monday from the people they met at the singles' night and both dates are at the Bistro. Funny that's the only place to eat isn't it? Kevin's date was very nervous. Anna's date was morose and could only talk about his ex and after that it was me, me, me. Kevin got a second date out of his lady, much to Anna's chagrin.

Amusing scene in the cafe when Roy's first marriage (to Tracy) was brought up and everyone, including Tracy who was stood there, danced around it delicately. Johnny might be warning Aidan not to mess with the staff but he's also betting Aidan and Eva will get together. Never mind Nessa's hairdo, the Renshaw Twins are back! Nessa was nearly out the door after many a wobbler over what she looked like until Amy laughed at her. Laughed at Ken recalling that Tracy disected her Cabbage Patch Doll! Steph and Andy are back from that little mini-break away. I really like them together. I wish Andy would actually have a storyline, though. Tyrone is still under a burden of debt. Probably not sleeping either.

Some fun and daft conversations at the garage about favourite Christmas carols. Steve's not coming home for Christmas after all. Andy's broken a leg again and the bar must re-open (after a renovation from the sound of it) or they'll lose money. Nessa really is critical and is quick to be rather sharp to people and Ken's noticed.

The Factory Christmas party looms at the end of the week. Will it be a piss up or a boring do? Time will tell. On the night of the party, Aidan is feeling upset because it's the 22nd anniversary of his mother's death. Kate really doesn't remember her. That'd be right since she's 26 I think? She'd only have been 4 at the time. She pointed out that her mum loved a good party so Aidan is advised to get into the swing of things. It *is* difficult, he'd have stronger memories but Kate's right. Life is for the living. Anyway, the party seemed to start off a bit slow. Lots of music but everyone seemed to be standing around at first. Guess they needed a bit more "cheer" down their necks first. Eva and Aidan are still flirting but today it felt awkward due to his mood. He admitted to her about his mother's death, though, she got hit by a car. Even Carla remembered. But there's more on Johnny's mind than the anniversary of his wife's passing.

There's a mention that a new client likes to play ping pong. Watch this space. Sure enough, Aidan's organized a tournament with a new client much to Johnny's astonishment. I think the pingpong tournament is going to be hotly contested. Aidan doesn't seem to be very good at it, though he's competetive enough for two! Kate then bets Aidan he can't seduce the lovely Eva by New Year. Ok, he's just plummeted in my estimation of him.

Then comes the day that Sarah is due to have her termination. With Todd's concern and Kylie backing her up, Sarah goes anyway but Kylie, when she realizes how much Max means to her, decides to go to Sarah and offers her support, whichever decision she makes and does point out that She wouldn't give up Max for the world, even though she hates Callum too. Meanwhile, Max steals the show with a great ad lib about donkey poo but then worries he's done something wrong when Kylie takes off. Poor kid.

There's only a few more people Sarah hadn't told about the baby. Bethany was one of them until, naturally, she overheard something she wasn't supposed to. Again. In the Salon. There must be great acoustics in that back room. And like she did the last time, she went straight out and blabbed the secret to Gail and Audrey who were having lunch with Sarah. Naturally, Billy was in the Bistro too. He seems to be popping up awfully conveniently these days around Sarah. I don't really blame Gail for tearing him a new one, nobody asked him to stick his nose in. And then the moment of the week, when a disgusted Bethany mused that she should get pregnant and Audrey said she was far too old for pregnancy, by their family's standards! Wonderful! Bethany was pretty shocked but it sounds like she's getting over it and will be there for her mother.

But Sarah told David she's pregnant and keeping the baby and he's floored. He's been trying to keep them all together for weeks and he sees it all blowing up in his face. Kylie's prepared to be supportive and seems like Nick is, too but I don't think David's going to come around. Kylie had a point too. David loves Max even though Max's father was his mortal enemy. David and Kylie are on opposite sides of this and maybe both of them are being a bit naive.

There's definitely a big crack in Kylie and David's marriage. Everyone is noticing. Audrey is scolding. and then in the middle of it all, did David just throw it at Kylie that she killed Callum? Oh, that's (sarcastically) nice, isn't it? I would say that could very well be the plug pulled and the marriage starting to circle the drain. David laid it out. He loves her but they don't trust each other. It's finished. Just great. Just what Max needs. First his mother leaves and now David.

Kylie and David are giving each other the 10 yard glare, barely speaking even at work. Kylie's trying to get him to think of the kids at Christmas. He sees it as his way to try to protect his family and it seems to him she's treating him like the bad guy. Even Sarah was trying to convince David not to throw away all the good things he did. He did come by to see the kids but isn't ready to forgive Kylie yet.

David decides to wind up Kylie and his idea is to ask out Eva, which he does, in front of the kids. Eva who Nick reckons would eat him alive anyway, Eva who is also Kylie's best friend. Nice. He can be such an ass sometimes. Eva ridiculed David at least. Then he missed taking the kids to the Pantomime. Thing is, this time he was late for a good reason. When he went shopping in town he ran into Callum's mother who was just robbed on the street. Now he's got a crying woman on his hands when he was supposed to be going to the Panto with the kids. David finally showed a bit of a guilty conscience and he's going to take Max to see his granny! I liked that little twist.

He was too late for the Panto so got seconded to helping out with the neighbours setting up the decorations which only made Kylie more angry when she saw that. It seemed to me that David was just trying to make a point by "leaving" home because he keeps coming back to do laundry and also to see the kids and when he pushed things too far, Kylie pushed back and decided she was fine with them splitting up. Is this the end of Kylie and David? I hope not.

Fiz organized her mates to do all the Christmas decos to surprise Tyrone. Her mates called for donations to buy new decorations. Sally donated, but took back change from her donation! LOL! It looked lovely! Tyrone was less than impressed and almost out and out rude. Tyrone feels like he's not in control over anything and that's what the problem was. Oh dear, Hope's back in the hospital again with another infection and might not be home for Christmas! All that expense for a Lapland and it might be for nothing! Everytime there's a setback, Tyrone spends more money.

Zeedan isn't running the gym though is still working there so he's now got to find a job. He's going to help out at the Bistro for the awards thing, that's something at least. And while he was there, he showed an interest in the kitchen. Turns out he's interested in cooking. Robert offered Zee a job, since Nick agreed he could use help. Sally wants to spend Christmas alone with Tim. She doesn't want Faye to come round, and hopes the child will understand that she can't see her dad on the day. She married a man with a kid, she ought to be more sensitive.

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