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Corrie Christmas wish list - Kate Ford


Will your character be having a merry Christmas this year?
Well she thinks she’s going to be having a very merry Christmas when she finds an engagement ring that Robert is hiding. She spends all Christmas day waiting for him to propose but then Tracy’s been visiting Rob in prison behind Robert’s back so maybe it won’t go quite as well as she’d hoped. 

What’s your favourite Christmas board game?
I used to love Backgammon, I haven’t played it for years but I love it. Also charades, it’s not a board game, but it’s a classic.

What’s your Christmas tipple?
Port with a nice blue cheese, love it.

Turkey or otherwise?
I always think Turkey because it’s traditional, although I have ordered a boiled ham as well this year, I think cooked with cloves it’s really festive, I’m mixing it up.

Where’s your favourite place to spend Christmas?
At my house in London with my son Otis, then seeing friends with their children. But equally at my parents house in the Lake District. We have a second Christmas Day there. I don’t suppose it matters where you are but who you’re with.

Best Christmas tip?
Don’t start drinking until the actual food arrives on the table or you’ll be asleep by the main event. Pace yourself on the alcohol front and be careful with the 9am Bucks Fizz!

Any Christmas disasters?
My mum broke her foot one Christmas Day by dropping a pan on it and then proceeded to tell everyone she was ok and hobbled round the kitchen all day. She styled it out until the day after boxing day before she gave in and went to A&E. There’s no way a man would do that, you’ve got to hand it to women, they just get on with it where Christmas is concerned!

Best Christmas memory?
I always loved Christmas as a child, my mum and dad made them magical. My favourite memories are probably sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night and trying to work out what the presents were, feeling through the wrapping and being so excited for the morning.

Christmas Day...cheese or chocolate?
Can’t I have both, it is Christmas Day?!

Sprouts...devil or delicious?
Delicious, especially if they’re cooked with a bit of pancetta.

Christmas Day...PJs or fancypants?
Definitely PJs, there’s maybe a period of the day when I’ll change into fancy pants but then straight back into my PJs. We once had a Christmas guest come to our house on Christmas Day in PJs, he decided he didn't’ want to get dressed so he actually rocked up in his car in his PJs, we quite liked it.

If you could spend Christmas Day in any other country where would you spend it?
I don’t think I’d go anywhere hot, maybe somewhere like Canada or North America, somewhere where there’s snow.

Favourite Christmas film?
Home Alone, the first one, Otis and I always watch that on Christmas Eve. I love it, it reminds me of my childhood.

Favourite Christmas song or carol?
I would say my favourite carol is Good King Wenceslas, it really sums up Christmas, it’s very rousing and it builds.

Describe your perfect Christmas…
Money doesn’t buy the sort of happiness you get at Christmas, it’s to do with spending time with family and friends. So for me maybe an extra week off work to have lots of time to catch up with family and friends, then maybe some snow for Otis, he’s already asking me whether we’re going to have snow on Christmas Day.

You have one spot left at the dinner table..Who would you give it to, anyone past or present?
Probably Annie (Kirkbride). I really miss her, she’d bring some good advice to the table and some fun.

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