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Sunday Comments January 24

Carla broke the news and to say Kate and Aidan were shocked is understating the fact. Kate was surprised and hurt but Aidan was very angry. Of course, he has a few more memories of his mother than Kate does. It was awful for them to find out he suspected all along that he was Carla's father and tried to help. And awful for them to find out their mother knew.

Liz and Michelle decide they need to get a bit closer to the action and bring in drinks. But earlier Johnny had told Liz that Carla's mother told his wife, Lou, and he and she had a knock down row. Lou went charging out of the house, nearly hysterical and a drunk driver then knocked her down. He felt as if it never would have happened if they hadn't been fighting. When Liz let that slip, Aidan lost it and both of them blamed their mother's death on Johnny. They don't seem to blame Carla, though they do blame Johnny and want nothing more to do with him for the moment. I think Kate will crack before Aidan does. Fathers and Sons, right?

Meanwhile, since Liz, Nick and Michelle had decided the middle of the bar was a good place for a private conversation, everyone's all abuzz with speculation. Sean and Eileen and even Billy are wondering what's going on and coming up with ideas. Laughed at Billy making up a far fetched story about drug and gun running, trying to teach them a lesson! But in the end, Kate told everyone because she probably figured it would come out anyway. Johnny is publically humiliated, Liz is supportive and the gossips are refueled.

At least Kate is talking to her father, not ready to cut him out of her life completely, but Aidan is raging. I really liked that Eva talked to him about what it's like to have something like that sprung on you. She does know how it feels when a parent has lied to you all your life about something big like that. Liz is encouraging Johnny to fight for his family. Fight might be the word of the day because it got him a smack on the jaw from his son for it.

I love that Carla and Roy connected after all the drama even though he didn't let her in on his own drama. Meanwhile, Robert takes umbrage with Carla's attitude. Carla ends up facing the gossips head on and announces the parentage to the factory workers and it's all everyone else is talking about, too. She thinks Johnny will stay out of the factory but i doubt that's going to work out. He'll be back with his feet under the desk in no time and it didn't take long at all, did it? Kate seems pretty much over the shock and really wants to talk Aidan around but it's an uphill battle.

Meanwhile it's all very awkward between the newly found brothers and sisters and Nick wants to help however he can, maybe a distraction? The most recent distraction (Robert) offers to help in any way he can, too. I think he's already been distraction enough, though, don't you? Anyway Kate takes the bull by the horns and tries to get them all on the same page, at least as far as the factory goes. She being the youngest probably is impacted the least of all three siblings and she wants her family. If it means there's a new member, so be it. I think Carla and Kate could really be a nice pair of sisters, given the chance. Nick decided a good distraction would be to go over wedding menus with her ... and Robert. She can barely be in the same room as him.

Seems Nick's Bistro got a really good restaurant review in the main Manchester newspaper, not just the local Gazette and Nick figures it's going to give Robert a big head. I think he's right. And Carla is hardly the picture of a happy bride-to-be, is she? How much longer is she going to be able to hold it together? Tell Nick? Postpone the wedding? Nope, she's got a different plan but Nick's been too busy to sit and talk to her. When he finally gets back to the flat, she tells him she wants to postpone. No, she wants to call the wedding off altogether. Eh?

Mary spreads the non-gossip to the Bistro to Norris and Rita and of course Norris is keen to retire to the pub but ends up staying put and calling Mary out on being involved in a married man, known gossip being more available than the unknown. Their real concerns only make her more defensive. I expect down deep she knows the truth of it but isn't ready to acknowlege it yet. Dev and Erica are set to have a foodie challenge over a shepherd's pie with Mary minding the kids. Only Brendan came along with flowers and a few hours away from the wife so that was out the door. Now she needs time on her own to mentally prepare for a date the next night. It realy makes me cringe, hearing his insincere words that butter up Mary and string her along.

Dev doesn't seem like or trust Brendan and he doesn't even know the married bit yet, does he? Even if he does, he seems to be supporting Mary rather than giving her a hard time. They certainly have made Brendan into a stereotypical cheating husband, haven't they? Norris has never been happy about Brendan in her life and is twice as horrible about it now, even accosting Brendan in the street. No wonder Mary is so defensive but that's the name of the game with affairs with married men.

Mary and Brendan had their date in a rather run down pub with rowdy customers and rampaging children. He was gloating over his wife's 5 hours at Bingo which gave him the free time and salivating over the ice cream special. Odious little toe rag, isn't he? But she was won over and firmly in the River of Denial and in the end, they went back to Dev's where she's been living and up them stairs. And Mary, the day after, Mary is singing stripper songs and show tunes and is on cloud nine. She's really filled with the joys of love. But for some reason, Brendan left without on of his socks. Mary might not have noticed but you'd think he would have and at least texted her to keep an eye out for it. I really don't believe he'd have wafted out of the house and driven home on cloud nine, unaware he had a bare foot in one shoe.

Cathy is hearbroken, betrayed, and angry. Everything she believed about her beloved has been torn apart. Adding insult to injury, she finds out that Roy knew and didn't tell her right away and, worse, was helping Nessa to retrieve the evidence. His apologies and explanations fall on deaf ears and she asks him to leave. Is this the end of Cathy and Roy?

Everyone else thinks Roy just needs to give Cathy time and Nessa even tries to make it right with them. Interesting. The other day Nessa said Alan did all the running but now she says it was her, which is probably more the case. Even Ken doesn't want to see Roy bear the brunt of her anger which is mainly over Nessa's betrayal. What Roy did was not really a betrayal but she sees it as such. Cathy isn't inclined to forgive Roy, though and insists they're finished but I reckon she'll soften up sooner than later, because...

Roy is urged by all of his friends to go and fight for her. Lovely scenes with Roy and Carla who wanted to force Roy into making it right, straight away with her intervention. Between her advice and that of his friends, he decides to have another try to talk to Cathy and persuade her back. Nessa is also determined to make up with her sister though I think that's going to be a bit more difficult. I laugh when she sees Audrey and Ken talking and insinuates herself in the middle, making sure Audrey knows that Ken is hers, fawning over him etc. It's a classic move, being territorial. (not just women, men do it too)

While the pair of them bicker outside Cathy's house, inside, in the process of trying to burn the letters, she sets fire to the house, (boy those few letters went up and caught the room on fire like it was all soaked in gasoline!) and Roy rescues her. Nothing like a catastrophe to put your priorities straight. Cathy's all smiles the next day, even though her house is fire-damaged. Roy's getting all pedantic about the insurance because she couldnt' remember at first what the company was but she did later on.

It certainly is the end of Ken and Nessa. Nessa really does make it all about herself and Ken seems to be experiencing delayed reaction with his grief and is getting overwhelmed by Hurricane Nessa. I think Liz's advice not to waste time in a relationship that isn't making you happy and Nessa's reaction to the fire nudged him just enough to make a decision. When he told her it had everything to do with him losing Deirdre, she knew she never did have a chance and didn't even argue. Then she saw Cathy return with Roy and though she did ask if Cathy was ok, it was immediately back to her self pity party though she still took a shot at Audrey on her way out. Tracy isn't about to let Robert go so easily though she was happy to hear Ken say that his relationship with Nessa didn't look to last very much longer. She drags Todd to the Bistro for a drink, she thinks Robert won't be able to resist. He does a pretty good job of it, though.

Tracy is already planning the florist opening. That didn't take long did it? She's still trying to lure Robert back, too. Everyone's trying to guess what she's going to call it. Tim's trying to get the job to do the windows. I guess he didn't do them before with the other shop but he managed to talk himself into the job because he could get glue off the windows.

Kevin decides to call the council to clean off the graffiti off his garage door. When did he paint over all the other that was on there? I hadn't realized he did. Even so, you would think that the Council only cleans if off public property, not privately owned houses and businesses. Tyrone pointed that out, too, but he called anyway, citing the bus stop. It's all very clunky and contrived so that Maddie's memorial gets cleaned off, surely hours of work without anyone actually noticing the workmen and van they must have had. Never mind. Anna asked Craig to repaint it which he did with Caitlyn's help and she's now on a crusade with Tim joking that she ought to run for council. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the point of this storyline.

Kevin is going to have to endure Dirty Dancing while Erica and Anna are hitting the singles scene. He pretends to have enjoyed it. She's besotted and kisses him just as Anna and Erica head home. Couldn't have been much of a night, it wasn't that late. Pub was still open. I thought it was so that Anna would see them but she didn't as she and Eria turned into the kebab shop for a late snack, just in time for Kevin to join them. Then he decided to walk her home, across the road. Oh the chemistry is there, isn't it?

The next day Joanne turns up again, like a little lost puppy with an excuse, an umbrella she planted so she could come back. I hope Kevin hasn't slept with her yet, there will be no getting rid of her if he has and I think he's rapidly going off her so it's probably not going to be an issue. He thinks she might get bored if he does nothing but not this kind of woman. He needs to make things crystal clear but he didn't have the bottle. Anna stepped in with a big lie that she's pregnant and made out that Kevin is a womanizer.

Sophie has noticed that Anna is all over Kevin. It's only a matter of time. It was funny when Sophie wanted to be there if and when Kevin tells Sally he could be dating Anna! And after Anna's intervention with the mural, it was pretty much a given they are going to get together. Kevin and Anna are all smiles the next day after that snog and they're going on a date but they still want to keep it a secret from Sally and Faye for the moment.

Tyrone is still struggling to make his loan payments and Kevin, bless him, is offering to help. Hope's operation is this afternoon and Tyrone is really stressed, as you would be. His nerves are not helped by his own car breaking down! Roy to the rescue! Wasn't the porter in the hospital sweet to Hope? Then Tyrone absolutely lost his temper on the vending machine and took out all his worries on it, scaring the life out of everyone!

Dev's new exercise gear got a lot of teasing. Sophie got excited to see a re-formed favourite band but it hurt a little because she and Maddie loved them. Then she got upset because she's starting to get back to life and not grieving so hard and that makes her feel guilty. Aww it was nice to see Norris still has that little soft spot for Maddie.

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SdotBdot said...

Yea, the Porter was sweet to Hope because he is John Stape's bro. IE her uncle!! "Hope Stape, now that's a nice name"...exit Tyrone, enter new love interest, Hope's uncle!!

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