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Sunday Comments January 10

Poor Tyrone really seems to be in denial, at least at first. While the whole street has come out and helped out decorating and all the trees and all the lights are put up, Tyrone was certain Hope would come home for Christmas because what is it all for if not? He finally gave up but the neighbours wouldn't. I wonder if Fiz alerted Chesney and insisted Tyrone get a surprise because that's what he got, and Hope is home to see the lights and magic.

Things aren't going so well for Robert, because he's got to go see Rob at the prison. It turns into a major pissing contest (pardon my French but that's what it was, wasn't it? each of them swaggering in their chairs). Rob told Robert that Tracy had been visiting him and since he might be getting out, she'd promised herself to him. I don't think Robert believed it at first but Rob knew about the violin lessons and it seemed like Robert realized the truth though he insisted on having the final shot, he's asking Tracy to marry him. Hmmm. Rob didn't like that turn of events. Back on the street, Tracy's whining about having two men after her and Todd rightly points out that she's just keeping her options open by not telling Robert the truth.
David and Kylie are still at odds. Even when Kylie apologized, due to Sarah giving her a few facts, David was hard and cold to her. It didn't look like Christmas in the Platt house was going to be any better than it usually is. But at least David did do the right thing and took Max to see Marion after assuring the lad that Callum wouldn't be there. (ghost of Christmas past?)

Christmas with the Sutherland/Brown/Dobbs':

Sinead and Chesney are back from Portugal in time for the big day. Chesney seemed happy enough but Sinead seemed like it wasn't the dream holiday, not for her anyway. Of course, there is an inevitable mix up over a ring that Sinead thought was for her. Chesney should be embarassed! He's probably realizing what a rubbish present he actually gave Sinead, something for chopping veggies I think it was. Fiz might be happy now but when she finds out they're mired in debt over the Lapland business, she's going to be pissed.

Christmas at the Barlows:

Well, at least with Robert in the kitchen, the Barlow turkey won't be a dry disaster like it usually is! and don't you love that Todd and Tracy seem to have forged a friendship? Now she's got two friends (with Beth) and he's got one!) Nessa's arrived and she's bought Ken a bicycle. And if you're wondering, Alex went to see friends at a day centre, so Nessa said anyway. I noticed they put a christmas hat on Deirdre's photo, that was probably Amy and Ken was looking at the photo, lost in memories while Nessa was puttering about. Nice to see that Ken really does miss Deirdre in spite of his finding a new woman to keep his bed warm. Yes, I know that's bitchy. I shouldn't be. But if Ken had found a woman that he fell hard for or there was any sense of chemistry I'd say why not? But Nessa is just a man chasing harlot!

Nessa got caught eating turkey by Amy who proceeded to blackmail her for 10 pounds!! HA! Yes, Ken would probably go off her for lying though it's not that big a deal. He'd probably forgive her for this one but be very disappointed. Amy looked forward to two lots of presents and reckoned Steve will overcompensate for missing Christmas. I can believe that.

Tracy's having a tough time, too, between missing her mother and juggling two men but perhaps Amy telling Robert he can be dad number 2 has given her a dose of reality. Even so, on the day, Robert still doesn't seem like a man that's about to propose to the love of his life, does he? She gave him hints and opportunities. Of course she's decided Robert's the one after all, just in time for him to dump her.

Oh what fun it is to ride on Tracy Barlow's public downfall! Did you see her face? And everyone else's!?  Wonderful!

Tracy insisted she loves him but he exposed all her lies. Of course she's going to take it out on someone and Leanne was the one that took it. She and Leanne got into a scrap and I really think Leanne would be the better fighter of the two but we didn't get to find out though Leanne did shove a handful of snow in her face! Ken, disgusted again with Tracy, between finding out what she's been up to and her getting into it with Leanne, throws her out. Again. He'll take her back again, of course, for Amy.

Christmas at the Connors:

Aidan is really taking this ping pong tournament seriously isn't he? Never mind, it was nice seeing he and Kate and Johnny remembering their mother/wife with a toast as they decorated with her favourite ornaments. Johnny did get a bit melancholy when Carla popped in. It can only be a matter of time. Carla is going to have a lot of family time on Christmas Day whether she likes it or not.

Caz showed up but tried to take Kate away for the day. She compromised and agreed to spending the night in the boutique hotel instead but they were still there when Carla and Nick finally arrived. Just in time for Rob's call which Carla took. He didn't hang up on her, at least. I bet Johnny's heart went into his mouth. It sounded like he was about to confess because I think he thought Rob was going to tell Carla the truth. He didn't though. Carla found the lucky coin in the pudding but blew it when she told her wish out loud. No joy or happiness for her, then. Omen?

Christmas at the Platts':

We had Gail serving Dutch booze and snackettes and David's being vile. I really feel bad for Kylie. Gail gets tipsy and starts hinting about babies to Nick and Carla. What a laugh. Nicky boy is marrying his mother, according to Gail's affinity with Carla! Nice scene in the kitchen with Kylie and Carla, Carla recognizing her younger self in Kylie, always after an exciting bad boy. Kylie thinks Nick is too boring but Carla's done the bad boy thing once too often and thinks Nick is just what she needs to "save her". Oh dear. That's the Phrase of Doom right there. Kylie knows David is a nightmare but loves him totally. She made up her mind and went to the pub to bring him back home and he couldn't resist her kiss! Awww!

Christmas at the Websters:

What a laugh that Tim ended up buying Sally gardening tools and from a shop called Lady Garden, and all. (which is a modern slang for, er, a part of a woman's anatomy) I can't believe they went there and got away with it! *snort* Brilliant! At least Sally did let Tim go see Faye on Christmas day even though she planned for them to spend it alone at home. that didn't last long as you might expect. Tim insisted that Faye and Anna come along. Kevin's turkey was frozen solid and Sally ended up taking pity on Kevin and Sophie. I love that Tim and Sally are so crazy about each other.

Kevin's new date, Joanne, is a bit too keen for Kevin's taste. The charades was fun! Later, Kevin and Anna nearly kissed under the mistletoe. It's inevitable these two get together, I think.

Mary's gifts to her friends were, er, unusual. An electric foot warmer might actually be not too bad but a disco exercise dvd for a 75 and 86 year old? Mary is looking forward to her romantic assignation which virtually guarantees it's not going to turn out well. Married men don't usually manage to get away from their families on days like that. There she was waiting while getting photo texts from Dev and the kids, where she should have been after all. I think she waited far too long for him. If he didn't show up in 30 minutes with no text or communication, she should have left. If they know you'll wait like that, they'll continue to use you. She lied to her friends, though, and pretended it all went well.

Lapland coming to the Street was wonderful! Everyone pitched in and everyone came out to enjoy the fun. Laughed at Kevin and Chesney and Luke and Andy as reindeer moaning about it under the costumes. I grinned like a silly thing when Tyrone proposed to Fiz amid the wonder of Lapland. Watched that happen while Tracy was foiled in her hints to Robert and Sinead disappointed she wasn't the one getting the ring like she thought.

Christmas day brought a covering of snow to the Street. Wasn't it pretty? Ty, Kevin and Tim got into a snowball fight before being roundly scolded by Norris. Nothing changes. Later in the pub, everyone converges (the adults, at least). Laughed at Todd winding Tracy up by playing Torn Between Two Lovers on his phone in the pub. Robert finally takes action. and dumps Tracy publically! Christmas isn't Christmas on the Street without one or two in tears. This time it was Mary, alone, and Tracy with one of her only two friends.

Post Christmas brought further heartbreak for Tracy and some for Carla, too.

Johnny is walking around with his mind most definitely not on his job, or on anything else except his phone, waiting for the email that's going to tell him what he's not sure he wants to know. When it finally arrives, he ends up getting Liz to look for him and yes, he is definitely Carla's father. Probably feels like he's had a kick in the gut now, and thinks he's going to have to pay off Rob after all but Liz, good friend with good advice, really thinks he needs to take control and tell Carla, take away Rob's power.

Carla, trying to get out of the ping pong tournament, agreed to go to an event with Roy even after it turned out to be chess matches but Johnny waylaid her before hand and laid on the news. But first he seemed to spend ages talking about old times while they waited for Kate and Caz were finishing dressing in the bedroom. Carla tries to get away because Roy is waiting but Johnny finally tells her after Kate and Caz leave. Naturally Carla was angry because he suspected right from the start. She dragged it out of him, Rob's blackmail.

Carla makes a beeline for Michelle who thinks Rob was lying. She freaks out a bit thinking her late husband Paul was something closer to her but Michelle points out he was more of a distant cousin. Johnny comes slinking back to tell her that he's had a DNA test. That only angers Carla further. Sorry probably isn't going to cut it. Then Roy got caught in the middle of it and found out, as well. Will she keep the secret from Aidan and Kate? Oh the secret will come out at some point, you know it will.

Over at the factory, the ping pong tournament is that evening so the day is taken up with practice. Even though they are ordered by Carla to lose and make sure they get that contract signed, Aidan is in full macho competition mode. But he has stacked the team with mostly people that probably don't have a chance, including Kirk and Eva. Eva? well, he can't take his eye off her for one thing and yes, she'll be rubbish at playing but at least lovely to look at. Gary ends up on the team after he fixes a wobbly leg and because Johnny doesn't seem to be around. And we know why.

The tournament seems to be going well, with Underworld doing well. It comes down to a game to break the 2-2 tie. That means Aidan is going to have to lose. But it's a tough game but O'Driscoll's win. I don't think he threw the game, though, it was an honest loss and Ritchie O'Driscoll could tell. The contract gets signed anyway.

After Ken threw her out, Tracy spent the night at Beth's. Where, I can't imagine. On the sofa I suppose but I would love to know where Craig sleeps because that house only has two bedrooms. She's all about Rob now, though is angry that he manipulated Robert and expects an apology. She has a visiting order and Rob seems anxious to see her, luring her there with unspecified "news". She thinks it's going to be about his release but with his cellmate watching from another table and Rob so smug and satisfied to find out she's dumped Robert and burned her bridges, you just know things are going to go badly for her.

It's not good news, not for Tracy. She's as stupid as she looks, according to Rob. Uh oh. He holds her responsible for all his bad luck and laid it all out on the table. It's all a lie. She fell for it as did Robert. He broke them up and she fell for his lies. She ends up having to be dragged out by the guards after she attacks him, screaming that Robert will take her back. yeah, right. Oh I hope he doesn't.

Leanne is supportive even if she hates Tracy who comes trying to suck up to Robert. She pretends it was Rob trying to get back with her and made it all up and she only went to see him the once. He knows she was guilty, and all her excuses and lies made no difference. She's definitely dumped!!

Emily has been in contact with Spider and it turns out he's working in Peru. She tries to get the password to Norris' tablet so she can download a video chat thingy (Skype but they can't say that without an advertisement payment) but he declines. She persists and it looks like Norris did the installing for her. Emily is very impressed by Spider's work at a school for children there. Norris still won't tell Emily his password when she wants to make an online donation to the school but Emily had spied and wrote it down. It's "R1taKab1n"

Nessa and Ken are going on a bike ride (Nessa having bought him one for Christmas. yes nearly 80 and she's going to have him on the roads. I wonder how old she is? I'm going to guess late 50s or early 60s. Her son is 28, but we don't know how old she was when she had him) Earlier in the day, Ken received a Christmas card addressed to he and Deirdre, which is one of those things that happen, and it looked like it really took him aback, which it would. The bike ride was a disaster but Nessa was the one that fell off the bike, not Ken so Audrey volunteered to go fetch Nessa who couldn't walk well leaving Ken who had to wheel the bikes back and when he does get back, he finds her in the pub.

Fiz is excited about wedding planning. Tyrone is apprehensive, especially when everyone makes jokes about fairy tale fantasy weddings, meaning expensive. So he should be, since he's got them into a huge debt over this Lapland thing. I did laugh at all his friends taking bets on how long Tyrone would last in the wedding planning session. Even Audrey got into the act, but she was confident Tyrone would last all evening. He didn't, of course.

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