Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Corrie Christmas wish list - Mikey North


Make a New Year’s resolution for your character…
To stay away from females for the year. 2015 didn’t really end the way Gary had hoped, he was expecting to be planning his wedding to Alya but instead he’s on his own after finding out she cheated on him with Jason, one of his best mates!

What’s your favourite Christmas board game?
We always play Accentuate at home, the Accent game, so putting lots of different accents on, it’s very funny.

What’s your Christmas tipple?
It’s got to be Port, always a Port at Christmas time.

Turkey or otherwise?
I’m cooking Christmas dinner for 8 people, it’s our first Christmas in our new home (Mikey and fiance Rachael) so we’re having all the family round. I might mix it up a bit and do something different.

Favourite Christmas memory…
Getting a He-Man sword when I was 5, there was a knock at the door, I got sent to answer it and my He-Man sword had been left on the drive by Father Christmas. Also the same I year I got a snooker table so that was the best Christmas ever.

Sprouts...devil or delicious?
Delicious, especially with some almonds thrown in there as well.

Christmas Day...PJs or fancypants?
A onesie day! My dad always puts a Santa hat on on Christmas morning to hand out the presents, that’s tradition.

Favourite Christmas film?
Elf all day long, I love the bit where he jumps in the Christmas tree and falls, you’ve got to love Elf.

Favourite Christmas song or carol?
The first CD I ever got was a Christmas present. It was a compilation album and number 1 on it was East 17 Stay Now so that song always reminds me of Christmas.

Favourite Corrie Christmas...yours, your characters, or a scene off screen!
Definitely my favourite Corrie Christmas was my first one where the Windasses had a food fight in the Platts, I reminder Steve Huison (who played my Dad Eddie) getting smacked between the eyes with a vol-au-vont thrown by Joe McIntyre (Reece Dinsdale), that was good.

You have one spot left at the dinner table..Who would you give it to, anyone past or present?
Gordon Ramsay for me, he could do the cooking but he’s a legend as well so he’d provide the food and the entertainment.

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