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5 Corrie episodes to watch before you die

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog May 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I've been thinking lately about Coronation Street's past and its future.  How might it look in ten years time, or even ten weeks?  And in all the thinking I've been doing, it led me to consider which are the seminal Street episodes? Well, here are five of mine and I'd love to know what you think about my choice and what your choices would be too.

1. First episode, 1960
To understand where Coronation Street is now and how it might look in the future, you have to know where it started.  The first episode is a must for any Corrie viewer, in my opinion. It laid the ground rules for the show, it introduced the types of character that are still replicated today, and of course, it was written by Corrie creator Tony Warren.

You can read a review of the first episode at

2. Deirdre and Tracy two-hander
I include this episode as a seminal one for two reasons.  First, it's one of only two episodes featuring only two Coronation Street characters. It aired in 2007 and was written by Jonathan Harvey. It was set in the kitchen at number one Coronation Street and featured mother and daughter, Deirdre and Tracy Barlow. 

And the second reason I include this is that it is one of my most favourite Corrie episodes. Tracy confessed that she'd killed Charlie Stubbs and even though Deirdre knew her daughter was a  killer, she vowed she'd stand by, and even lie for, Tracy in court.  If you haven't seen this episode, I strongly urge you to hunt it down on YouTube, it's fantastic.

Find out more about Coronation Street's two-hander episodes

3. Deirdre plays the harmonica

In 2004 Deirdre showed she was a woman of hidden talents when she took Sean's harmonica from him and belted out "Oh! Susanna!" and then a lovely version of "Amazing Grace".  The whole episode, from start to finish, is a delight, written by Daran Little.  The episode is, on the face of it, a party in the Rovers to celebrate Dev and Sunita's engagement but there is so much more going on, especially between Deirdre and Blanche. Blanche berates Deirdre for going back to Ken after her fling with Mike and the two women fall out, but make up too. We also see Deirdre smoking in the ginnel, talking to Dev about her life.  It's a truly wonderful episode.

4. Woman, Stanley. Woman.

Hilda wins a competition and takes Stan away on a second honeymoon.  It's worth watching for all kinds of reasons including one of our favourite Corrie couples living it up in style away from the Street, for a change. And of course, there's that line. Ooh, that line.  "Ere, what's that lipstick taste of?"

5. Last night's episode
Whether it was last night, or last week, that you last saw Coronation Street, I'd include that as one of the most important Corrie episodes to have seen. Just as the first episode has to be included, so does the last one that's just been screened. Corrie is always just as good as its last episode, that's why it's constantly changing and evolving, to keep up with modern tastes and, sadly, ITV demographics. Those who would like our Corrie kept in aspic will never be happy, we must change and adapt too.

Which five episodes would you choose as your seminal ones?

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