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Sunday Comments May 7

Michelle rebounded with Robert all over the sheets. He knows she's not really ready for a relationship. He thinks she really needs to deal with Steve and that might need counciling to make sure she can put the past behind her. It didn't sound like she was going to bother and she's also decided to take the job at the Bistro. They snog in the elevator and are seen by Steve who was on his way to see the baby. Oops. The end result is that she's going to fight Steve for everything she thinks she's due and she told him so. Half of everything.

Michelle is making sure everyone knows she and Robert are together. Can you spell Rebound? She's going to rub it in Leanne and Steve's faces every chance she gets. She bores me now. Anyway, at the Bistro she's already trying to make changes lie a cheaper lunch menu and Leanne doesn't like it one bit. Toyah gave her a right talking to. Leanne tried to make an effort to talk to Michelle but she was as rude as ever, though I can't blame her. I waffle between sympathising what she went through and hating her smug face.

I guess Sarah realizes that Gary thinks David should give Anna and Kevin the money. Gary told David as well, implying he should pay out. Tyrone is down in the dumps. I still think Kevin could sell his half and Tyrone could keep his half. Anyway, David has finally grown up and grown a conscience. He handed over a cheque that shocked Anna and Kevin. That will go a long way to stopping off the bankruptcy.

Gary is being a bit sulky isn't he? shouting at David for giving Anna *only* 19 thousand pounds which is 19 thousand more than she had the week before. Yes, if she sued, she could sue for a lot more but she'd have to whistle for it because David wouldn't have the money. He did the right thing giving Anna what he could and it's saving Kevin from bankruptcy although that's Kevin being a bit presumptive. What if Anna decided to keep it for her and Faye? But she won't.

In a perfectly set up situation, David then gave Shona a house key to take the dog home and of course she overheard Gail and Sarah talk very specifically about David's attempt to take down Clayton with his car full of gasoline. Shona was not best pleased and we later found out why. Clayton is her son!!! That's been one of the major speculations going round since it was clear there was some sort of connection. Turns out she wasn't much of a mother and he ended up with his bully of a father. I guess he learned it honestly, then. I also guess that he's not going to warm up to his mother any time soon.

The other main reason for her to be visiting Clayton, aside from the reveal to the viewer, is so that Phelan could see her when he took Faye to see Seb. (a few days before, Phelan took Faye to court to see Seb sentenced. She wanted to visit him. Against his better judgement, he promised to help.) Seb did call her and seemed surprised that she would come to visit, probably knowing what her mother thinks of him. You could see the wheels turning round in his head. What's all this then? She said she was visiting her nephew when he asked her.

Shona later told Gail and now each of them has a secret to keep about the other. Her history with her son was fractious and his father turned Clayton against her. I know Gail can keep secrets but as this one is yet another one that affects David, he's not going to be happy when he finds out and you know he will. In the meantime, that little dog keeps escaping and this time it ran past Shona and into Eileen's house.

Johnny went down on the cobbles and he didn't seem drunk though he'd just left the pub. Kate was really worried when she found out he hadn't had a drink at all. Jenny's enjoying organizing the wedding but Johnny must wonder what he's got himself into by agreeing to a huge do. Kate's looking after her dad, though, bringing him lunch. He's becoming bad tempered and pretends it's about the wedding but maybe it's worry about his health? Kate thinks he's having second thoughts about the wedding.

Now that Kevin's money woes are under control he's determined to be friends with Tyrone again so he treats his mate to a nice meal in the Bistro. Good food and humble pie win over Tyrone who really can't stay mad at someone for long anyway. Friends again. Until the next time. But later, it looks like Anna is still reluctant to be intimate with Kevin.

Fiz is going to get a bit of a storyline, she's bumped into someone she used to be in care with, Kim. Roy remembers him. Fiz told Tyrone but only used the name Kim so of course, Tyrone thinks it's a woman and wasn't his nose put out of joint to find out it was a man, and a nice looking one and so friendly with Fiz! Tyrone's little face was very confused. He tried to be cool about it all but you could see that little green eyed monster on his shoulder!

The photographer wasn't about to give out the information about the ad. Rosie plays detective and realizes he's got a date, and planning to propose or they'll ruin his plans. They didn't get much information at first but there's a tag on the email that might prove useful. Rosie and Sophie found the address that the company name on the email to the newspaper had, the one that requested and paid for Sally's obituary. One long day of staking out the place finally someone shows up and they recognize her from the town hall event the other day. They take the bull by the horns but the woman pretends not to know what she's talking about but blames her step mother when pushed. She even seems sincere. But I still have my doubts. Tim and Sally were supposed to go to lunch with Kev and Ty but Sally's in such a state that she doesn't want to leave the house. Tim is trying his best. She hasn't even made it in to work.

Craig is asking after Bethany who has gone incommunicado. Sarah's encouraging him to go see her at the tanning salon and so he does. Nathan couldn't get Craig out of there fast enough and implied to Bethany that Craig likes her and is semi-stalking her. He's keen to cut her off from one of the few friends she has. Later, Bethany plans to stay at Nathan's and asks David to lie for her. The morning after, Nathan is taking photos of her wearing just his shirt which he sent to his mate who is very anxious to have his turn! Ew. Bethany isn't taking her mother's calls and her mother isn't stupid, she knows where her daughter spent the night.

And since Bethany has been skipping school, too, Sarah has to take things in hand and went to the salon and ordered her home. She went home and there was a huge row over Nathan and school and exams.

Meanwhile, Tracy mentioned the name of the man that Denise Osbourne left Weatherfield with, Brian Dunklin so Adam is determined to try to find him to see if he can get any leads on Denise. You'd think that Daniel would have told the police that. Or not. I wonder how long that Brian was with Denise and if Daniel would even remember him. Adam's noticing that Tracy is acting weird but she's able to handle his suspicions. He also found out that Tracy and Luke were not together for awhile when they were looking for Amy the night of the concert/Ken's attack. More confrontation but Tracy's good, she's very good, and ends up suggesting Adam's trying to deflect attention from himself.

Adam has got it into his head that Tracy is acting weird. She is, of course. Adam tries flirting information out of Mary but doesn't get very far. He works on Amy next. She immediately thinks he's trying to pin Ken's attack on Tracy and She has the measure of Adam. She called him on his lies and put him on notice. Smart cookie, that. Adam gathers Daniel and Peter together and puts forth his theory. He really does think Tracy might have done it! He told them about the new will, too, which is what he thinks her motive is and that she wasn't with Luke at the time of the assault. Nobody knows where she was.

Tracy is now pretending to be sick to try to get her hands on antibiotics. Luke notices that she's been distant and she does seem to be a bit secretive. He decided to confront her. Something's up and she's not letting him in. She's jumpy and why did she need an alibi? She's not talking and he knows she's hiding something, so he finishes with her. She didn't see that coming. She later told Amy that Pat Phelan's bill for the work he did do was messed up, he billed them for two worktops by mistake and installed one the day of the attack. Later, Amy made a phone call from the public call box to the police, telling them to check the fingerprints on the worktop and if Adam's fingerprints are on it, he's lying. I beg to differ. It might have been installed on that night but Adam's been working in the kitchen since then. Of course his fingerprints are on it!

Never mind, the police don't seem to be very good at logic, either, because they arrested Adam for attempted murder! Peter wants to know what Tracy thinks about it and she seems to believe it rather than look shifty so I think that means she's off the suspect list, for me anyway. They ask him about it (duh). We have to wait to see if he tells them or says No Comment.

But Tracy *is* up to something and it became pretty clear just what she was hiding. Her ex-fiance, Rob Donovan who's been holed up in the old gym!!!!! Remember a few weeks ago when Craig mentioned a prison van crash and a prisoner was presumed dead? Also, on the night of Ken's attack, we saw Tracy and Luke looking for Amy and someone in the shadows was watching her. Thought it was Adam, didn't you? Rob has an injury, too, which he must have got from the crash, and I think it must be infected. But Rob looks to be making an attempt to flee.

An aside, I absolutely loved that cranky old woman that David was servicing in the salon, Mrs. Kitchen! Please can she come back again? Gemma has her own mug for when she's helping out in the salon! "Little Miss Trouble" 50p at the charity shop and she's thrilled! Ken is scared to go outside, too. Won't even walk the dog! Freddie is apparently retiring for sure. I laughed at his Darth Vader impression! Sounds like he's going to do a bit of traveling around. It looks like he and Rita haven't made up over that little win he had last week. Her heart wasn't in it, though. Audrey decides to try to get Rita in the pub at the same time Freddie will be but Gemma exposed that scheme.

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