Monday, 8 May 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for May 1 - 5

Do the Right Thing award: The furry Guilt Police worked on David. He gave Kevin and Anna a cheque for £19K, nearly all of his winfall inheritance.

Nosy Parker award: Mrs. Kitchen (and isn't she a top character!)

Questionable Continuity: Mrs. Kitchen whined about out of date magazines but we've seen Audrey buy new mags from Rita quite a few times.

Musical ambiance: The Smiths' Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, serenading a glum and fractious Tracy. Led Zepplin's Whole Lotta Love at the garage when Freddie and Luke were talking about Freddie's retirement and how they'll miss each other.

Inspector Clouseau award: Amy thinks Adam's fingerprints on the worktop show he's lying. But Adam has been working to finish the kitchen since the attack. Of course his fingerprints will be on it!

The Empire Strikes Back award: Freddie's impression of Darth Vader!

Lines of the week:
Rosie "Name and address or the egg gets it"
David to the dog "What are you, the guilt police?"
Mrs. Kitchen "I expect you to knock something off" David "Believe me, I'd like to"
Rosie "Intersex. What's that? " Sophie "Rosie, I don't know!" Rosie "Sounds like fun"
Clayton "Did I have to kill someone to get your attention?"
Gail "Nobody sets out to raise a monster"
David "Why are all the women around here weird?" Gail "Present company excepted of course"
Tracy "Say summat" Rob "I suppose a bunk up's out of the question?"
Daniel "Adam's been arrested" Tracy "For what?" Peter "Possession of an offensive haircut" (I'll go along with that)

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Donna Leach said...

Love the photos, Tvor! Regarding the fingerprints: Adam was working on the kitchen AFTER Ken's incident. Phelan had put in the wrong countertop for a short while. Perhaps, the police got fingerprints off of THAT one. It might have been at 'the yard' that Phelan works out of. Another one of those things that were never shown perhaps? Just a thought. I'm trying to give the writers some credit here. Lol

Tvor said...

Someone i know emailed ITV and apparently it was a continuity error, they admitted it. Because several episodes even showed that there was no other worktop installed after Phelan removed the one that was ordered in error so how could they take prints off any of them?

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