Monday, 1 May 2017

Corrie Canada weekly awards for April 24 - 28

Mr. Tactless award: Brian. See line of the week.

Breach of Protocol award: Surely journalists would contact a councilor through the Town Hall and not call them at home? Maybe the mobile phone is a work number Sally gives out.

Don't Feed the Trolls award: It's tough to ignore, though, isn't it?

Financial Aid Fail award: Anna's clothes for cash? How much good is £10.50 going to do to put Kevin in the red because I doubt she'd get very much for that drab old wardrobe.

Fashion Fun award: Rosie's Unicorn jammies/onesie.

Throwback award: Phyllis Pearce was mentioned!

Musical Ambiance: "Slave to Love" in the pub while Maria was telling David about Aidan.

Rebound award: Michelle and Robert.

Lines of the week:
Brian "If I'd been clattered by me own family, the last thing I'd want is to give them a second go"
Liz "When they say the plates are shifting, don't that mean there's about to be a massive earthquake?"
Audrey "D'you remember Phyllis? She used to light up the room" Gail "with her hair!" (Aww lovely throwback there.)
Gail "Well, two can play at that game!"
David to Maria "I know you don't normally go after other people's blokes" (yes, yes she does. Charlie Stubbs, Toyah's feller that time, Aidan)
At the Gazette: Sophie "There's nobody here" Rosie "It's bank holiday, of course there's nobody here" Sophie "Why didn't you mention it before?" (you were the one in church for Good Friday, couldn't you figure it out?)

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