Monday, 6 November 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Oct 30 - Nov. 3

Dubious Taste in Women award: Dev Alahan. Hand it to him on a plate, he'll not say no.

Parents' Worst Nightmare: Carrying your unconscious child to an ambulance.

Pants on Fire award: Liz set up the whole business with Tom Ridley and the suspect pint!

Dream Team award: More like a nightmare but rejecting Kirk is like kicking a puppy, isn't it?

Common Sense fail: I understand Chesney was shocked and upset to hear about Katy but he barrelled out of the hospital room in a backless hospital shirt. In my mind, Sinead ran down the corridor after him waving his trousers.

Musical Ambiance: Mary singing Miserable Lie by The Smiths while Angie pretended she had a job offer back in Capetown.

Lines of the Week:
Daniel "It's hard loving someone who doesn't love you back. Worst feeling in the world"
Mary "It can't be easy for Angie, relocating with a small baby in tow" Norris "Not to mention an over zealous mother-in-law" Mary "You make it sound like a bad thing"
Jude to Angie "You're getting a persecution complex, it's not a good look"
Tim to Kirk at the dart board "Can I play?" Kirk "I'd rather play with meself" (how do they get away with these lines!!!?)
Sally "Don't speak ill of the least not for a month or two"
Mary "Some lines need to be crossed"
Sally "This is my campaign HQ not a knocking shop!"
Nicola "Eileen doesn't love Todd any less than her other son" Eileen "Oh believe me there have been times!"

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