Monday, 13 November 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly awards Nov. 6 - 10

Fishwife award: Anna can't leave it alone. She pushed and pushed until Seb lost his temper. She shouldn't have hit him, the 16 year old she was trying to protect previously, but that's Anna all over, isn't it? And it's the powers that be tearing her character apart before she leaves, also typical.

Pity party award: Aidan really has been knocked down and can't get up again.

Stand by your Man award: Faye's on Seb's side.

Presumption award: Moira for buying the dehumidifier as a necessary item for the flat without consulting Steve and expecting him to pay for it.

Plot Contrivance: Was there really any *good* reason for Nicola to go to Number 11 while she was frantically trying to find Abi to tell her about Seb's accident other than to put Phelan in the picture so he could then use it?

Insanity award: Andy thinks he's thinking more clearly than ever. I think he's sunk into insanity.

False Justification award: Phelan musing that Andy couldn't have lived with himself after killing Vinny so he had to kill the young man. It was very chilling seeing him say a prayer over the two dead men.

Doctor fail: Why is the doctor telling all of Seb's medical business to a 16 year old girlfriend when Seb's mother is standing right behind him? He didn't even ask if Tim and Anna were Seb's guardians.

No Sympathy award: Aidan came on to Alya but I don't think he really fancied her as such. More of a reaction to everything Eva did to him, which, to be fair, he brought on himself anyway. Those crocodile tears on the street didn't elicit any sympathy from me.

Stylin award: No,not Beth dressed up as a flower, the awared goes to the dog dressed up as a butterfly!!

Lines of the week:
Kevin "There's no way they're ever going to take them kids off her unless she does something really bad" (like overdose, you mean?)
Moira "As I've always said, never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or an idiot from any direction" (standing in front of Steve)
Steve "78 quid for a dehumidifier!" Tim "Don't tell Sally, she'll want one"
Dev to Sophie "I give you poetry, you give me smut"
Steve "Is there anything worse than being dumped by a woman who you had absolutely no interest in, in the first place?"
Tracy to Steve "That is why you're sad and single. You cheat, Steve, it's in your nature. You haven't got an honest bone in your body!" Steve "Look who's talking!"
Phelan "I'm not a big fan of killing people" (but it's ok to make someone else do it and let's not forget, he might not kill people but....)
Nicola "You rape women. You raped Anna Windass and you raped my mother"
Phelan "I'm really sorry,kid. I had to. You wouldn't have been able to live with yourself"
Faye "I can't stop you from coming to the hospital but don't expect me to talk to you" (typical teenager)

 No more awards for a few weeks, I'm on holiday

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Deb O said...

Good calls these. With Corrie there's always something to look forward to.

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