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Sunday Comments November 12

Phelan has spirited Flora away somewhere and Vinny promises to kill him if he's hurt her. Phelan wants to talk business. Vinny is given 24 hours to come up with the money he stole from Phelan. Later, Phelan is in the cellar with Andy, telling him the new hostage was a mate once, but it went wrong. He tells him it'll be Vinny and he places Michael's death at Vinny's hands too. He's doing it to get Andy angry about having to look after Michael's "killer" and he helps the charade along by finding an old photo of Michael in Eileen's things and giving it to Andy. When Seb asks for his job back, Phelan puts him off at present but makes sure to insult Anna, reinforcing Seb's current hatred of her.

Vinny is still scrambling to get Phelan's money. Andy's still dragging chains around in the cellar and getting himself all worked up against Vinny. Phelan has already had a busy day, what with all the bother with Anna (see next section). Nicola comes and tells him about Seb while she's trying to contact Seb's mother. Why, I have no idea because she's got her own car. Obvious Plot Development I guess. He's still got his gun, though.

Vinny came up with the cash. Where's his mother? probably back at her flat. Phelan punches Vinny's lights out, drugged him, and chained him in the cellar. Andy doesn't understand. This wasn't the way the plan was going to go. Phelan promises that he and Andy will both be free soon. Vinny sure was shocked when he woke up to discover where he was and that there's another one chained up in there with him. Andy has started thinking exactly as Phelan hoped he would. He thinks he's thinking clearly. I think he's gone insane. He didn't really see Phelan's real motivation until it was too late.

As I expected, Phelan insists Andy kills Vinny, handing him the gun. He's got Andy, full of desperation, just where he wants him. yes, we know, he doesn't kill people. Why use your own two hands when you can persuade someone else to use theirs? Vinny guesses and now we find out if Andy is desperate enough because Phelan is certainly angry enough once he had the confrontation with Nicola. Vinny only had a short time to work on Andy to get him on his side.

Phelan piles the men into the van and takes them somewhere more remote than the neighbourhood where the house is. Looks like an old factory. Wonder if it's the building where he was going to renovate for the flats? Even at the end, Phelan still wormed into Andy's brain until he did it and then he turned the gun on Phelan. I have a feeling I know what's coming. No I don't. I thought Andy was going to kill himself but Phelan took the gun and no matter how much Andy tried to convince him he wasn't a killer, after the day he had, losing his daughter, Phelan finally crossed the line and he's signed his own character death/end warrant. I got chills when he said that prayer over the bodies of the two dead men and justified it by saying Andy couldn't have lived with himself.

He's dumped the bodies into a sludge filled pool of some sort, behind the old factory and came home. He's used Anna's missing earring to set her up, leaving it just by the window where Seb's ladder was. Anna glared at him from across the pub and was very smug, poking a stick in the eye of a very angry bear.

Faye calls the ambulance in spite of Seb's objections. Faye is sent upstairs to keep the twins away while the EMTs are working on Abi who is still unresponsive. She eventually comes out of it and breaks down. The EMTs want to take her to hospital. She doesn't want to go and Seb promises to look after her. Faye has had her eyes opened. I wonder how much she remembers from when her own mother was a user?

Anna tells Kevin about the social worker and how it all sounded very positive. Problem is, Abi has overdosed and that's going to bring social services down on the family like a ton of bricks. I'm guessing it was Kevin that called the social after his reaction that morning and how pleased he was that "whoever" called did the right thing according to Anna.

Abi is on the sofa sleeping it off and gives Faye a bit of history. Abi started using shortly after the twins came. He admits acting up at school to get some kind of attention. His father isn't around and she's scream at her son now and then, too. She tells him about her birth mother. Someone's at the door. It's that social worker, backed with police. The authorities won't let the children stay with Seb who's only 16. He's adamant they aren't taking the kids into care and they're insisting they have to. Abi mutters that Anna can't have them when Seb suggests it. Faye realizes there isn't any choice and he probably does, too and he lets them take the kids, making them promise that the twins will stay together. He's really upset, crying and devastated.

Back at the Street, Anna knows that Kevin wasn't the one that called social services either. Faye comes in with Seb who's resentful. He blames Anna for putting Abi in the state of mind that had her so fearful of losing her kids that she overdosed and lost them anyway. He thinks Anna called Social Services and Faye does, too. Anna shrieks for no good reason and Seb calls her an evil cow. And Faye? She stands by her man and leaves with Seb.

Faye has retreated to her father's place. Anna is frantic with worry for the twins and for Faye who won't talk to her and neither will Seb. Anna pushed and pushed Seb, trying to get him to believe she didn't make that call. Pushed until he finally lost his temper and insulted her so what does she do? Slap a 16 year old, the one she was trying to protect. Nice. Then she's all over him trying to apologize. Lots of witnesses, too, including the worst one possible, Phelan, who's just loving it.

Anna is pretty sure Phelan is the one that's helping to wind up Seb and confronted him later. She can never leave it alone, can she? He's so good at riling people and she knows it. She shouldn't have let him get to her to where she attacked him with a hammer, easily fended off by a strong man. She's lost an earring, too, now what's he going to do with that because he'll do something.

Poor Seb is at his wits end but he's determined to keep the window cleaning job so he goes up a ladder to do some windows, not really a good idea in the mood he's in, angry and distracted. While he's working we find out it was Sally that made that call! He's up the ladder just as Anna comes out of the cafe but his ladder tips over and down he goes onto the cobbles!!! Anna calls the ambulance straight away but he's got what looks like a nasty head injury and he needs surgery. Faye's angry and she's lashing out and blaming her mother for everything.

Faye wishes she could be at the hospital 24/7. Anna wants to go with her and Faye can't stop her but plans to ignore her! Again, the doctor tells all of Seb's medical business not to his mother who's standing right there, next of kin and legal guardian, but to a stranger, the mother of Seb's girlfriend along with Tim and Faye. But when the doctor says Seb's white blood cell count is low, Abi is distinctly uncomforgable. Turns out, Abi, in all her medical knowledge is pretty sure Seb has contracted HIV from a former girlfriend. Seems his girlfriend died in an accident and while she was in the emergency while they were trying to save her, tests for a blood transfusion showed she had HIV but Abi never told Seb nor had him tested. She tells this to Anna who starts mouthing off at Abi yet again.

Later, Anna tells Tim the HIV news which potentially affects Faye. She thinks Seb should be told by Abi and they shouldn't tell Faye until they know if Seb has it or not. Tim is so upset about the potential problem that when Sally calls him to complain that she thinks she's losing the election, he shouts at her.

As expected, when Seb wakes up he, he's in pain and has a difficult tiem talking. Faye puts lots of words in his mouth like "love" and such and she's very glad he's going to be ok. But he tells her Anna wants him dead and she pushed him, miming what Phelan said to him. I guess it worked, then.

Nicola is upset, too, because she never knew Seb's family problems. He kept it from her very well. I really find it difficult to believe she wouldn't have known. Nicola and Anna spent a lot of time at the hospital talking and they talked about parents and children. She admitted to Anna that she's pregnant and is happy to have a new family around her to help. That most definitely rubs Anna the wrong way. She's not about to let Phelan have any happiness. She tells Nicola what happened between her and Phelan, including the afternoon of sex he blackmailed her into. Does she believe Anna?

Nicola is sharp enough to smell the truth somewhere so she investigates and goes to her mother's friend, Lydia for the truth and she got it. There was no affair. He raped Nicola's mother. On to the ultimate confrontation. Oh yes, Phelan accuses everyone of hating him and insists he loved Annabelle. He probably did in his own twisted way but it was more like obsession. She did manage to pull the truth about Anna out of him even if he doesn't see it as rape. Now he's lost Nicola. Something else he can hold against Anna, too.

Nicola is shattered. She wants to tell Eileen but Anna knows Eileen won't believe her and tells Nicola to leave town or he'll find her and make her life a misery. Do it for the baby.

It's Phelan's birthday and Eileen is trying to organize a birthday lunch before they go on their holiday. After the events of last week, Phelan is anxious to get Eileen out of town so he wants to get to the airport early instead. He doesn't want Nicola to rock up and pour more poison about him into her ear, poison she's heard from Anna, which, of course, is the truth backed up by her mother's friend's testimony, and Eileen just might believe Nicola where she wouldn't believe Anna.

Funny how he managed to find time to visit the hospital and whisper into Seb's ear that Anna wanted to kill him. A bit redundant since I'm pretty sure Seb is already predisposed to blaming Anna anyway. We don't even know if that kind of subliminal stuff works!

He gets Eileen off in a cab to the airport just in time to miss a visit from the police. Todd and Summer are there instead. Turns out the house he's been working on has gone up in smoke, and they suspect arson. Convenient, eh what?

Steve and Moira exchange a few words in the cafe. They exchange few small talk words. She offers him a go at her new yoga dvd and goes off. Dev arrives with a fitness tracker for Steve as a way to help him. All those endorphins from exercise, you see. Moira proceeds next to dehumidifying the air in the flat to the tune of 78 pounds, which she expects Steve to pay for. Gina says she has a friend that might like to meet Steve. There isn't one but she'll find someone. Yes, indeedy, the blind date Gina sorted out was Moira!! Yikes! Quite the dinner party. Steve was uncomfortable and didn't really want to be there.

Turns out though Steve knew it was a set up/blind date, Moira thought she was just helping to cheer up a friend of Gina's. She was highly amused when she realized Gina and Dev were matchmaking but she was delusional enough to believe he fancied her. Apparently this is an ongoing problem when she meets men. In her own mind, that is. Later, we see how he managed to rack up so many steps on the FitBit, he'd attached it to the dog! Tracy called him on his cheating. Pot, Kettle. There does seem to be a pull between them, though. All that old anger and rivalry seems to have settled down. Friends? Maybe. More? I don't know.

Aidan continues to drink and gets surlier and surlier and is about to wipe the floor with Adam's smug mug after Adam deliberately waved the red rag but Johnny had just come in an is able to keep Aidan back. Adam looks satisfied and Eva looks very sad. Johnny takes Aidan back to his flat, playing a tough love card and telling Aidan to stop the self pity and just get on with things. He thinks Aidan would love to rise to a challenge but Aidan is not in a good place. Johnny reminds him he's only got one life.

Aidan later apologizes to Alya who's surrounded by drawings that she's not happy with. He offers to help after all. It seems to have snapped Aidan out of the blue funk he was in, having something new to focus on with Alya. But Alya is so involved in the new business that Luke is getting the short end of the stick as far as her attention goes.

Alya's cooking something nice for Luke to make up for the night before but she's not very nice to him otherwise, being defensive and aggressive at the same time. Later she and Aidan seem to have had some success at their meeting with a client. Aidan seems to think that gives him the right to kiss her. That was awkward! She told Luke the truth straight away, though and Luke went gunning for him in the pub. Aidan got upset when Alya suggested he find somewhere else to live but he had it coming. I guess he feels he's hit rock bottom. I don't think he really does fancy her that much, it was more a reaction to everything Eva did to him (which, again, he brought on himself)

The crowdfunding project is stalled but Alya can't help everyone do a social media push which doesn't sit well with Fiz. Really, though, Alya only helped them get it online, she wasn't really part of it all, was she? The machinists were doing all the work anyway and Fiz did the design. But there's good news. Someone sent a cheque for 2000 pounds because she'd read Hope's story. But she didn't do a proper donation through the website, she sent it directly to the garage. How did she know to send it there? Your guess is as good as mine but it arrived. I suppose crowdfunding sites still need an address to make sure they're legitimate.

Fiz wants to do the right thing and put the money into the fund but Tyrone thinks they shouldn't have to since it was sent directly to them. It's a moral dilemma, with all their friends trying to make something of the little business venture. Sinead was successful in getting a job at Freshcos but Kirk and Beth are still jobless, on benefits, one would assume. Fiz and Tyrone nearly got caught in a lie about where Fiz got some extra cash from.

You may remember when Hope was sick and Tyrone was planning the Lapland Christmas where he turned into a spend-o-holic, yes? Seems having that bit of extra money was burning another big hole in his pocket. He's taken the donation they were given through the crowdfund and bought a second hand van to use for his metal scrap collecting. Fiz is not best pleased since she felt they should funnel it back into the fund (which is where the donor should have put it in the first place). Tyrone lies to Kevin about an inheritance from an uncle.

The next time we see Mary, she's come out of Victoria Court flats with Angie who doesn't seem too happy to have Mary with her. Mary offers again to help with the baby and hopes Angie's employers weren't too let down. Angie brushes it off, because it was all a lie anyway, if you'll recall. They go into the cafe but Roy is nowhere to be seen. Angie uses the excuse to leave and change George's nappy.

Craig has a new mentor at work and he's nervous. He rubbed a superior the wrong way over a tea mug and it turned out to be his new mentor, PC Jess Haywood. Ooops. Things didn't go so well with Craig insisting on following all the rules. That was a test and he passed.

Chesney is bringing Joseph back. Poor little lad has lost his mum and now has been taken away from the only home he likely remembers well, including his granny and grandad. Sinead finds that she's thinking a lot about the pregnancy she terminated but Beth, dressed as a big pink flower (and the little dog is a butterfly!) tells her there's lots of time yet if she wants another baby with a good future for she and Chesney. Craig offers to let Joseph have his room and he will sleep on the couch. Sinead thinks that's a great idea and utters a phrase of doom "everything is going to be perfect".

Michelle goes to see Robert who is now the Silver Fox of the prison. Who knew he'd been dying his hair? He hasn't had the opportunity while inside the Big House and he's now completely white headed. Can't say it looks bad on him. Anyway, Robert is on a major pity party, feeling guilty that he left Michelle on her own but she tells him she loves him and misses him and they look forward to his release. Shouldn't be long now and she's doing ok in the meantime.

It's election day and Sally is having a photo shoot in hopes that she'll come out on top and will need a family portrait. She's not pleased that Tim is wearing work clothes nor would I be. Surely he knew this was coming? He tries to get out of it by saying he has to take Faye to the hospital. Sally's further embarassed by Kirk and Beth who are dressed up in costume. You know she feels it cheapens things. People are voting for Kirk but Gina tried to impress on Kirk all of the good things Sally is standing for and wants to change.

There will not be any Sunday wrap up for the next few weeks as I'll be away.

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