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Sunday Comments November 5

Amy and Simon find Summer and freak out when they find the end of the joint. Amy runs for help and finds Peter and Simon calls for an ambulance. Todd is chatting to Eileen in the cab office as we hear the ambulance arrive. Peter calls Todd and he rushes out. Billy leaves Chesney to the EMT and Sinead just as the next ambulance rolls up for Summer and he goes running when he sees Todd carry her out of the ginnel. Simon hands over the end of the joint that they "found" with her, not telling anyone they knew where she'd got it.

It's down to Toyah and Peter to wheedle it out of Simon thought Summer had thrown it away. He's very sorry, he didn't expect it would harm Summer like that. The doctor in the hospital tells Billy and Todd that the drug appears to be something called Spice and asks if Summer had been upset about anything recently since they were admant that she's a good kid. Summer's not conscious and there's no further news at the moment. While waiting, Billy and Todd make up but are frantic with worry because they don't know what the damage might be until she wakes up.

Billy comes home to get some things for Summer and Peter goes to talk to him about the situation. He tells Billy rather than making Simon do it himself and even brushes it off as "just kids being kids". Peter then insinuates that Billy's making a bigger deal of of it because of his brother being an addict and then, even worse, blames Billy and Todd for Summer's being so upset she decided to take the drug. He pushed Billy's guilt button well and truly. He gets a smack in the face for it. Several, in fact. It was kind of scary watching Billy lose control like that. I tell you, first robbery, now assault. Billy's going to hell in a handbasket.

In the end, it's all ok. Summer is going to be fine with no lasting effects. She says she only did it because she wanted them back together and Todd does scold her but not really angrily. Billy lies to Todd about how he hurt his hand. Slippery slope, that. Todd clocked Peter's face and figured it out pretty quick and told Billy to go talk to Peter which he does and grovels successfully. Peter has no wish to see Summer taken away from them but threatens to beat the living daylights out of Billy if he ever does that again. If Billy was in a red haze again, though, it might be an even match. Otherwise, Peter would prevail, I think. Why did Simon look angry at the exchange he overheard, though?

Meanwhile, Social Services is getting involved and Simon, having overheard the previous exchange between Peter and Billy, told the social worker that Billy beat his father. Now we know why Simon was angry! And unfortunately it might affect their adoption of Summer. But now it's a big nest of nasty that has to be sorted out. Peter has a chat with the Social Worker and it seems to have done the trick.

But Billy still feels really, really bad about it all as you would. Toyah asking what would God say certainly didn't help. Todd and Summer went out to the Bistro but Billy never showed up. Todd really has come into his own and he was the one that was more reluctant to be a father. So where's Billy? Turning himself in for assault and wanting to be punished. Statements will be taken on all sides. Billy comes home with his tail between his legs and tells Todd what he did. Billy can't live with the lies, he says. Todd is furious.

Sinead and Daniel are enjoying each other's company as friends. They've started on the wine and are getting a bit tipsy but Sinead avoids all talk of feelings though she does admit she thinks about what might have been between them. But she gets a call about Chesney's collapse and goes running, realizing where her priorities really lie. She's gone before Daniel comes back from the kitchen with cake for them. Oh crap, lost another one. He leans on Kate who tells him about a mutual fancy with a friend who's attached. They commiserate.

Cathy keeps Sinead company in Chesney's room. Turns out a fragment of glass got missed and he's had an infection. Cathy tells Sinead how much pressure Chesney was feeling financially and didn't want to let everyone down. That's only adding to her guilt. Cathy sends her back to get some things for him while she sits with him. Sinead asks Kate to tell Daniel to keep away from her altogether. She's made her decision.

Then Izzy gets a call from her father and it's very bad news indeed. Katy has died in a car crash in Portugal. Fiz, Tyrone and Sinead have to tell Chesney the bad news. What a shock! All he can do is pull out ever tube and run out to be with Joseph. Yep, ran right out of the room, wearing a backless hospital gown and all. Chesney borrows the money from Dev to fly to Portugal. Chesney's single mindedness and responsibility have really impressed Sinead. She proposed just as he was getting into the car! Chesney chats to Tyrone about it, still kind of shocked over it all though Sinead thinks she shouldn't have said anything. Chesney calls her to talk about it. She is honest and says how she feels so he says Yes!

Daniel found out from Beth about the engagement. Sure took the wind out of his sails. So much so that he threw up in the street!! Now Daniel is another one going around with a glum face. At least Kate is being a good friend but Daniel is really in a state, isn't he?

The whole upset with Tom Ridley and the new Rovers owners over the beer all seems to be a set up apparently. Turns out the pint was just fine after all and Tom is gay and impervious to Liz's cleavage. Sounds like whatever plan Liz concocted had the desired effect, putting her on the road to returning her to Queen of the Rovers status. In other news, Peter and Toyah's surrogate is pregnant! We've not seen Toyah smile this much since she's been back on screen!

Jude talks to Mary about Angie. Later Norris cautions Mary for being over zealous, sometimes making her unstoppable. She feels like she needs to seize every moment she can have with them. Angie wants Jude to ask Mary to back off but he thinks Angie needs to get to know her a bit better and he's right, she's really just over-excited and walking on air. Angie is really feeling like Mary is trying to push her out and take over but it's not that, really and she knows the history. Mary has only just getting to know her son after all these years and a son and grandson is a dream come true for her. I do agree, though, you can't take a baby from just milk (breast and bottle) to solid banana in one go.

I think Angie does need to take a step back and be a bit less defensive. Probably there's resentment over having to move back to the UK, too, without consulting her and she's blaming Mary for that as well. Mary realizes she needs to back off a bit but Jude knows it's about more than that. Angie lied to Jude about getting a job offer back in Capetown. He's not going to be happy when that comes out.

Now Mary thinks she's pushed her son away but she blames Angie who blames Mary. Now she's got to say goodbye again but wants a bit of time alone with her grandson first and Jude allows it without asking Angie. You know she's not going to take that well and she didn't because Mary didn't come back when expected. She's holed up in the flower shop, hoping to make them miss their flight. Adam found her and caught her in another lie on the phone to Jude. He was gentle with her and made her realize she's not going about it the right way.

Mary brought the baby back and she and Angie started shouting at each other. Mary admitted she lied and was desperate to keep them there. She's managed to put Jude squarely in the middle in a very awkward position between his mother and his wife. But Norris has noticed that little George has become ill. Never mind the taxi, aj doctor is needed now. Angie accuses Mary of lying that she didn't notice anything wrong but illnesses can come on suddenly. George needs tests and might have a viral infection.

There's more arguing until the doctor pulls her to one side. Angie talks to the doctor quietly. She feels like a terrible mother and can't cope. She even admits she hasn't really bonded with the baby. Post natal depression is suggested and very likely, I reckon. Angie pulls off a handfull of leaflets from the doctor's information rack before going back to the others and agreeing they should stay a bit longer. I wonder if Angie thinks to thank Norris for noticing the baby was ill? After it's all over, she gets stuck into the wine and tells Norris she hasn't told her potential employers she's not coming yet but will tomorrow. Norris is a bit suspicious about the job thing. But Mary saw one of the many brochures Angie took from the doctor's office. It's about drinking too much and now Mary thinks Angie is an alcoholic.

Mary apologizes to Jude the next day and makes no excuses. He tells her they are only considering staying. He is a bit subdued. She offers to go on a viewing of a flat with Angie if he thinks she wouldn't mind. I think she would but he smiles.

Maybe Seb didn't see the gun in Phelan's safe but he wants a key to the safe just in case. But maybe, he thinks he saw something but Phelan puts him off, firmly. Meanwhile, Anna is still helping out while Seb's mother is at work and buying Seb cafe good though Tim and Sally both think it's a bad idea not getting Social Services involved. Anna thinks Seb should ask Phelan for a pay raise. Seb doesn't think he'd have a chance but she pushes him to try but when he asks, naturally, the answer is no. But Seb brings up Anna's name and that certainly rubs him the wrong way and he fires Seb. He doesn't want there to be any way someone could pass on information to Anna for any reason or have any reason for Anna to have anything over him.

Anna finds out that Seb was sacked and she's sorry. She even thinks she can help him out. She takes him to the cab office and tries to talk Tim into giving Seb a job of some sort. Anna lays the guilt on thick but at the moment, it doesn't work. In the end, Tim agrees to it, he can help Sophie with the windows. Faye catches Anna giving Seb a hug, and is surprised that Seb is singing Anna's praises quite a change isn't it?

Down the road, Seb can't start working with Sophie because he has to look after the children so Anna volunteers to go over. Kevin is less than impressed and nothing he says is going to change her mind about helping. Faye's suspicions aren't going away either. Tim's annoyed that Seb hasn't shown up and Faye admits to Sophie that she thinks he's cheating on her. Not sure if she thinks he's cheating with Anna or not. Sophie thinks she would confront him or her if she was in that position.

Over at Seb's, Abi finds Anna there and is angry. Seb tells her he's got a job and they need the money but a social services worker arrives just as he's about to leave. Abi is erratic, still furious at Anna who's telling white lies about being a family friend who helps out now and then. The Social Worker wants to help and is anxious to get the family into the system so they can get that help. Abi is clearly on the edge. Anna and the Social Worker eventually leave and when she closes the door, Abi reckons it was Anna that called the Social. Seb goes off to work with Sophie and Abi starts to make a phone call but doesn't. Not then.

Later we see her answer the door to her dealer and make a transaction. She's in tears because she can't resist and can't take the stress. At Number 13, Seb thanks Anna for helping and she hugs him, again noticed by Faye. Anna nips to the shop, leaving Faye to confront Seb. Yes she suspects he's together with her mother. They argue and he defends himself, telling her she's got it wrong. He takes her to his house to help explain things, and they find Abi out cold on the floor.

Someone's lurking in a car and spying on Phelan. He even seems to have got in their house! What's all this, then? he's in communication with someone and I think I know who. Eileen started to clean out the "shed" (formerly an outhouse) which is where Phelan stored that gun the other day, in an old paint can. He managed to find her and divert her with a promise of afternoon delight. He didn't know it but the thug was still in the house!! Must have been hiding in the other bedroom, obviously. After Eileen leaves, he comes thudding down the stairs with a crowbar and whacks Phelan over the head!!! He must have missed the skull, I guess, Phelan went down but he's not out. He stalls the guy long enough for him to get on his feet and they fight. The thug ends up backing out. Phelan knows exactly who sent him, too. Vinny.

He started cleaning up but then seemed to decide he needs Eileen to come back as quick as but can't get hold of her. We saw her on her phone earlier to Jason saying her battery was dying so that's what's happening now. He found her coming out of the pub, pretended that a hoax call told him she was in an accident or something.

Phelan goes to see Flora later to take her out for a bit but she tells him her son is coming tomorrow to see her. Now that's interesting news!

The next day, Phelan helps Nicola look over plans for her flat with a view to renovations to improve the space, needing to make room for a baby but she wants to talk about Seb and why he sacked the lad. Noted, Eileen pats him on the shoulder right where he was crowbarred the other day and it's clearly still tender. She is offered no reason as to why. Later in the Bistro, Nicola then brings up Gary's name. Phelan doesn't think she should tell Gary, give him the chance to know his son and vice versa but Phelan doesn't think it's necessary. He points out the whole family is poison and they hate him. Anyway, places to go. He takes off looking grim. Later, we see Vinny coming up stairs and through the hallway of the nursing home looking for his mother. But it's Phelan that comes out of the bathroom.

Gina is now regretting being Kirk's campaign manager and doesn't know how to get out of it especially when he refers to them as the Dream Team. She likes him but he's not mayor material. When has that ever stopped anyone from getting elected? Sally takes matters into her own hands and tells Kirk that Gina has the hots for him, that's enough to scare Kirk into "firing" Gina.

Sally is hosting some councillors at the house. Gina is still getting final bills so her finances are still in a mess. She asked Dev for more work (she's working in the shop part time) but when she dropped her bag and some medication (?) fell out, she grabbed him and kissed him to distract him. Thing is, he kissed her back.

Later, Sally can't find Gina anywhere and is expecting the councillors any minute. She's all smiles when they arrive and is in full politician mode when Gina and Dev come stumbling down the stairs after some afternoon delight of their own!!! Sally is horrified but Gina is all smiles. After he leaves, she makes Sally promise not to tell Dev about her mental illness. Outside, Gina encounters someone that's after Gina for an overdue loan and he can take goods from either her or Sally because Sally was the guarantor, though she doesn't know it. Gina put her name in when she applied for the loan online.

Alya is waving a very brief pair of knickers around the garage. Kevin retreats quickly. Luke admires. It's not what you think. She's sampling new products of her own design but can't get anyone interested without Underworld being a going concern. Luke encourages her. Adam also admires them as he comes by. He wants Luke to put a stack of business cards in the garage.

Back at the flat, Aidan is surly and snaps at Alya about the messy flat. Her flat, she reminds him. She asks him for some input but he's not interested and leaves to go to the pub where Eva's serving. Adam arrives and Eva's awkward with him, too, while Aidan pours booze down his gullet. All three of them snipe at each other with Aidan being very rude, throwing money at Eva.

Steve has been signed up on a dating site. Or he did it himself, not sure. He's getting romance advice from Dev and Tim and neither one of them have been all that successful over the years. Dev admits to a fling with Gina and advises him to get back to playing golf. Later in the pub, Dev tells Tim they need to help Steve.

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