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5 Coronation Street locations we no longer see

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog June 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

In the post remembering Alf Roberts which I wrote this week, it was mentioned on Twitter that we hadn't seen the painting of Alf on Audrey's wall for a long time.

It's this one ...

...and the photo was taken on Gemma and Michael from Conversation Street's recent visit to the Corrie prop store. Find out more about their amazing visit here.

So this started me thinking - when was the last time we saw inside Audrey's house at Grasmere Drive?

A Corrie fan on Twitter said we hadn't seen Audrey's house since 2015. If anyone can verify this, do please let me know.  I wonder if that hole has gone from her back garden yet that Fred Elliot fell down a disused well?

And thinking on that, as you do, I wondered about other locations that we used to see from time to time but no longer see on screen.

For instance, what's going on at Jamila House the community centre? Does it still exist? Are the art classes still running? It's such a lovely little place. It opened with a flourish but we never see it any more. Speaking of which, where's Yasmeen gone too?

Norris and Emily's house.  Yes, we know that Emily's in Peru and we know that Sean is lodging there with Norris. But we've never Norris and Sean together inside the house which is a missed comic opportunity. And we've barely seen inside No. 3 at all since Emily left.

Likewise, we haven't been upstairs in Rita's flat for... ooh, ages, either.  Is Gemma still living there now that Jenny's moved out to live with Johnny Connor?

PS: If anyone would like to write a blog post about who's living where at the moment, I'd welcome it with open arms.

And finally, when was the last time we ever saw the Red Rec?  Is all the drama happening on-set these days because of the increased intrusion by the paparazzi when Corrie shoot out on location?

Are there any other locations that you'd like to see more of that haven't been used for a while?

Speaking of which, remember a few weeks ago with Sarah and Gary looked at this property? I wonder if anyone will be moving in?

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