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Sunday Comments July 9

But when Rich came back to get the money from Robert for the gear he gave Daniel (for Robert, which is what Daniel told him). It was cocaine and something called GHB and Daniel took it all with the vodka. No wonder he was out like a light. Robert couldn't get in and got Adam to let him in with Norris nosing from across the way. They didn't wait for an ambulance, they piled him in the back of the Bistro van. Meanwhile, Chesney's on his best behaviour to try to get Sinead to see what she's missing. He saw Robert and Adam with an unconscious Daniel and couldn't contain his smug. They got him to the hospital but Adam was surprised Robert knew exactly what Daniel took. Educated guess? I'm a bit surprised Adam was so protective of Daniel, promising to come after Robert if Daniel dies.

Daniel didn't die. He says it will never happen again. Adam even offered to stay the night to keep an eye on him. Adam does know what addiction is like, so I guess he doesn't want to see anyone go down that road and after all Daniel is family, when it comes down to it. Adam doesn't have a lot of that left.

Daniel thanks Adam for being there for him. At least he knows what he did was stupid. Adam is gracious enough. Daniel worries about his job but Adam reckons Robert will be just as happy to keep the whole thing under wraps. He won't want to be associated with a drug dealer. (not anymore, anyway) Adam is heading to London for a couple of weeks' worth of work. He assures Daniel he still hates what Daniel has done but reckons Daniel hates himself far more. Daniel admits he's going to get counselling which Adam thinks is a good thing. He even squeezes his shoulder when he leaves. Daniel really does look miserable.

Robert comes to see him later, make sure he's ok. Robert tells Daniel Rich was offering drugs to him but he wasn't buying. He also worries that Daniel is left on his own while Adam is away. Robert suggests his dad look in on him but Daniel isn't keen on that. Robert tells him he's still got a job and since he paid for the drugs, Daniel also has a debt to be repaid. So Daniel is back to work with Robert making out to the staff that he's only hungover.

Faye is still staying with Izzy. Anna sees them on the street and asks if she can come to Faye's art show. Things are still awkward between them and it turns out Faye wasn't even going to put her art in the show. Izzy had to tell Anna in the end. Anna suspects Faye just doesn't want her there. No, that's not the problem. She's heading to see Seb with Phelan and I think they're meeting Seb's case worker. Off Anna storms to the cafe and guess who she sees? Phelan and Faye who have brought Seb out. Anna goes off on one in public, loudly. There's a screaming match and the case worker sees it all.

Anna wasn't too happy to see Phelan horsing around with the kids later on, either. Nicola wants to know why Anna hates Phelan. He totes out the bad business deal with Owen and he paints himself as more or less the victim. Meanwhile, Anna wants to tell Faye what Phelan did to her but Gary doesn't think it will help at all. He's right. Anna feels like she's lost control.

Seb is set up working for Phelan now he's out and Faye's already taking him sandwiches for lunch while Anna shoots evil glances across the road. She did try to get Faye to understand but in the end, she couldn't tell her about Phelan. Instead she invited her and Seb to come for tea sometime. Faye took that as a green light to get Seb into the house alone and dragged him up them stairs!!! Oh dear.

Kevin's been Googling the medication that Anna is taking and its effect on libido. That may be contributing to her not wanting to be close but I don't think it has any effect on her self esteem. Dev came in to see if Kev could fix his tire and Erica came in looking for him. Kev looked distinctly uncomfortable when the pair of them got a bit affectionate. I guess with Anna not being warm and fuzzy, he's not had "it" for some time so he must be getting a bit er... well he's missing it a lot , isn't he? Erica is already gossiping about Kevin over the bar with Liz, with the two of them suspecting there's trouble in paradise. Funny, "paradise" and "Kevin Webster" never seem to go in the same sentence if you ask me!

Anyway, Anna apologizes to Kevin for being a nightmare lately, and tells him she wants them to get close again. He might have a few birthdays all at once all of a sudden. Or not. Anna found out about Seb and Faye's afternoon delight because the stupid children left the condom wrapper in the downstairs wastebasket (which makes no sense if they were upstairs when they used it, doesn't the bathroom have a basket?) Anna's in a vile mood again and she told Tim and Kevin. Tim's on the warpath, off to find Seb and Kevin's not going to get lucky after all, I shouldn't think. Anna really can be nasty sometimes, can't she?

Erica's birthday arrives. Dev seems like he has a surprise in hand so she waits with bated breath. Except it's not a surprise for her and he had no idea it was her birthday in spite of all the birthday cards on the table. He's going to Scotland for a golf tournament and wants Erica to mind the kids on her own. Eria tells him to go to Scotland and taket he kids and then takes refuge in the pub as does Kevin and they sit together out back. She's narked with Dev and Kevin can't seem to connect with Anna these days so Erica invites him back to the house to drink wine and celebrate her birthday. Kevin's eyes light up. Uh oh. If it's red wine, we're all in trouble.

It is and we are. I did laugh at Erica. She wants more. She wants a bit of fun, those two are contradictory, really. Surely she only sees Kevin as the bit of fun because if she thinks he's "more" than Dev, she's barking up the wrong tree.

Kate had to wait for Aidan but just before she went into the office, he got a photo sent to him through an anonymous site, one of him and Maria snogging in the ginnel. Oops. Rana managed to stop her before she could tell Aidan who's got other things to deal with now. Rana advised that Johnny has to deal with it his own way. I know she's right but it's not fair on Kate.

Jenny feels in a tail spin but Rita urges her to put on her lippy and face the world. Aidan wasn't very kind to her. Kate promised not to tell Aidan but he really does need to face it. And she had a point. If she has to let him make his decisions, then he has to let Jenny make the decision whether to stay with him knowing the diagnosis. But when he tried calling her, she'd had a few drinks and she and a tipsy Rita were having a kebab, Rita's first ever. But she's tempted so she goes to see him. With her entourage, Gemma and Rita. He apologizes, says he made a mistake and wants to give her the ring back and marry him. He still won't tell her the real reason, not with an audience so she's not coming back.

Drew is concerned that Billy made a sudden decision about Summer and he's worried that Todd isn't going to agree. Todd wasn't best pleased when he found out Billy agreed to take Summer before he even met her. It's a big thing, really. Billy thinks Todd will fall in love with the child. Todd's not so sure but he probably will. She seems a pretty cool kid. Todd feels backed into a corner. He's got very good points.

Billy's still looking for Shona but looking forward to Todd meeting Summer. Todd? Not so much but he promises to keep his reservations to himself. We'll see how that works out for him. He tells his mother he doesn't want to lose Billy but he doesn't know if he can do it. Later, Drew has brought Summer over and is leaving her with Billy and Todd. Drew really does look and sound ill as he says goodbye to Billy at the door. Summer decides she'd like to go for a bite to eat so they end up at the Bistro in a deep discussion about God and why good people die. Good questions, all, Todd agrees and throws it in Billy's court. She's quite a little corker but you'd think at the age of 9, losing her father, she'd be in bits. Maybe it really hasn't sunk in.

Looks like Todd and Summer are getting on pretty well and while she's out of earshot, Todd admits he does like Summer. When she comes back to the table, she knows they've been talking about her. She's figured out that her dad has asked Billy to take care of her after he goes. But she overhears Todd being his usual sarcastic jokey self and takes what he says seriously, that he doesn't really want her but in reality, he likes her quite a bit. She tells them it won't work out but then Billy finds out Drew has been rushed to the hospital and he's died.

In strides Drew's mother, Geraldine like a general on the battlefield. Right off the bat we can see there's no love lost between she and Billy. She takes Summer off but came to see Billy later. She lays down the law. He's not invited to the funeral. He's not to contact Summer. What a horrible woman!

Fiz is laughing with her mate Kim out in the yard, surrounded by all that metal rubbish that Tyrone collects. Tyrone is in the kitchen grousing to Luke about all the time Kim seems to spend hanging around Fiz. There doesn't seem to be any admiration of "that kind" on Fiz's part but Tyrone is very suspicious. He's not happy when Kim joins them for lunch in the Bistro, either but when Kim finds out from a friend that the old radio Tyrone had found is worth about 130 quid! Now Kim is trying to convince Fiz to take an antiques course and Tyrone finally erupts. But it turns out Kim's not after Fiz. He's gay. oh. Cue Fiz tearing Tyrone a new one.

Bethany, planning to leave town, decides to cook a family dinner for everyone before she goes. Sarah's pleased but she doesn't realize, does she? Bethany agreed to go to an exhibition with her mother the next day but that was just to keep her from being suspicious. And she tried to apologize and make amends to everyone, knowing she'd never see them again.

Bethany is planning to leave town with Nathan today. She seems tearful while holding little Harry. Later Mary comes over. It's a bit fuzzy as to why. I think she was taking Bethany to an exhibition because Sarah had the dentist but there's still Harry to consider. Never mind. She catches Bethany looking for her passport. That's the one Sarah cut up a couple of weeks ago, remember? Mary spots Bethany's carryall bags and tries to look in them but Bethany pushes her away. Mary suspects straight away that she's trying to run away and knows she's lying about it. Bethany admits she's going with Nathan.

Bethany insists that she loves Nathan and nobody is going to stop her going off with him. She describes Nathan as special, someone that treats her like she really matters. Mary really does understand and tries to talk to her, gently, reasonably, but also trying very hard to make a point. She tells her that she convinced herself that she meant something to the man that got her pregnant but she realized that wasn't so. He was an opportunist that saw her as someone that could be manipulated, who could take what he wanted. It wasn't love, it was rape. Bethany is taken aback but protests. It's not the same. Mary beseeches Bethany, practically wills her to realize that what Nathan and the other did was indeed rape. Nathan allowed them to rape her. Bethany is visibly fighting that huge wall of denial inside. She's going and nobody can stop her but those words have sowed a seed.

Mary then gets Harry into a stroller and finds Bethany outside waiting for Nathan. Mary can't persuade her and Bethany gives Harry back to her and gets in the car where the music is fairly loud. Loud enough that She didn't hear the conversation between Mary and Nathan where Mary tells him a few home truths and insists she's not afraid of him. He tells her she should be, he's capable of far more than she thinks, which he says while stroking Harry's little face in a rather menacing way. He then gets in the car and drives off.

But he knows Mary will tell Sarah and she will have raised the alarm and indeed she has have. He's broken his bail and Sarah has the police alerted. Will they get away? He's heading to Belgium but she's passportless. That's a major wrinkle in his plan. Turns out he wasn't going to Belgium with her, she's going to "a friend". He promises to join her after the heat has cooled off but he's angry and he knows he's in trouble. They stop at a service station so he can call someone to get a new passport in motion. She's confused, doesn't quite understand yet that he's selling her off to his "friend".

But when they stop, he takes her phone and removes the sim card so she can't be tracked. Inside, Bethany is in bits and asks for help from a family at the food court. The police got there in record time! And in a way I'm glad Nathan was trying to force her to go with him when they arrived because it makes it more real, more for the witness to testify to.

She couldn't have been so relieved later, though, when it was Neil there to receive her back in Weatherfield. But all he wants it so make sure she doesn't drop him in it, so he makes vague threatening statements so she's too scared to turn him in. And scared she is. She's brave with the female detective and tells her a lot, but she does keep Neil out of it. It was very creepy seeing Neil watch her on the cameras and she knew it, too. I think the detective knows there's more to the story but Bethany's not ready to tell it.

Mary feels dreadful that she couldn't help Bethany. Norris thinks Bethany would have taken what she said in and it'll make a difference. Mary admitted to Bethany that Nathan threatened Harry if Mary didn't back down. Bethany really was grateful and thanked Mary. But oh dear, Bethany has a bottle of vodka under her arm and I think she's about to use booze to blank it all out and then went to Craig's and started to try to seduce him. Wrong move. What she really needs is a mate and he knows it.

Aidan and Maria are freaking out about the anonymous photo and Maria is really pushing Aidan to tell Eva and get it out there before someone sends the photo to Eva. And Maria won't stop calling him and riding him about it, either. He's intending to tell her but she wants to go to the pub. Opportunity lost.

Then we have Cathy and Brian playing silly beggars like a couple of teenagers whose parents forbid them to see each other. Kind of like Faye and Seb. Why is Yasmeen so naive about Brian and Cathy? Of course they're having a booty call! And after the call, there's Brian in the kitchen, someone *else's* kitchen still wearing his underpants and tshirt, cooking someone else's food without asking. *AND* in a house where they observe Ramadan and don't eat during the day. Brian really is an ignorant and rude, selfish oaf. Yasmeen had to put it delicately but she hit the nail on the head and called them out for acting like children, sneaking around, and she urged them to tell Roy.

So the next time Brian is stuffing his face in the cafe, Roy asks him to go out and observe the bats with him but Brian declines. Neither he and Cathy are brave enough yet. With Roy out, they go back to the cafe flat but Cathy got locked in the bathroom. Roy comes home early, the weather not condusive to bat watching and Zeedan sees him and takes the opportunity to get Roy to the flat.

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