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Sunday Comments July 30

Kevin went to Dev's on his own and they had a nice meal but Dev had to go get the kids from a sleepover, leaving Erica and Dev on their own.

At home, Anna confessed to Rosie that she feels like she has no confidence since the accident. Rosie pointed out that Kevin loves her and that's true. Rosie is a star, making a "mood board" for Anna, try to cheer her up and give her some motivation. But Erica and Kevin are mellowed with wine, both a bit frustrated with their relationships and they ended up liplocking. Dev came back and it didn't go further. Cue guilt feelings.

Kevin is still surly at Anna. When Kevin gets disillusioned with his woman, it's a short fall into someone else's bed and he's already standing on a banana peel with Erica in his sights. He started to confide in Rosie but he felt uncomfortable. Anna overheard Kevin talking to Rosie about breaking up if she doesn't want him like she seems to be demonstrating. That's a tough thing to hear but it might be the kick she needs to try a bit harder. She even asked Rosie to go shopping with her.

And Why is Erica feeling all in a slump with Dev? I suppose she's not used to an everyday life with kids and house and shop and as she said, she's used to being the life of the party. Liz reckons it's just reality kicking in. So does a dissatisfied Erica go looking for excitement? And if so, why on earth would she think she'll get her sparkle back from Kevin Webster? The mind boggles. She thought she could, though, and invited him to meet her at a hotel. His tongue was practically on the floor after that. Will he or won't he?

And there, Dev was planning to take her out to a nice afternoon tea and a posh meal and an art gallery. He's trying to make up for taking her for granted. He didn't half take her by surprise. She lied about a friend to get out of it but did feel guilty judging from the look on her face. Anna's shopping for a pretty outfit but Kevin is smartening himself up and getting ready for an overnighter at the hotel. Anna's call, asking him to come home for a talk appealed to his more reasonable side so he ended up not going to meet Erica after all. He went back and changed into his overalls.

Anna looked nice, cleavage out on display and everything. She poured her heart out and he was honest, mostly. He did admit he thought about having an affair, he kissed someone and nearly went the rest of the way but her call meant more to him. Can they move on? She's not so sure, now. Kevin ended up sleeping on the sofa. Pushed away again. I bet he wishes he'd gone to meet Erica at the hotel now. I think she's calmed down and he's seen the error of his ways. Onward and upward.

Erica was in the doldrums the next day, even giving Kevin a bit of grief. He looked a little regretful but he's certain he made the right decision. Only Anna, when she heard Erica's sob story (modified, obviously), invited her out for a drink that night (when she should be making plans to spend time with Kevin with whom she's trying to make up). Except Anna figured it out and that's why she wanted to talk to Erica and it was all insults at high noon and why not, since Erica wasn't sorry in the least. She gave Erica a warning and she made sure Kevin knew she's figured it out. Meanwhile, Erica has decided she's done with Dev and "we need to talk".

Sounds like Liz did a really good clear out of all that tacky clothing she had. She does seem to be dressing a bit more her age these days. It's going to be a wrench for her to leave the pub, though, and an end of an era. We come to the day of signing the place away. Deep breaths and good luck gifts. She signed on the dotted line. Steve even seems to be all out of sorts at the thought of leaving the pub. Steve thought he'd sign his mother up for a class at the community centre. Heart's in the right place. She doesn't need to find hobbies, she's got a job as receptionist at the medical centre. That used to be Deirdre's job.

Liz seems to be handling the people side of the job well, being friendly and almost intimate with her old mates but her new supervisor seems to be quite a stickler for the rules. She's still having a bit of trouble with the computer system, juggling patients and the phone.

Well, Johnny's told Jenny about his diagnosis. She feels betrayed, as you would. She walked out, back to Matthew. Liz overheard what he'd told to Jenny so she knows the secret, too and encouraged him to talk to Jenny. So he goes off to the Bistro but comes into Matthew getting upset at Jenny for allegedly using him to make Johnny jealous. It worked. Johnny did get jealous and ended up thumping Matthew. She's still not willing to come back to him. The trust is broken. He's got a long way to go to convincing her and it seems she's come round. It's all back on again.

Jenny's already researching MS to find out what she's in for and how she can help him. He stil hasn't told Aidan, either, about the illness or the reconciliation with Jenny. Aidan had to find out about the latter from the factory gossips. He also realized Kate knows more about the initial break up than she's saying but she won't spill the beans. He did have reason to be angry at Jenny because Matthew Singh took his order away from the factor after the fight with Johnny. In the course of the conversation, though, Jenny let slip that Johnny has MS. She thought that's what he was talking about rather than them getting back together.

Johnny was getting ready to tell Aidan but since Jenny beat him to it, albeit accidentally, Aidan was worried but he wasn't best pleased either, feeling left out. He went home and Eva thought he was going to confess the affair but it was about Johnny who came to talk to Aidan a bit more, to explain the illness and now Eva feels very guilty indeed.

You see, Aidan was already trying to find ways to get rid of the pink car but Eva's not having it. Aidan is falling for her stuff hook, line and sinker and even offers her a joint credit card. But doesn't that mean it's still his account? She might feel guilty, but not so guilty that she's starting to drop hints about a bigger flat or a house. Aidan's solution? Buy Dev's flat.

Norris is getting mail addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Cole and it's in his own handwriting. Mary and Rita and Sean can't work that one out. I can. Many things that you send away for, like competitions, ask for a self addressed stamped envelope. That's probably what it is. We'll find out. Mary figured it out straight away. He entered them into a competition and she thinks he's planning to keep the prize. He wasn't. The prize was an around the world trip. He wanted to win it so she could visit her son in South Africa. He's a good friend to those he likes. He just doesn't like many people, does he? Anyway, Rita had to tell Mary about the prize because she was about to give the competition organizers a piece of her mind. Now that it's all out in the open, Mary has given Norris chapter and verse for him to study all about her so they would be convincing.

Sarah told Mary the bad news about Nathan. Bethany blames herself. She now in a worse frame of mind than she was before Nathan found her. But she won't talk to the police again. Sarah knows there must be something else. She thinks the really nice sargeant, Neil, could help. No, no he couldn't.

Sarah thought she was doing a good thing by getting Sgt. Neil to come and talk to Bethany. Wrong! She told him that she is pretty sure Bethany hasn't told them everything and she wants Neil to encourage her to be honest. She knows not what she asks. She brought him back to the house and Bethany's heart probably jumped into her throat. Panic stations. He reinforced things by suggesting Bethany tell everyone she made it all up, looking for attention. Threw in a little threat just for added intimidation.

Craig saw Neil leave the house so he went to see Bethany but she didn't want to talk about Neil or any of it. Craig is really worried about her and even thinks he could persuade her to give a full statement, put in the things she left out but Neil tries to put him off. Naturally. (and Doesn't Craig look sharp in uniform?) After Bethany warned him off Neil a little while ago and he saw Neil at the house, he's got suspicions and questions and he called Neil out on not recording those home visits. Obviously, Neil is defensive about Craig's questions and that's going to raise the suspicions even more.

Craig went back to see Bethany. He asked, and he reassured her that he's her friend. And she finally confessed that Neil is Nathan's cohort. She told him everything. All of it. Poor Craig, he really looked like he didn't want to be there! But he did the right thing. He listened. He didn't judge. But he wants to help and he wants to tell the authorities. She knows he can make it sound like she's lying and he's threatened her and her family. There's no evidence.

Bethany went to ask Craig not to do anything about Neil. She's afraid he'll follow up on his threats. Craig agreed, against his better judgement but he went to the Superintendent anyway and quit. I think he felt in an impossible situation. Neil was the receiver of some evil looks from Craig so he reckoned Bethany said something to Craig. Craig is a terrible liar but Neil is a good one. He pretended he was undercover. Craig didn't believe him and he probably shouldn't have confronted him with the fact that Nathan had sex with Bethany.

David's back to moping around, not interested in women at all. But partly that's because the anniversary of Kylie's death is this week and he feels guilty that he had feelings for Shona, the mother of the man that killed her. Nobody blames him and Gail thinks they should do something nice as a family to remember Kylie. Probably not quite like Gemma's tshirt but her heart was in the right place!

They have flowers and a poem for Kylie's grave and a picnic and garden snakes and ladders. Sarah's gone off to try to talk to Mel who isn't going to bend an inch. I don't know whether it's from fear of Nathan or whether she's just convinced herself. Sarah's not giving up, though, she's determined to find some of the other women Nathan's groomed. Enter Rana who just happens to be helping out at a women's shelter. What better place for Sarah to start her hunt for Nathan's victims or someone that might know of one.

And even more lucky (contrived, much?) Yasmeen was speaking to a young girl who was worried "he" might find her. She denied recognizing Bethany's photo or the name Nathan. But later, outside, Shona was trying to convince a young girl to help "them". Turns out it's that really young girl that was at that last party, the one that Bethany accused of taking her necklace when it was the same one Nathan gives all his girls. Her name is Lara. But she bolted and Rana and Sarah were more concerned with Shona who got an elbow in her ribs for her trouble, right where she was recently beaten so she's back in the hospital getting checked over and Sarah called Billy to come. Billy wants Shona to come back to the Street but she knows David will lose his mind.

David is at sixes and sevens, wanting the day to be a nice one for everyone. And he wants a proper headstone for Kylie's grave, something he wasn't concerned with before, according to Gail who makes a great leap connecting that to Shona. Eh? There was some sort of a marker at the grave anyway, wasn't there? Wait until he sees Shona's back!

One of Gary's old army mates jumped him in front of the shop. Once he got his breath back, he was pleased to see him. The Corner shop is opened after a renovation. Looks nice. Billy found out that Peter and Toyah will be moving out of the flat so he's got a great idea. Somewhere for he and Billy! And Summer, too, if they can manage it.

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