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5 reasons why we love Bethany and Craig

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

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Much has been written about Bethany Platt’s controversial grooming story line. Some feel it has gone on too long, and others have praised the writers and producers for tackling it, following the Rochdale grooming case.

Wherever you sit with this, there is no denying that Lucy Fallon has delivered far more emotion and layers to her performance, that you would expect from someone of her age. But, the same can be said for Colson Smith, who plays the one constant in her life, who is not after anything except justice; Craig Tinker.

So, here are five reasons, why these two light up the screen, whenever they are in a scene together.

Craig is only a few steps behind the audience

We have seen most of what young Bethany has been through. And like Mary, Craig is there through thick and thin. As, he unravels all the clues and attempts to expose those who are guilty of manipulating Bethany - like a Manc Poirot, we are cheering at the TV screen, as we witness this child telling someone everything for the first time.

 Craig is not out to manipulate Bethany

Craig is one of Corrie’s innocents, a bit like our Ches used to be when he was younger. This lovable lad has helped Faye and is one of the Street’s heroes, as he always there to wipe away the tears when someone is having a crisis. He wants nothing from Bethany, except the truth to frame those responsible.

These two make a beautiful double act

Sure, the storyline that has enveloped the street is incredibly dark, but this friendship has evolved during this time and Craig has stuck by Bethany, even during her most erratic behaviour, as a young Special Constable, he has smelled a rat and stuck around, when many would have walked away.


Chemistry between two actors, when forced can seem awkward, but these two have it, and it maybe because they have been thrust into the limelight and reply on each other as mates, off screen. Whatever the reason, it works and they have shared some beautiful scenes. There is something naïve, yet knowing about Craig. And Bethany has these same qualities, and Colson and Lucy play off each other with ease. I just hope they do not start dating, because much of the magic happens, because they are pals.

Family dynamics

Both characters have been ‘lost’ – their families mean well, but for whatever reason, there have been moments, as teens when they have been ‘forgotten’ or ‘ignored.’ So, their meeting of minds seems perfectly natural, and not just the brainchild of a writer. In other words, this beautiful friendship has been slow burning, hence it works.

Twitter went crazy yesterday night and ‘Bethany’ was trending, and you can see why. These two are diamonds in the dust, of a dark and dangerous storyline, and I am glad they have each other.

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kib said...

Oh yes, I love Bethany and Craig together. It reminds me of Chesney and Sophie when they were younger. Now that I think about it, I'd like to see Ches and Soph be close friends again, I don't think they ever fell out, they just grew apart.

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