Thursday, 6 July 2017

Richard Hawley on Johnny Connor's MS: "It's not an exit storyline"

Coronation Street star Richard Hawley, who plays Johnny Connor, has talked to the Mirror about his current storyline after Johnny has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Richard says he has been working with the MS Society to make the storyline realistic.

Asked about how the storyline had affected him personally he said: “Yes, it has changed me, I take lessons from what I have learned. I feel really enriched by the whole experience.

Once you are through the diagnosis you get on with your life and in someways it feels like life but slightly supercharged. There is an end for all of us and there is probably some illness and pain. As you get older various bits and bobs go wrong. My dad had Alzheimer's and dementia and there is something out there waiting for us all.

"But from speaking with the MS Society I have learned you should try to get on with building creatively and positively and try to be courageous. And I have tried to do a bit more and enjoy where I am and be engaged with life"

He also said that Corrie producer Kate Oates has told him "this is not an exit story" . Kate Oates is planning on the MS storyline continuing for the long term on screen as Johnny slowly comes to terms with the illness and more people find out he has it.

Hawley added: “The first thing Kate said was it is not an exit story, which I sort of knew because it is not that rapid unless it is a severe case. Johnny’s type is relapsing and remitting. He has had it actually for at least two decades he realises. Johnny shuts down and doesn’t want anyone to know. The future is there is going to be turmoil, redemption, happiness and sadness as ever.

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