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Sunday Comments June 16

Kevin and Erica up a tree. But it looks like it was only a kiss. Tim had Seb in the taxi office. I'm glad he made sure Seb knew that sex with Faye is illegal since she's under age. I don't know how old he is. I think Tim put the fear of Gods in the lad. He's insisting Seb break it off with Faye. Anna and Tim then took Faye into hand. She won't believe that she and Seb won't go the distance but he called her and finished with her. Her heart's broken. I wonder if it will last. He's still going to be around the street working with Phelan. Of course it wasn't going to last, Seb was hiding out int he ginnel and told her his father threatened to have her arrested. Sneaking around it is, then.

Sally wasn't very happy to find out Tim threatened Seb to get him to break up with Faye (which he didn't actually do). Anna is shrieking at Faye on the doorstep, confiscating her phone because she's grounded. Then she made a half-arsed attempt at an apology to Kevin, saying she didn't like to keep fighting. what a shot across the bow, him pointing out that he didn't start it. OH. She did have that coming. Anna and Faye are both trying hard to keep Faye from seeing Seb but she's like most teenagers and she's cleverer than that.

I suppose we're in for scenes of subliminal flirting between Kevin and Erica. Spare me. Anna seemed to be thawing out and was about to head for a bottle of wine until she found out Kevin was looking up information on her medication and it's effect on libido. Ooops. I thought she was on painkillers but it's anti depressants. And he's right, it's not just about sex, it's about being close, intimate, just a hug or a quick kiss even, she can't even do that apparently and he thinks she treats him badly and pushes him away. She does.

Dev stayed home from Scotland after all and took the kids shopping to set up a surprise birthday party for Erica. He's also so wrapped up in the shop renovations that he forgot he was taking Erica out to a dinner a few days later. Kevin volunteered to help out and keep an eye on the twins. Kevin saw them off and made sure to compliment her. There are definitely sparks. Dev is renovating the shop so he'd going to set up shop for essentials inside his house. He says essentials but it looks like half the shop is in there. Could be a bit chaotic.

The day after the dinner out, Dev certainly seems to have a bee up his bonnet about something. No More Mr. Nice Guy,he shouts at Gemma and Chesney for taking a break when there's no customers in sight and he raises the rent on the flat where Eva and Aidan are living by 100 pounds which is quite a lot and surely illegal to raise it that much in one go but I don't know what the laws are about that in the UK. And to hear Dev, he reckoned it was ok because Aidan makes lots of money.

A drunken Bethany trying to seduce him really isn't what Craig wants or what he thinks is going to help her. A hug is what she needs more than anything. She did try to tell Craig that Neil isn't the kind of person Craig thinks he is but she got distracted and interrupted. Sarah used the opportunity to talk David into letting Gail come back home for Bethany's sake. Craig brings her home and she feels terribly stupid. Later, Craig keeps going back to what she said about Neil.

Roy came home early and caught them trying to unlock Cathy from the loo. Only he didn't know it was Cathy and Brian spun a ludicrous web of lies. Roy got suspicious. He's not stupid. Brian is up to something. Especially when he spied Cathy's coat hanging up. Busted!!!! Roy wasn't very surprised was he? Then he was very angry that they were dishonest with him. He doesn't mind that they're together in the least. Can this storyline please go away?

Nick is still pushing to get Robert to buy him out but it looks like Robert is having trouble scraping up the funds but he doesn't want to be in partnership with Michelle, either. He wants it all! So what's Michelle going to spend her money on when the pub gets sold? Cue Michelle badgering him but he seems to be holding his ground. For now. She's in a sulk and walks right into Will, that ex boyfriend she nearly shagged while Steve was away recovering. Things are a bit awkward but in the end, they went for a coffee and a catch up seeing as she's in a strop with Robert. Deja Vu, anyone?

I laughed when Will called Robert a rebound and Michelle denied it. Um. Yes he is a rebound. I don't know what dictionary you use, sweetie, but that is absolutely what Robert is. I guess she's dropped the idea of being partners in the bistro, at least. Robert's old "mate", the dealer came back nosing around and Robert got rid quickly but he came back again and chatted up Michelle. Robert was not best pleased and it turns out Rich wants to launder some money through the Bistro. He's obviously got something on Robert who must have been involved with Rich with drug dealing in the past. he doesn't want to break the law but it's likely he has in the past. Blackmail is not pretty. Robert stands up to him. If he was smart, he'd tell Michelle himself whatever was in the past.

Aidan's anxious, he keeps trying to find private time to talk to Eva but she keeps getting sidetracked. Now her mother needs her and Eva has to go to France to help. That gives him a bit more time until she returns. He won't be lonely.

So while the cat was away (Eva), the mice played. As often as they could and squeezed in one more afternoon delight before Eva got back from France. But Eva's coming home early and Aidan didn't get the message. Uh oh. Recipe. Disaster. Eva nearly caught Maria in the flat and as it happens, Maria's still there hiding in the bedroom. He did some scrambling but he managed to get her out before she caught Maria who is expecting Aidan to tell Eva about the affair, or at least to finish with her.

There they are in the cafe, with David Platt watching over their shoulders as Eva looks all loved up and Aidan looks uncomfortable. David isn't so sure Aidan is going to do what he says no matter what Maria says. Eva will have some other news for Aidan, so it seems. She's pregnant! Yet another birth control fail on Coronation Street. Well, I know people moan about it but birth control methods are not 100% fail-proof.

Technology ended up being the thing that busted Aidan and Maria. He had his tablet hooked up to the tv for music earlier but it also picks up things like texts and emails and Eva saw an incriminating exchange, something about the close call and does "she" suspect. One more naughty suggestion and Eva is pretty clear as to what's going on. She's absolutely devastated, betrayed and incandescent with rage. I was waiting for Leanne to say something about Maria doing this before, with Toyah's fella all those years ago. She didn't but said something similar about Toyah not liking Maria.

Eva went straight to Maria's but she couldn't say anything, not with Liam there and Kirk wittering on about Eva and Aidan having babies some day. She ran into him on the Street and didn't say anything then, either. She wrote off her upset to having broken (ie. kicked the crap out of) the telly. Brian had given her the broken phone that he saw Aidan toss away but Aidan denied it was his to Eva's face. Something seems to have clicked. She hasn't said anything. So when is she going to? The pregnancy test is uncertain, too. Is she going to do another one? Has she? She told Aidan she's pregnant. She said it was the second test so perhaps she did get another one and take it. It's all a bit cloudy, isn't it?

What's a boy to do? He's going to do what he thinks is the right thing and support her though he looks like a deer caught in the headlights. He wants to keep it secret for a bit. Of course, that's so that Maria doesn't hear about it, right? But it turns out Eva really isn't pregnant and she's going to let him think she is as part of her revenge. Leanne was not best pleased to her her confess that. Leanne knows about Eva's condition (or lack thereof) and Aidan tells his father, too. It's clear he doesn't feel ready for fatherhood. He wants a Porche and a party lifestyle. He knows himself pretty well, I think, considering his inability to stay faithful.

Eva isn't realy to bin Aidan, however. She doesn't want to be single, she wants revenge, why would she want to be stuck with a man that cheats on her? I don't get it. Nobody is worth that. You'd never trust them again. Anyway, Johnny seems to have knocked some sense into Aidan and he goes back and in the interests of "growing up", tells her they have to get a proper engagement ring. She goes along with it. She's going to get as much out of him as she can as part of her plan, now.

Good grief, Phelan looks like he's been battered by someone. His story about a job gone wrong is likely a lie. Someone's likely had a go at him. And he didn't like it when Seb got cocky about it and inferring he was wearing a tie to impress Nicola. He lost his temper but unfortunately, Nicola happened by just then. He sprung back and plastered a smile on his face but she saw. He gave her a different story, much more noble than the one he gave Eileen for the battered face. He's making an excuse to go to Liverpool with she and Seb, too. Up to now, it didn't seem like he actually fancied her but there's something, isn't there?

But Eileen suspects something's up. She saw him get into the car with Nicola. I don't think she knows who she is. Phelan likely hasn't told his wife about Nicola being the case worker that's in charge of Seb, not by name anyway. Over in Liverpool, Phelan is a bit nostalgic but tells Nicola it's not his home anymore. He then tells her about a girl he met when he was young who broke his heart. And it sounds like his father was abusive. Seb doesn't seem to have taken in very much of the lessons that the ex-young offender had to give with his talk. Cocky little bugger, isn't he? He's going to have to learn the hard way, I think.

Nicola seemed a bit uncomfortable with Phelan comparing her to the girl he loved when he was young. It still seems like they're hinting that he fancies here but there's more to it and it isn't what it seems. Anyway, he takes Nicola and Seb around Liverpool to see the sights from his younger days. He asks Nicola about her life. Turns out her parents were from Liverpool but she wasn't born there and it turns out her father was a builder. Coincidence? Probably not. Before we find out, he's got to deal with his wife. Butter her up with chips. But she's suspicious. From her point of view, you can hardly blame her.

Phelan's had a Private Investigator look into her past but she overheard his conversation with the PI! She confronted him and he tells the truth and says he thought he knew her parents, which he did apparently. Turns out her parents are dead. While he waits for Nicola at the park with the memorial bench to her parents, she goes through the papers in the builder's office and finds what he had the PI dig up on her. I like that she didn't pretend she didn't hear the earlier conversation or pretend she didn't find the papers he had on her. She came right out with it and asked him about it. She puts him on the spot.

In the meantime, Eileen knows there's something up and keeps on him. She's got her driving test but Phelan's distracted by Nicola. He misses the appointment and she has to go with Billy instead and fails the test. She sees Nicola's car at the builder's yard and storms over to confront him because she thinks he's interested in Nicola. Turns out what he has to say wasn't at all what they were expecting. He thinks Nicola is his daughter! He knew her parents, had an affair with her mother and the dates all add up. Nicola is reeling. Quite a think to find out.

Eileen took it quite well and had a nice talk with her in the park but Phelan does want to know if possible but he's being reasonable and putting the ball in her court. It's her call. She tells him she's not so sure she wants to know and it wouldn't make a difference anyway. She doesn't want a father replacement. Eileen thinks Nicola might come round.

In a new storyline, Gina's heard from her husband who's working in the middle east and he's written and told her he wants a divorce. Before she tells anyone, it seems like she's wearing out her welcome a bit with Tim. (I thought Sally organized a new council flat for her and step daughter? Surely just because the young woman has walked away, that doesn't mean Gina can't still have the flat does it?) She's also borrowing Tim's tablet and using up all the data plan on it. Sally sticks up for Gina and when she finds out about her husband, she's very sympathetic. But even after all that, Gina grabs the tablet and goes online shopping.

Jude is not moving to Weatherfield after all, what a disappointment for Mary! But why show the actor if they're not going to have him in it. I have a feeling in the long run, he will join the show. Why doesn't Mary just go for a visit?

Daniel is avoiding Ken, probably because his exam results are due in and Ken has a mind like a steet trap. Daniel did well but not as well as he hoped. He's got a 2-2 which is a decent degree but not enough to get him into Oxford. Meanwhile, Daniel is eyeing Sinead, Chesney is eyeing Sinead. Who does Sinead actually want? Gemma urges Chesney to pull out all the stops to win her back if that's what he wants. He decided to go talk to Daniel but his threats and lame insults fell a bit flat. Gemma advises doing something special for Sinead so he thinks a subtitled foreign movie is just the trick. Did she ever express a liking for that before? It doesn't seem to be the kind of thing she'd like. I think he reckons it's Daniel's sort of thing so he's going to show her he can be sophisticated, too. But it really isn't her thing and they end up leaving the movie early! But his effort might have worked even if she's not quite ready to get back together.

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