Friday, 7 August 2015

Celebrating four years of the Tinkers on Coronation Street

This week is the fourth anniversary of Beth and Craig Tinker on Coronation Street.  Actor Colson Smith, who plays Craig on Corrie, tweeted yesterday that he's been on the show since 2011.  And what a joy he is.

Beth Tinker and her son Craig turned up in 2011 when Steve met Beth on a blind date.  Beth turned up with her son Craig, and he never said a word in his first couple of episodes. If you remember, he used to silently eat biscuits and drink pop! 

On their blind date Beth and Steve realised they knew each other as Steve had once had a one-night stand with Beth. There was some speculation when she first appeared that Steve might turn out to be Craig's real dad and I still hope that might be true!  We've still never met Craig's real dad... hmm.

Beth and Craig are a joy. Long may the Tinker clan reign on Coronation Street.

You can watch Beth and Craig's first scene (via the official ITV Coronation Street YouTube site, so it may not be available to overseas fans, sadly), below:

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