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Sunday Comments August 2

The morning after, Ken is kimonoless. He says it wasn't comfortable anymore. I reckon that's because it just wasn't the same after Brian was wearing it and also, Deirdre wasn't there to be annoyed with it anymore. Tracy's new lease on life didn't extend to the factory bees, who were gossiping about her family. She could have been a bit less aggressive there. But she was intent on making amends with Carla but it's too little too late.

Tracy is probably overcompensating in her quest to turn over a new leaf. She's even baking cakes, for heavens' sake so you know this can't last. Leopards don't change their spots but if Tracy can come out the other end a little less caustic and less selfish, that'll do. She has no intention of keeping Robert around. But maybe she is. We'll see. Tracy isn't a domestic goddess but then Deirdre wasn't a dab hand in the kitchen a lot either.

Robert apologized for Ken and that was a good thing to do. Then he offered to cook Deirdre's stuffed marrow. I thought that her family mainly had to choke it down but perhaps she as just not very good at making it because Robert's version seemed to be acceptable. Tracy was impressed, probably another one of Robert's motives. I do wonder what his motivation is for not admitting he's married or involved because he sure looked uncomfortable with the discussion and questions about whether he remarried or not, seemingly allowing them to assume he was single but his reactions to the phone calls definitely says otherwise.

Robert's attitude towards Tracy and Beth's insinuation is definitely making an impression as much as she might be "off men" at the moment. Beth talked her into reconsidering.

Tony's thugs tried to scam money out of Tracy and she recognized them from the time one of them roughed her up. That's when Tony was trying to get into the shop. Robert came to the rescue. He's moved from carpet fitting to cooking, now. He did lie to whoever it was on the phone that he was with a supplier and he called them "love". This doesn't bode well. Then he turns around and confesses that he never got over her. But now, Tony's back! The first person he talks to is Jason who's not impressed and not inclined to forgive.

Peter's moving to Antigua on a boat for a few months at first, they can still video chat. Simon hasn't exactly made any trips to Portsmouth as it is so really, there's no difference. Problem is, Simon's going to take it as yet another rejection.

I believe Leanne. Dan hasn't changed. He's got a temper and he gets physical when he's angry. Sarah did see the argument between Dan and Leanne so that's got Liz's curiosity sparked again. There's no getting around this, is there, the cat is about to be blasted out of the bag well and truly. Dan keeps bringing flowers for no reason. Once might be a nice gesture, twice in close proximity is starting to look suspicious. Nick has been a pretty good support for Leanne with Simon taking out all his anger on her.

Dan's threats aren't helping matters. She snapped and when Liz asked her if there's history, she blew Dan's secret out of the water leading Liz to do the same in front of everyone including his daughter. Some good scenes there. Liz is truly the first worthy successor as landlady since Bet! But what's Dan going to do now?

Leanne is nervous, she keeps expecting Dan to wreak his revenge. And guess what? He's lurking around the corner. Meanwhile, Zeedan has regrets about how he treated his father. That seemed to strike a chord with Simon but that won't last long, I fear, because Dan has other plans. He lost Liz and his job and at the moment, his daughter and he's blaming it all on Leanne. More trauma for Simon. They did hear the thumping and smashing down in the kebab shop but they didn't figure it out.

So now they're all under his control, what's he actually going to do to them? I don't think he thought that one through and Liz pointed it out, kind of shamed him, then made him think she could forgive him. It was all intent on getting them out of the situation. He didn't buy it and he told Simon about Leanne's past. I don't suppose it will matter that it was years ago to Simon.

Exciting stuff, though. Leanne attacking Dan got Liz and Simon out the door. Simon was quite shocked about the revelations but he was still upset that Leanne was hurt and scared for her so it looks like it's Zeedan to the rescue.

Carla's less frantic than she was after the card game. She says she doesn't gamble more than she can afford to lose but somehow, I doubt that's becoming the case. Roy is so concerned about Carla that he went to Michelle. Carla didn't appreciate his interference but she might in the long run. Meanwhile her finances are starting to hurt and she's taking cash from Underworld's petty cash box for casino funds and can't stop while she's ahead. Losing put her in a miserable mood and she tore a strip off Roy and Cathy both. Roy defends Cathy and I like when he fights back because he so rarely does.

Carla knew she did wrong but couldn't apologize at the time though did later but the damage was done. Roy started having doubts and Cathy fled. She did finally confide in Michelle about the argument, about the fire and deaths. The pain radiated from her. She does need a break so she says she's going to Madrid. The problem is she still has to come back.

Alya and Gary are still secretly engaged and since she's considering telling people, he's bought her a ring and her grandfather walked in on it. Ramadan is over, Eid is being celebrated even if not everyone feels like celebrating. Zeedan is struggling but he seems a lot less sulky than he used to be at least. He and Yasmeen seemed happy enough about Alya and Gary's engagement. Alya is the one that doesn't seem overly thrilled and we know why that is. This couple has never really gelled for me.

Oh, look, Sinead's back to work! Little Jack keeps asking about Jenny. I wonder if the continuing mention of her name means she might come back at some time? Cathy gave Roy a thank you gift, replacing the replica steam train that got broken when his place was broken into. She said she had it amidst all her junk but she probably went and bought it, which leads me to ask, with what? She has the bailiffs at the door for non-payment of bills. Nice gesture, though. Roy has another crack at his driving test and nobody will let him get out of it. Things are awkward still between Roy and Cathy. He passed of course and later, over dinner, we find out that Cathy loves history which is something she has in common with Roy. He seems reluctant to spend any amount of time with her just the same.

Gail is still trying to find ways of luring Michael back and she sabotaged her kitchen taps. Like a sucker, he went instead of telling her to call a plumber but he didn't want her to pay the price of it. It seems a bit like Michael still has feelings for Gail lurking but whether he'll act on it remains to be seen. Eileen definitely developing feelings for Michael and she's right, Gail tried to use cake as a weapon and then Max and then she invited him to Audrey's birthday party.

Kevin's old mate, Vince, has a business proposition. He's retiring and wants to see if Kevin will buy his garage. Kevin has already got more work than he can handle so hopefully this guy's garage comes with a couple of mechanics of its own. Oh did i laugh when Tim got all huffy because Kevin had blown him out earlier for a pint and then Tim caught him in the pub with Vince who then assumed Tim was Kevin's fella! I Loved that he "knew it all the time", judging Kevin on account of that big moustache he used to have years ago! "Dead giveaway!" hahahaha!

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