Monday, 10 August 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Aug. 3 - 7

ZZ Top award: Wow, Kevin looked the sharp dressed man!

Chip off the old Block: Zeedan to the rescue, or at least he's trying! Kal would be proud!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: Kylie imitating Gail, in full eyelash flutter. Love it!

One Out One In: Liz no sooner saw Dan off in the police car, then Tony walks up behind her. Talk about a very bad day!

Pants on Fire award: Robert lied about who Joni was when Ken mentioned her looking for him.

Good hearted man: Wasn't Jason sweet? He went to see if Liz was ok and apologize for his father. He's really turned out well, hasn't he?

Corrie history recall award: Gail mentioned Davenport's car dealership. You may remember Sally had an affair with Ian Davenport when she worked at his car showroom.

Hyacinth Bucket award. Sally, of course, making Tim wear an ironed shirt to go after a window cleaning job.

Lines of the week:
Lloyd "I'll promise you one thing, though, I'll never pee on your brickwork!"
Michelle "You've got to tell him how you feel. What've you got to lose?" Eileen "Pride. Self Respect"
Liz, seeing Tony "Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse"
Tim to Sally "If I wanted a quiet and stress-free life, I'd live with Kevin instead of you!"
Gail "A warm and non-stressful family gathering might help him take stock" (since when does a Platt party ever warm and non-stressful)
Sean "You're supposed to be dress to IMpress not DEpress"
Michael to Eileen "You had me at 'giant rabbit'"
Robert "I can explain" (they all say that)
Tracy "Sometimes I think I'm trapped in a never-ending Adele Song" Robert "At least it's not James Blunt!"
Gail about Michael "He might not have had drive, but he had gumption"
Gail about the Dog and Gun "you wipe your feet on the way out!"

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