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Sunday Comments August 23

Tim is trying to get Sally go to on holiday but she has no intentions of it. Foreign holiday maybe but not Wales and with no warning. Tim's going to go without her. Sally is frantic at the factory all of a sudden when she's practially been running it while Carla was away. She used Kevin as a sounding board, moaning about Carla. It's nice that they can finally be friends. She's sounding a bit admiring of Kevin, however, and comparing his newfound ambition with Tim's lackadaisical one. Sally always was ambitious! But what happened to that other garage Kevin was offered to buy? Did he? He did put a shiny new sign up over the old garage.

I don't know what's worse, Carla being addicted to gambling or Carla on the booze! Yep, Carla was on a gambling binge and lost count of what she lost. That means Carla is ready to lash out at Michelle and guess what? That holiday didn't clear her head after all. She's getting ready to hit bottom. I didn't know Michelle knew Carla was gambling before she left. Anyway, Carla is punishing herself any way she can. Carla's pushing everyone away from her. Michelle went to Roy for help but she wouldn't see Roy. Couldn't face him.

Financially, the gambling is far worse and she's neglecting the factory. Well, Nick's sniffing around Carla again. I'm surprised Carla actually took him with her to the casino. I don't mind the storyline but at times it does feel a bit clunky. Anyway, she admitted her gambling debt to him and thinks she might sell up and run away and Nick can't say the words to her that he really wants to that will make her stay.

So she's decided. She's selling the factory and Sally wants to buy it. She wants to get a loan from Kevin. Sally wasn't long in snooping around to find the books and even accepted Alya's help, but Alya probably has an agenda. Did you see Alya's eyes light up and her face close down when Sally wondered if she was going to put in an offer. Alya said no but why shouldn't she? An idea is germinating, isn't it? Carla caught Sally snooping and sacked her. You can't sack someone for getting on your nerves or even discovering that you're taking an awful lot of money from the factory, it's true, but you probably can for snooping in the books behind the owner's back. If Sally wanted to buy the factory she should have done it the proper way and came with the money and *then* asked to see the books.

Only it's going to be difficult to let anyone see the books since Carla's been gambling money from the factory funds! Alya is probaby bricking it too, since she helped Sally do it! But yes, she does want to buy the factory and even with her inexperience, she might make a better job of it than Sally would.

Even though Kevin was barking at Tyrone and Luke for slacking off and having tea breaks, he didn't have any trouble taking his own breaks to talk about the factory with Sally. She's all excited because Kevin offered to buy in with her and that's all it took. She was all over him like a dirty shirt. Nothing gets her hot and bothered like ambition (and weddings!). Kissing Sally like that would have been Kevin's dream at one time, he wanted her back for years. But now, he's doing the dirty on his best friend and he's horrified. Sophie nearly caught them, too but the news about Sally's sacking and maybe buying the factory diverted her from finding out about the kiss.

Tim got back and was all loved up. He missed her and was a bit jealous of Kevin. What a sweetie! He nearly gave Kevin a heart attack, though, when he came over to talk about "it", which was the factory sale. Tim even asked Kevin to be his best man! He's a good man, is Tim.

Back to Carla, Roy, Nick and Michelle have decided to stage an intervention. It was all about her leaving, not about her gambling. It came down to Roy and Carla alone. Will his words have an effect?

Leanne is still complaining about the chef. Whatever happened to those interviews she did? They were forgotten because we need to give Robert a job. Robert, who has just lost his job by signing his restaurant over to Joni and has a beloved ex living down the road. That's convenient. (that's sarcastic) Tracy was quite shocked to find out Robert was working in the Bistro. Robert doesn't seem bothered, he's definitely getting to her and he is quite happy about it. He keeps telling Tracy that he "gets" her but does he really? She loves the attention, even if she pretends she doesn't.

Simon was in a good mood and was behaving himself. Too good to be true? It didn't take much, all she did was remind him about the troubles of the last few months and he was inexplicably off again. Beth on the attack! She directed it mostly at Robert, though, rather than Joni who is apparently heartbroken but resigned to the end of her marriage. Cathy might be staying at Roy's so she doesn't re-clutter her house but she's already starting to pick up junk, an old hostess tray. She did manage to put it back. reluctantly.

Zeedan is being really nice to Simon and asks him to come play football at noon. That seems to get Simon off the sofa at least to clean his OLD boots. But later in the morning, he couldn't be bothered to drag himself away from his video games to answer the door to the postman and he and Leanne get into another argument that ends in him giving her a vicious kick on the shin, probably wearing those old football boots. She forbids him to go to football but he sneaks out and goes anyway. Zeedan later notices the inury. Will she tell?

Good grief, Callum actually did have the gun loaded in the closet. No wonder he freaked out when Max was pointing it at them! First time we've ever seen Callum well and truly shaken. But later, he's saying it's no big deal and a one off. No way, and at least Sarah has finished with him and he admitted he was using her. Now of course, Sarah can be the catalyst that will lose Callum the custody case even if it's her word against his so Callum is using his filmed deals with Bethany and a well placed threat as insurance. I can understand Sarah being afraid to tell anyone but it does have to do with Kylie, in that her son could be in danger, never mind the court case.

Sarah might be finished with Callum but Bethany isn't backing off. Looks like she still oked the school trip to Paris which, as far as we know, Callum financed. I suppose it was already paid for. At least it gets her out of Callum's way for a bit and considering she's trying to, quite literally, chase the pants off him, it's just as well. Kylie isn't letting up. She's determined to find out why Sarah dumped Callum and is seemingly scared.

Michael still thinks Eileen should give back the bracelet but Eileen dared him to see what it was worth at Tracy's. He went and sold it! So much for his moral outrage at her keeping it. Only it turns out that the bracelet didn't belong to the cow, it belonged to Liz, the one she was given from Ken which was Deirdre's and they can't get it back. Uh oh. And you know what? that bracelet story, while amusing at first, now stinks. Liz was chatting to Eileen in the cab office when she lost it. Do you really think she wouldn't have shown it to Eileen, her new BFF, when it was such a lovely and recent gift?

Anyway, Liz is still polling all the neighbours to see if anyone has found it or had it turned in and Eileen and Michael are steeped in guilt. Todd is Eileen's son, why can't she just insist he sell it back to them? Eileen's suggestion of stealing it back and breaking in when the shop turned out to be shut isn't helping. I'm surprised Michael even agreed and was trying, not very successfully but then Liz came along, followed by Mary who decided to pass the time of day with him standing outside the shop! Later, Gail caught Michael. He really is a crap burglar isn't he? Gail blamed Eileen and really, that's the truth and Michael couldn't say otherwise.

Loved Todd winding his mother up over Gail and Michael together. Eileen definitely looks threatened at Gail's presence and so she should be. I really think Michael should forgive Gail and I reckon they will reunite eventually. So much for Todd promising the bracelet to someone else. He probably didn't at all, just playing games with Michael because he did sell it back to them for 200 (he paid them 85 originally) and it turned out not to be Liz's after all! Gail was delighted with the whole thing and delighted that she has a secret to keep.

Sophie thinks it would be nice to hold some sort of memorial party for Maddie so is setting about raising money. Tracy offered to pay 200 pounds for the box of stuff Sophie brought to the shop, we know it's guilt money but Sophie thought that Tracy was really just feeling grateful that her daughter did get out alive and they agree to call it a donation to the fund and Soph promises not to tell which would ruin Tracy's reputation after all!

Tracy's not doing well, is she? more and more, it seems like her guilty conscience is really weighing on her. Quite a change for Tracy. Sophie brings in a box of Maddie's things, books, cds, dvds, and Tracy is touched that it isn't much to show for a life. Robert keeps popping up unexpectedly and it's irritating Tracy. Later in the Bistro, when he sends out a dish that isn't what she ordered, she goes off on one, but is obviously more upset than angry and when he finds out sobbing outside, he assumes it's grief. It looks as if she's going to confess to him, perhaps about the fire. Will she?

Amy was great this week! She's really an enjoyable character to watch. I think the writers can tell she's quite capable and are writing for her. We had another one of Mary's wonderful stories, this time about a memorial at a Portuguese taverna that turned into disaster, as her stories usually do. Luke dreams of owning a stock car. Maria doesn't really understand. If you compared it with wanting to own a very expensive designer handbag, she might. Mary jumped in to the wedding planning session with Sophie, Sally and Rita with both feet, univited but it was amusing just the same. I just hope Sally keeps her at bay. We've seen what a bridesmaid-zilla she can turn into!

Andrea's daughter needs 1000 pounds and she needs it today to pay her rent or be evicted. Since Andrea can't get hold of her husband to wire money, she's scrambling to find it herself. It's very coincidental that Lloyd mentions he has a record worth 1000, isn't it? He does offer to give her 40 quid after selling one of his duplicates which isn't much of a drop in the bucket and says he'd go into the red if he offered to pay the rest for her. I wonder why he has absolutely no savings if the cab company is doing well? Maybe he spends it all on records!

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But if Callum were to go to police with the film of Bethany delivering drugs, how would he avoid exposing himself as the drug-dealer? Another flimsy plot...

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