Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Coronation Street women - back on top form

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Something has been happening to Coronation Street of late. Something quiet. Something wonderful.  The women are back where they belong, running the show. It's as it should be and about too time.

Coronation Street's women have been the backbone of the show since it started almost 55 years ago.  Finally it seems that the women are back in the spotlight and in the centre of the action of the show. The fact that this has prompted me to write a blog post goes to show how remarkable it is and how missed it has been.

The wonderful Beverly Callard as Liz McDonald.  Her fight with Tony last night was amazing. We rewound it and watched it again. Sadly, however, Bev Callard has revealed in a magazine interview that this is going to happen. (spoiler, don't click if you don't want to know)

The excellent Kate Ford as manipulative, scheming Tracy Barlow.  Her goodness can't be allowed to last, please Corrie, no. I never want Tracy Barlow to be good.

The superb Jane Danson as Leanne Battersby.  I've never been a Leanne fan but I've got empathy oozing all over the place for her at the moment.

I took a very, very long time to warm to Carla Connor-Gordon-Barlow-Connor and for a long time felt her friendship with Roy was shoe-horned into the storyline and it felt forced, to me. But I'm converted now and a big Carla fan. Her scene before she jetted off to Madrid, with Roy in the cafe, had me in tears.

And of course, there's snobby Sally.  A legend in her own lunch-break. Sally Dynevor is excellent, playing a character I feel I've grown up with.

But oh, dearie me.  While Sue Nicholls as Audrey goes from strength to strength - and Audrey's 75 today - daughter Gail is being turned into a comedy fool.  Please stop this now, Corrie, and give Helen Worth as Gail the credit she's due with a stronger storyline and more drama.

However, much as I love the Corrie women being back on top form, I still firmly believe that Coronation Street lacks its battleaxe - bring her back soon.

And then there are the women I wish they'd use more and give more storylines to. My personal favourites are as follows:

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