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Sunday Comments August 9

Zeedan is trying to bash the door but Dan is sitting in a chair against it. We can hear a siren outside. Leanne does try to reason with him, using his daughter as an excuse. That seems to make inroads and he gets out of the chair. She gets out, the cops get in and lead him away. So that was over pretty quickly, on the whole but Simon seems even angrier now he sees she's ok but Zeedan has taken notice of his attitude.

And isn't Zeedan coming along nicely? He's polite, he's helpful, he's not sulky anymore. Maybe he can be a good influence on Simon. He didn't influence him into helping him clean up though. Poor Leanne didn't want to be alone with Simon when she got back, that inevitable conversation she thought she'd have to have. Didn't have to, though, he wasn't going to talk to her. He did come out when asked, full of attitude. My heart broke for her, trying to explain and he threw it back in her face. Leanne continues to try to connect with Simon who is definitely disconnected.

A Very Bad Day award: Liz takes this one. Not only did her most recent ex take her and Leanne and Simon hostage and scare the daylights out of them, but her other ex, Tony shows up like a bad penny. Ooh didn't she handle him well! And the police officers just stood there and watched. Of course Liz wouldn't have known what Dan was really like, he was on his best behaviour.

Still, Tony insists on explaining. He was lost? Really? Oh she really told him what for. He really came across pathetic. Violence shouldn't be condoned but she sure lit into him. I really like the mother-son dynamic between Liz and Steve. There's a lot of chemistry between the actors who have worked together for a very long time. And like a true landlady, She cleaned herself up and faced the punters with a smile. Aw Jason was quite sweet, coming to see if Liz was ok and he apologized for his dad.

Now that Tracy has sussed Tony's deceit with that mate of his, she's going to do her best to push him out of the shop. Steve still has the dog. Laughed at him comparing his four legged best friend to Lloyd. Apparently the dog's owners will be back soon. Roy finally seems inclined to give Cathy a call after some prodding from Tyrone. She's been a good mate and Tyrone doesn't think Roy should let that go.

Loved Kylie doing a Gail-like eyelash flutter. Kylie is on Gail's side as far as trying to get Michael back but stalking him to the cab office, that only makes her look pathetic, especially since Michael wasn't there. Meanwhile Michelle's really encouraging Eileen to go after Michael. Strike while the iron's hot. And she did. She admitted how she feels and kissed him.

Gail seems to be putting a lot of importance on Michael's presence at Audrey's birthday party. Michael thought the party was at Platt Towers so he invited Eileen to the Bistro for after. Ooops. Because naturally pretty much all Platt adults' parties are now held at the Bistro or did you forget? Gail timed the hug just right didn't she? Almost as if she knew Eileen was going to walk in just then. But Michael made his choice and it wasn't Gail. He can't get past what she did and Gail reacted by insulting Eileen to him. That's really not the way to handle it. Michael went back to Eileen. Kind of awkward, Eileen having to see Michael's wife every time he leaves her house in the morning! Gail isn't too happy about it either.

Kylie and David are taking the kids on holiday. Bethany is still trying to wangle at school trip to Paris and she invited Callum to the party. Now he's letting her hang out with him. This can't end well. Bethany is now trailing after Callum like a puppy. Crush, maybe? yeah, likely. Callum seems to be encouraging it but why? Why to make sure she's under his control. He's used her to make a money drop and drug pickup and filmed it for future use. She said she wasn't scared but she was, and the guy was head to toe scary looking. Probably a pussy cat, really. As expected, though, Callum admitted to Gemma he's got plans for Bethany. She really has no idea what she's getting herself into. I suppose the rush of danger is exciting.

Bethany continues to walk the line of danger. She skipped off into town but since Gail gave her some spending money, she took a cab and Lloyd drove her to the Dog and Gun. She was in her element with Gemma and Callum who agreed she could go with him on some deliveries. For some reason he handed her over a single serving of speed or whatever powdery substance he puts in those little bags. I didn't think she partook and it's an awfully small amount for a delivery. That's more like something you'd sell in the toilets to someone as a one off. Never mind. It's all set up so that when the police come in to raid the place we're afraid that Bethany's going to be sniffed out by the drug dog. But no, she manages to pass it to Callum who passes it to Gemma who's the one that ultimately gets caught with it. Bethany's nearly about to admit, later, to Callum that she has feelings for him though he's just more or less insinuated he's got feelings for someone besides Sarah and it could be Kylie because he said Uncle David wouldn't be pleased. But alas, a cab pulls up and Sarah gets out because Lloyd has spilled the beans.

Kevin is now having to talk Tyrone into agreeing to buy Vince's garage but Ty and Fiz are not keen on the risk. Tim doesn't think the risk is worth it but Sally, ever ambitious wishes him good luck and crowing that she knew his ambition would come out eventually. Tim want to expand his business. Sally wasn't so encouraging though she was when Kevin mentioned his possible plans.

Sally's all over Kevin's ambitions, and Tim seems a bit put out and he knows he's not as ambitious as she would like. But he thinks proposing to her is the answer. Get her married and she won't stray. He got her favourite song, played so loud she couldn't hear what he was saying until Craig shut it off and he proposed at the top of his lungs, knelt on the cobbles! Sally, she say yes! Aww you can see Tim and Sally really are sweet together and really do love each other.

Sally is full on with wedding plans, somewhere between Westminster Abbey and the Rovers is her ideal. Meanwhile, Kevin has secured a chance for Tim to be window cleaner at a car showroom which thrills Sally to no end, it's coming up in the retail market! (though Tim already cleans at the precinct shops). But Tim, faced with a chance to have a cuddle with Miley while Anna's minding her has missed his chance and Sally's not best pleased. I think he was looking for an excuse, truth be told. Her ambition for him could be dangerous, in trying to push him up in the world, she's in danger of pushing him away!

Ken and Tracy have to sort out all the paperwork but Robert is still around and Tracy is not displeased. I guess she's decided to accept his adoration. But a mysterious blonde woman is coming around looking for Deirdre, with lies about knowing Deirdre. Pounding and screaming at the door isn't going to win her any favours. Joni's her name and being a wronged wife is her game.

Now Robert knows Joni was looking for him and he's lying like a rug about who she is. Guaranteed he'll be caught out. At least Eileen knows Michael's married. Tracy doesn't know Robert is. And Robert is probably the only one of Tracy's men that Ken ever liked. You know that Joni wasn't going to stay secret for long, right? Right. Beth and Tracy decided a surprise visit to his restaurant was in order only it was them got the surprise and Tracy that got the smack across the face.

I'm surprised at Beth, I'd have thought she'd be more threatening but she was all mouth and no trousers, so to speak. Turns out Robert was telling the truth about one thing, he never really got over Tracy and she was always the third person in his marriage to Joni. Where have we heard that before? He came crawling back to explain.

Beth found a holiday brochure for a Wales camping site and thinks Kirk is planning a surprise. But actually, it's Sinead that's trying to surprise Chesney. Kirk didn't have a clue as per usual and Roy tried to put Chesney off booking a holiday himself because of course he knew of Sinead's surprise. Tyrone encouraged Kirk to book a holiday, too and all the miscommunication has them all going on holiday together, including Tyrone and Fiz! So I guess it's Carry On Camping, a Welsh Adventure! Not exactly Sinead's idea of a private romantic holiday! We've established that Sinead has never been camping and Beth has only gone once. That should be a comedy of errors, that holiday.

Gary tries to surprise Alya with a picnic but she's far too busy to partake. She even manages to spill it when she grabs a file from under the basket. Gary isn't having much luck and she seems to be trying to avoid spending time with him. Mind you, she's running the factory while Carla's away so he should know better than to try to distract her during working hours no matter how much Tyrone thinks women would love such a romantic gesture. Nice little nod to history when Gail was afraid the car dealership Tim was going to visit was Davenport's. You will remember that Sally had an affair with Ian Davenport when she worked at his car showroom some years ago.

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missusmac said...

Is there a waste of Space award? That would go to Sara Platt, who is neither use nor ornament as a mother. "Don't blame her if she's going to cop off." "I can't keep up with her." etc. Martin was a good dad, and I don't think Gail was a bad mom -- until Martin left. Also, Sara isn't much of a sister, aunt or daughter either...

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