Sunday, 2 August 2015

Is Liz the best Rovers landlady since Bet?

I've always enjoyed Liz McDonald. She is fiery, she's fierce, she's strong, she's tough. She's a classic Corrie woman who can snap the lid of a smile over a scream and carry on serving. She's got a terrible sense of fashion but she can pull it off with the confidence of a runway model.

I think she's probably the best landlady of the Rovers Return that we've seen since Bet-Lynch-Gilroy. They're very much cut from the same cloth though I think Liz is probably a bit stronger in that Bet always seemed like, underneath it all, she expected everything to be taken away from her, like she didn't really deserve to own and run the pub, not really.

Liz believes she's meant to be the landlady and nobody's going to get the better of her.  Well, they didn't until Tony managed to wear her down - but that was just a blip.
Her tenure at the pub has been rocky, to say the least. Liz has had several lengthy retreats to Spain causing a bit of upheaval behind the bar at times. I've written more about Liz and the interim landladies / managers over here on State of the Street. 

Liz, at the moment, may or may not be one of the owners of the pub, but I have confidence that she will be once again and it won't be long coming.

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