Friday, 14 August 2015

State of the Street - July 2015

Coronation Street in July was shadowed by the death of Deirdre Barlow. So much loss and grief. Lives of family and friends forever changed. It's also brought Tracy's ex back into her life. Will Deirdre's death or Robert's influence be the redemption of Tracy Barlow? Possibly, or partly, perhaps. Years of loss for Simon is really having an effect now that puberty is adding testosterone poisoning to his system. Leanne is the one on the end of all that anger. Who will be the one to pull him around and straighten him out? Will Leanne be seriously injured before then, because it's not brave for her to do this alone. That kid needs help and so does she.

Roy and Cathy's friendship is blooming. Alya and Gary's engagement is withering under her guilt only he doesn't see it, yet. Callum takes his vendetta against David and the Platts to a new low in his efforts to win Max. This time, Bethany is getting caught in his web by way of her teenage crush. That just might be his downfall.

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