Monday, 24 August 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Aug. 17 - 21

Shaken not stirred award: I think that's the first time we've ever seen Callum well and truly shaken. No wonder! Max had a loaded gun and thought it was a toy!

Rock Bottom award: Carla's punishing herself and pushing everyone away from her.

Diss me but don't humiliate me dog: Loved that Kirk stood up for dogs everywhere when Beth wanted to make and sell little doggy outfits!

"Norm!" award: Carla is as well known in the casino as Norm was at Cheers!

The Guilty Party award: Eileen, who kept, and Michael, who pawned Liz's bracelet. And, by the way, I refuse to believe that Liz wouldn't have shown off the bracelet to Eileen when she was visiting at the cab office the day she lost it.

Tacky fashion award: Kylie's back!!!

Empire lost award: Whatever happened to that garage Kevin was going to buy from his mate? Did he? Was that the second garage in the Webster Empire or did he just buy a fancy sign for Webster's Autos?

Agenda award: Alya helped Sally look at the spreadsheets and books but does she have ideas of her own about buying the factory?

Bricking it award: Sally's sacked for snooping in the factory's accounts. Alya's probably freaked out in case Carla finds out she helped Sally do it!

Don't Give Up Your Day Job: Michael proves yet again he's really no good at this breaking and enter thing.

Mixed messages award: Not sure sure rewarding Simon's behaviour by inviting him and his friends for a free lunch sends the right message but I know Leanne meant well by it.

Guilt Money: Tracy offered to pay 200 quid for a box full of second hand books and dvds that belonged to Maddie.

Skivvy award: Tracy's making Amy do housework! But to be fair, she's the right age to be taught how to do it. It's only too bad Tracy refused to learn herself!

Lines of the Week:
Cathy "Poor Roy, can't move for demented women"
Liz "You only live once" Cathy "Unless you're a Buddhist or a Hindu" Liz "Come again?" Cathy "Exactly"
Nick "You won 2 grand" Carla "It's just a bandaid on a gunshot wound"
Sally about Kevin "He's turned that place into a backstreet garage into..." Gail "A backstreet garage with a fancy sign"
Sean "That's like saying the Pope's a bit Catholic"
Yasmine "I run a community centre, not NASA"
Sally "Don't sound like a disappointed parent, Sophie, that's my job!"
Gail "I try to be a good person at all times. You should try it, Eileen. Step away from the dark side"
Amy "More like 'treat your daughter like a servant' month!"
Tracy "You can tell Robert to stick his specials where a monkey sticks its nuts" (that would be no to the free lunch, then?)

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