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Sunday Comments August 30

Nay, of course Tracy doesn't confess. She doesn't get a chance to. Robert keeps interrupting her, making excuses. The urge to confess has passed. She finally got her salad, though. Robert is so over the moon for her he can't even flirt with the customers! That does not go unnoticed but I think Tracy protests too much. But when Ken had an emotional moment over Deirdre and how he never appreciated what he had, she realizes she ought to grab the opportunity. She glammed up and told Robert she wanted him afterall. She even promised to be honest. Let's see how long that lasts.

All is now well with Robert and Tracy. Heaven knows what Amy thinks. But Deirdre left a life insurance policy, and didn't leave any of it to Tracy who says she doesn't mind but you know she does, really, mainly because she could use it to buy Tony out. She minds more that Ken was a bit sneaky about it, by her reckoning. The two grandchildren get to split the policy. Amy was chuffed about the windfall until she heard she had to wait 7 years for her share. She certainly had lofty ambitions for that money.

Robert needs somewhere to live. Does anyone tell him that Dev's shop flat is empty? Do they heck. Being nice made Ken suspicious that she was trying to get Amy's money, but it wasn't that, it was that she wants Robert to move in and was paving the way, not that she was actually going to ask permission. Ken's ok with Robert staying over but not ok with him moving in. It doesn't seem fair that she does it without asking but then when has she ever?

Leanne lies about her injury and says she hurt herself on the dishwasher door. Zeedan doesn't understand the depth of the real problem (yet). Simon did apologize to Leanne and seems to realize he can't control his anger. I'm not so sure rewarding bad behaviour by treating him and his friends to lunch sends the right message and it certainly did backfire on her.

Leanne allowed Simon to have his mates to a lunch at the Bistro. It all started off ok. The boys were well behaved and cheerful but after Zeedan left, things descended into chaos. That Kylie, the one Simon seems to idolize, is very clearly a bad influence and Simon started bragging about drinking vodka. Kylie goaded him into nicking a bottle of vodka and the kids all proceeded to get lathered. He didn't like that first swallow and later looked positively ill. Drunken 10 - 12 year olds is not a pretty thing. He deserved the bollocking he got from Leanne and she really does need to get some help because she's not helping that kid. She doesn't know how.

Simon is very sorry the morning after, hungover and moaning that he's sorry but he doesn't seem like it. He's just narked that he can't go to football anymore. And later on, another argument ended up in bloodshed, this time, Simon's. So much so that he needed stitches. How could he accuse her of doing it to get back at him for kicking her the other day? Because he probably feels like he deserved it, that's why.

Meanwhile, Rita's told Ken and he's horrified, mainly seeing Simon slide down the slippery slope that his father did. Ken tries to connect some of the other dots, wondering if it's bullies. Simon is getting good at manipulating Leanne and begs and persuades her not to tell Ken. You'd think Ken might have been able to see Simon's resentful and rude attitude. It's very difficult to watch Leanne struggle so much when you just want to holler at her to get that kid some help and fast!

Zeedan to the rescue, taking him off Leanne's hands for a little bit and Simon always behaves with Zee. And if the nurse said Simon couldn't play football for a while, why was it ok to go through a fitness test? I suppose that wouldn't be likely to rip stitches like football would.

I hope Sally manages to keep Mary at bay. We've seen the kind of Wedding Planner-zilla she can turn into. I laughed at Sally reckoning that an ear would fall out of the "save the day" card that looked more like a ransom note! But it's suspicious that Sally doesn't want to spend time in Kevin's presence and Sophie knows it. She's determined to find out what's wrong. She thinks Sally's having cold feet. She admitted it, though.

Maria seems to be making plans for something and is evasive with Luke. He thinks she's blowing him off. Loved Steph taking the mick out of him and teasing him, very brother-sister stuff. Maria worked out a surprise for Luke but Steph got the wrong end of the stick and thought she was cheating on him. And ohmyGod could they have been any more cliche with Maria yakking on about Luke not suspecting a thing with Luke's sister right behind her to overhear? I HATE that sort of thing in soaps!

Don't blame Maria for being upset that Luke didn't trust her. But she said she was going to get a cab and didn't get very far. Wasn't going to get very far in the car either, it seemed to have broken down! Of course they made up in the end and Steph had to apologize all over the place.

I didn't realize, but Jess is actually living in Amsterdam, apparently. Andrea went missing at one point, trying to raise the cash I suppose. Meanwhile, Liz has persuaded Lloyd that he should help Jess out after all but Andrea, when she turns out, tells Lloyd she's sorted it and she looks distinctly guilty when Lloyd was talking about his records being Jenna's legacy. He offers to sell off more records so she can pay off her friend, the one she pretended she borrowed the money from.

Lloyd has discovered a missing record. There's no explanation, that he can think of aside from it's been stolen. And you know what? It has. By Andrea yet she kept lying to his face about it when he worries about it. And then yet another stupid soap cliche where Lloyd answered Andrea's phone which most people wouldn't do but he had to in order to find out about what she'd done.

And why, when she found out she was caught, she did apologize and tell him why, but she then didn't even try to give Lloyd much choice. She just packed up and left, I suppose, figuring he was going to chuck her out anyway, which he was considering, but that seems awfully harsh for someone that doesn't seem to have had any problem with her partner up until now. Not like it was the last straw or anything. I suppose she knew the trust was broken and then he was more upset that she decided for him rather than he getting to finish it himself. All confusing. All horribly contrived.

I don't know why Steph kept banging on about Tracy not paying for her lunch. Didn't Robert offer her lunch on the house? Later in the week, Tracy already said dinner at the Bistro was on her so it sounded pretty stupid that Robert told them it was on him. They'd discussed that earlier but then did Tracy change her tune and the writer just forgot? Liz seems to have a surfeit of cheese and onion crisps. Giving them away isn't really going to help matters, the pub still has to account for the cost! Yasmeen tried to have a peaceful day, drinking tea and reading. In the cafe where Anna was going off on one about Owen's ex, Linda (where Katy's living now). Why didn't Yasmeen just enjoy her tea and book in her back garden? Luke is going to be in trouble for leaving the garage completely unmanned (Kevin on a breakdown and Tyrone doing something else, I forget what he told Steph).

Aww Steve has to give his doggy back. Kirk was following Steve around like, in sympathy. Steve is gutted! But the dog came back!! Steve tried to keep it secret but naturally, the dog's owner returned. Lovely scenes with Steve telling the dog how well his life is going lately, with the dog adding to his contentment.

Corrie goes camping starting this week: The Dobbses, the Sutherlands, the Chesney browns and assorted children all pile into two cars and head for deepest darkest Wales. I don't think any of them have ever camped before and it soon becomes obvious but they do try. Sinead has shed her crutches and seems to be getting on ok on her own and Craig is moaning about not having any wifi but he does meet a pretty girl in the woods who carries a sketch pad around with her. Craig, a budding artist himself, puts a foot wrong and sends her storming into the woods. A fellow camper who seems to have some pretty tall stories about his being one with the great outdoors helps them put up a huge tent. The one Kirk has is only little so they all agree to take turns in it.

David's back and so is Bethany. Sarah orders her to stay away from Callum and she makes it clear she knows everything. What does Bethany do? That's right, make a beeline for Callum who strings her along with the promise of a date but it doesn't get that far. He ends up getting his current visiting rights confirmed in the court which depresses David and Kylie and Sarah finally comes clean about the gun and Callum's threats to put Bethany in jail. She calls the police who come and drag Callum out of the Rovers where he's conveniently been hanging out today.

Meanwhile, Jason has seen Callum acting threatening to Sarah who definitely looks upset though says she's fine. Jason then goes up against Callum, tossing the remains of a beer in Callum's lap and ordering him to stay away from Sarah and Bethany. Callum is ready for war but Tony comes in and he's not good enough to take on the likes of both Jason and Tony. He might get ushered out by the police but he's insisting it's all a misunderstanding.

Alya tells Carla she plans to put in an offer on the factory with her grandfather's backing. Carla seems surprised but isn't adverse to selling to Alya, better her than Sally anyway. Alya takes on a challenge, convince the difficult Mr. Hanlon to sign another order. She's direct with him and flattering and though he knows what she's doing, he laps it up anyway.

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