Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Brooke Vincent on Sophie's chances with Jenna

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in January 2013.)

Over on the ITV official Corrie site, Brooke Vincent talks about Sophie's new romance with her physiotherapist, Jenna. Brooke says that Sophie has already got a "vibe" that Jenna may be a lesbian and her own crush on Jenna has been growing as she's been recovering with Jenna's professional help. Sophie thinks that Jenna may reciprocate her feelings but what we, the viewer, have seen could also point just to a friendship.

Sophie takes matters into her own hands, makes the leap of faith and kisses Jenna but they're interrupted by Kevin who blows his top. Not willing to listen to Sophie who insists she instigated the kiss,  Brooke explains: "Kevin blames Jenna because he is embarrassed that he made a pass at a woman who is clearly not interested in men. He can’t blame Sophie, she is his daughter, he just feels stupid and he wants to blame someone.


Sophie is being naive, though, thinking love can conquer all but we all know Sophie isn't the brightest button in the box. If I was writing this storyline, I'd have Jenna be a little attracted and flattered but back off firmly, recognizing that Sophie's crush is something that can happen in these types of situations ("transferrence" anyone?) The storyline will only serve to introduce Jenna as a lesbian but she ends up being Sophie's friend instead, possibly introducing her to a younger friend as a blind date.

But they won't listen to me, will they? Will they heck!

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