Thursday, 3 January 2013

Turning Thirty on Coronation Street

I've been watching Corrie since 1989 and have seen characters introduced as youngsters. I'm feeling old these days because I've just realized that the characters I saw as teens are now all turning 30! (Not to mention that characters that were in their early 20s when I started watching are close to 50 now! Curly Watts turns 50 this year!)

Tyrone just turned 30 before Christmas and Kirk turned 30 in 2012 too though it wasn't really mentioned. Leanne turned 30 in 2011 (Toyah turned 30 in 2012) and in 2013 Maria and Jason will be 30! I gleaned all these from my new Coronation Street calendar that has the birthdates filled in for many characters.

Well into their 30s, also characters I watched grow up from teenhood are Steve, Tracy, Nick and Fiz. Ashley Peacock would have been in that lot as well and did you know he shares a birthday, both date and year with Tracy Barlow?

Gosh, I feel old.

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