Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What would Mrs Walker make of Coronation Street in 2013?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in January 2013.)

Here's something for you all to ponder. Last night I was watching Doris Speed in her prime as Annie Walker, surely the best Rovers Return landlady ever. She was engaged in a battle of wills with Eddie Yeats over the goings on of the Corporation's dustmen and the discussion of her rubbish over the Rovers bar.

Watching the formidable Anne Walker nee Beaumont in full force made me wonder what she would make of Coronation Street if she suddenly returned today. Now I know this is sadly an impossible dream, but this blog often delves into fantasy in terms of what we would like to see happen in our favourite television soap. So stick with me.

If some of the classic Coronation Street characters of the past returned to the Street of 2013, what do you think their verdicts would be on today's modern residents? 

Would Annie have Stella Price packing her bags within the hour? What would Alf Roberts make of Dev's Corner Shop? Would Mike Baldwin admire Carla Connor's business acumen? What would Hilda Ogden have to say about Kevin's eventful private life? I bet she wouldn't be exactly chuffed to little mint balls! And would Ivy Tilsley-Brennan recognise herself in Gail Potter-Tilsley-Platt-Hillman-McIntyre? One shudders to think!

My guess is these legends would have today's incarnations chased from the district and over the Stockport boundary before the Meerkats scampered into view to call half time! But what do you think?

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