Sunday, 13 January 2013

Coronation Street year end awards

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in December 2012.)

As you know, I give weekly awards for offbeat things. Through the year I also make notes on awards for a year end wrap up.  Most of them are not the usual "Best Actor, storyline" etc. though there are one or two of them. They're just for fun and my own opinions. I also make a quick summary of the storylines by family unit, mostly just to jog my own memory.

Who had the best right hook? Who was the most ruined character? (hint, that character was also part of the When Will It Be Over award and also the Worst Suited new couple award.)  The Curly Watts Loser in Love award gets two recipients.

The storylines that I enjoyed the most were: The domestic abuse storyline (hard to watch at times, but so well done), Rita and Dennis's romance and relationship has been a joy to watch, the Salon Wars between the Platts and Roberts over Lewis' involvement in Audrey's life was well plotted and I also enjoyed watching the ultimate downfall of Frank Foster with the trial and his final moments with the big reveal that it was his mother that killed him.

You can read the rest of the awards here.

Also, Michael and Gemma on the Conversation Street podcast have done a fun year end awards/review. Their awards have great titles, too.

Find out who wins Best Lad, Best Lass, who wins the 'Ecky Thump award for best fight, who gets the Wrong 'Un award for best villain.

There is an Ey Up award for best newcomer, a Ta Ra award (best exit), a By Eck award gives us the most shocking moment, and  That's Champion award is their favourite storyline of 2012 and a few more besides.

The award with the best name, though, is the Bobbins award for stupidest storyline and nobody will be surprised to find out that's the Karl and Sunita storyline!

Listen to the rest of them here to find out the other winners and see if you agree.

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