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Sunday Comments January 27

Well, Karl is showing his true colours and is worse than the usual feckless fella. Dev took quite a few good shots at Karl's expense to Sunita and Karl was a total twit taking that ladder away from Jason on the roof. And wait! the roof that Jason was on was Number 7 and Curly had an observatory window built into the attic so Jason could have got down through the window if someone had opened it from the inside. Karl is acting worse and worse. I bet he's just trying to make Sunita chuck him out so he can say he wasn't the one to leave her. Passed out on the Rovers back room sofa for the night. How did he get unclothed? Must have done it himself at some point in a drunken haze. Lovely touch, the discussion about toast and then him coming home to toast smoking in the kitchen and a nagging woman (though to be fair, he had it coming) who has no spine or personality left. Did you see her falling for Karl's tidbit (sucking up, more like) and agree to bring him a cuppa?

And what's with the chocolate? Still trying to get back in with Stella? Karl had potential and the actor is good but they've really wasted him just as much as they've ruined Sunita. Karl is really miserable and Stella is never going to take him back and as much as i don't care for her, I hope she never does. Leanne outed his lies as to where he'd been all night and now Sunita has even more reason to be mardy. Dev is just smug, as always. Karl is very lucky he got any food at all, even cold. These two are imploding faster than a super nova. He's thoughtless and he's lazy and he's nasty these days. But then he did find out about the text from Stella that Sunita deleted, manipulating him so that Stella would chuck him out. But she's right, Karl jumped right into it enthusiastically just the same. They're as bad as each other and I want them both to leave and not just him walk out on her, I mean I don't want to see them at all.

Karl slides down the slippery slope. He tries to get back into Stella's good books but she's not having it. Just like I thought, she points out that even if Sunita set a trap, he willingly fell into it. He pretty much shoots himself in the foot by making an idiot of himself at the twins' birthday party, in front of Dev and all. Dev, for once, isn't rubbing Sunita's nose in it, he really is genuinely concerned and can tell that toe rag isn't making her happy.

Tyrone's wedding is growing by the minute now all the factory is invited! Laughed when he asked Kirk to be best man and Kirk reckoned he didn't have to sleep with the maid of honour because he already has.

Leanne wasn't happy to hear about the fight but it helped her make inroads back with Nick. Hearts poured out, cards on the table...but he doesn't want to be second best and he knows he is with her. She's very sorry but a longer case of De-Nile I've never seen. Leanne finally took the ring off and walked out. Kind of amazing to see David actually being a brother to Nick these days. Leanne is going to do what Leanne always does, run away. I wonder if, down deep, she's hoping Nick will prevent her from going or run after her at least. So Leanne is giving Simon a chance to come or go. that answers the question of whether she would just leave and take Simon with her. I forget, does she have a legal document for sole custody or shared? Peter won't agree, though and Carla didn't look too happy with the prospect of having Simon underfoot again.

Nick doesn't want help or comfort from anyone. He wants to stand on his own two feet and put it all behind him. Leanne told him in person she was leaving and she's insisting she loves Nick. His walls are firmly in place around his heart but maybe her apologizies have melted them a little? He's so hurt and feels like second best no matter what she says to the contrary. I didn't think he'd let her go and now Gail wants nothing to do with the re-wedding or Leanne and it looks like she's managed to push her son away for the moment because Nick finally grew a pair! I do understand Gail being wary after how many times Leanne has hurt Nick but she's got to learn to back off or she'll lose him.

For once I can't blame Norris for being crabby about the wedding and Leanne's ever changeable mind. And of course he wants to go to the wedding. He wouldn't miss another scandal! Write white weddings off as a bad plan and go for the scarlet woman look, Leanne. You might have a chance of it lasting if you're honest! Leanne poked her head out the Rovers door and her hair, pulled back and strands down, she looked just like she did in 1997! She sure put Peter on the back foot when she told him she was marrying Nick without a flicker of doubt when he tried to charm her. And really? I liked her dress, red always looks good on her. Wasn't Eva at her bitchy best in the morning? Made me laugh out loud! Later, the honeymooners are back from Paris and Leanne is so happy that she quits her job. Peter did not see that coming! Score one for Leanne. She really must own half though because she tells him he can buy her out or sell up for her half for all she cares and then goes to work for Nick. I wonder in what capacity since Kylie is the assistant manager.

Lewis really is pushing all Gail's buttons and he's working all the angles. She just doesn't see it. Gail is insisting on comforting Nick so Audrey called her on it. Meanwhile, Lewis has admitted he's out to ruin Gail, one way or another. Audrey caught Lewis in the house but he covered admirably. Lewis is playing Gail very well, isn't he? Not jumping between the sheets and holding Gail off. Meanwhile Gail is in full rant, wearing all black, wonderful stuff! Audrey told Gail a think or two and didn't Gail look like thunder!! But in the end, she knows Audrey was right and she doesn't want to lose Nick but Lewis really is undermining her isn't he and he's succeeding in pulling her away from her family little by little.

Kevin went mental over the kiss. I wonder if he overreacted partly because of the embarassment over his own attempt at kissing Jenna. I don't know as he needs to be so overprotective and i don't blame Sophie for wanting him out of it. Naturally Kevin is going to stir up as much trouble as possible, twisting it all. But then, it doesn't seem like Jenna has told her mother that she's gay and this whole storyline appears to have been promoted in order to bring that out. Kevin put in a complaint against Jenna but i don't think he's got a right. Sophie's over 18, a legal adult. If anyone was going to put in a complaint it would have to be her, wouldn't it? Ryan seems to be very much a spare part these days, just hanging on Sophie's words.

By the time Craig nearly got up the ladder it was nearly dark and by that time Karl could have had it done. Sunita wasn't best pleased to hear about his scheming but Craig got away with the money and no work.

Hayley's back! Roy's trying to buy flowers but hates to pay Dev's prices! Isn't it nice to see Roy and Hayley connect again. And she's intent on fixing things between Roy and Mary and step one is getting Roy to help with the wedding baking. Looks like Roy and Mary didn't manage to stay civil. She does have a way of irritating the most patient of people. Roy has put his back out and Fiz can't keep up. Funny how Roy never has a problem when he's on his own but Fiz just doesn't have the groove i guess. Roy is finally persuaded to let Mary come back and help and it's a rocky go at first. You can practically cut it with a knife at times.

Rob's "fur coat, no knickers" is a fancy car!!! Eva is fizzing in her own misery in the factory, watching the clock. I loved Rita's little speech to Kylie but then Kylie wondering if she was being called a rabbit! Kirsty rubs Fiz's nose in it, in the cafe with Julie when she goes on and on about her upcoming wedding. (funny how sometimes a low level conversation is overheard at the counter and other times it isn't). Tina is trying to keep Fiz's spirits up but it's difficult.

Kylie is not having a good day either. Off tasting milk struck a chord. She's pregnant! Must have had the same thing happen last time! At least they addressed the birth control pill issue, she missed a couple. What a wedding gift to give Nick! Roy was persuaded to help Mary in the Bistro kitchen. We didn't get to see the actual ceremony this time and went straight to the reception. I suppose the ceremony would have been a bit of an anticlimax. Nice little speech she gave. I really hope she can finally shake off Peter. There has been enough of her back and forth with him. Anyway they're married and David made a really lovely speech full of brotherly love. *That's* all going to change isn't it?

Unfortunately, having Kylie looking doe-eyed at him from the other side of the room didn't help matters much and I can't believe he had the temerity to insist she have an abortion because it might be his baby! He hasn't really changed at all has he? Selfish as always. Whether she got pregnant or not isn't going to make David's reaction any worse. Or maybe it will with the added insult to injury of her having Nick's baby when she wouldn't have his. He'd be like that wouldn't he? Kylie probably shouldn't have told Eva that she was pregnant. Anyway she says she's going to get rid of it and I bet Nick won't feel one stick of guilt over it, much like when he pressured Leanne into the same, years ago.

Nick is frantic with not knowing if Kylie is going to succumb to his pressure tactics. Poor kid she's really in a tough spot, one of her own making to be sure (yes i know, it takes two, both of whom could have said no and backed off but she's the one who's got to carry the baby) She makes him sweat even though she plans to do it. Eva tries to talk her into at least talking to David first but she won't and in the end, David, in an obviously contrived plot point, finds the stick in the rubbish. Cue David running around trying to find her and Eva spilling the beans.

Norris has further reason to be a pain in the arse when Sophie comes in but Rita tells her straight. (no pun intended) She knows Sophie isn't lying and if Jenna is saying that Sophie is lying in order to cover her own secrets then Rita's right. She does deserve to lose her job! Lloyd is now starting to ask questions but Mandy doesn't see anything out of the ordinary that Jenna never has had time for boys/men. Sophie has put the idea in Lloyd's ear now, though. Jenna out and out denied it when Lloyd asked. Very defensively. And she looks very much guilty.

Rob knew Carla and Michelle were out so he sneaks in and gets his fingers in the laptop, up to no good, no doubt. Carla doesn't trust her one little bit and she shouldn't. Now's she's had to sell her knickers to some bloke named Nobby who has a market stall, which made me laugh. Carla keeps losing business and can't figure out what's going on. Never mind, she's got another client to take a bid to later and later, finds that Rob has got their first!

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