Thursday, 31 January 2013

Coronation Street Art for sale

A few months ago, I spotted on Facebook  a really nice graphic of the Street. It's by a Toronto artist, David Crighton but there was no word at the time as to how you could purchase a copy of the print. I've had an email from Mr. Crighton and he's now got prints for sale. You can see a closeup of the full Coronation Street collage here.

You may notice that the houses/businesses are out of order but they're supposed to be like that, a kind of collage. You can also get sections of the main art view as a print, i.e. just the Rovers as in this photo here (copyright David Crighton of course!). Click here to see the poster showing the individual "section" prints.

He is selling the prints unmounted and signed and will be setting up a Paypal account for payment. Shipping costs within Canada should be under $15 and he will ship outside of Canada, though costs may vary. Prints are 8x12 inches in size and cost $50 Canadian for one or $175 for a set of four (plus applicable taxes and shipping costs) He's taking orders or inquiries by email

You can find David Crighton on Facebook and on his personal website, in the "Outside Toronto" section here. He also has some really lovely prints in a similar style of Toronto scenes. Check them out, too!

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