Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Character Study: Leanne Anneke Battersby Tilsley Barlow

Simon is recovering from his own battle with a bottle and Leanne and Peter are continuing to battle over custody. Will this crisis be the one that makes Peter realize how much Simon is suffering? Leanne is fighting ferociously for the lad. One thing you can say about Leanne, she's never been afraid of a fight.

Leanne has been on our Corrie screens on and off since 1997 and she's never been a boring character. In the past, she never quite got the hang of being satisfied with what she's got and she still seems to lurch from pillar to post, looking for stability. She's tough, she's a survivor, and she has the makings of one of the classic Corrie women of steel.

I've written a character study about her over here.

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