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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, July 29

Norris was a right pain in the butt wasn't he? Sneaking around spying on Dennis, his phone, following him and he caught him with his ex, Norma and tattled on him to Rita. Never mind that Norma had a good reason for seeing Dennis and he was supporting her. Yes, Dennis should have trusted Rita to be understanding but you know, Dennis has been ducking and diving all his life. I'm sure it's second nature to him. And No, Norris had no business trying to find out from Dennis what happened the next day. He just wanted to know if the wedding was going to be called off and wasn't he a sour old thing when Rita did finally arrive? It was too bad Dennis didn't land one on Norris' puss. Way to make your best friend's wedding a nice day. He looked like he might vomit during the vows. He's so unpleasant. He's just jealous, Rita turned him down and he's never got over it.

It did look like the wedding might not happen, though. Tina sussed out Tommy's drug deal with Rick but when she kicked back, he had Tommy beaten up. They thought they might get Kirsty's help but she wasn't so inclined and Tyrone was pretty narked too. Can't blame them. Tommy was using his garage and he could have got into deep trouble too! Tina took matters into her own hands by taking the car and the drugs and summoning Rick who brought Rita with him. Rita had met him in Tina's flat the day before so went willingly but was pretty shocked when it all came out. Rick nearly dunked Rita in the canal but Kirsty brought the cavalry. Nobody knew where Kirsty was but i reckon Tina must have called her as well while she was waiting for Rick. It's the only explanation. Kirsty wouldn't have known where Tina was otherwise.
Rita was brave and put on a very good front but you knew she was scared, really. Tina knew he wouldn't be back as he threatened because she knew the cops were on the way. That's another clue that she must have called Kirsty.

Did you like Rita's outfit? I loved it and Dennis and Ken looked very natty in their tails. Lovely that Ken was Dennis' best man, his oldest friend in the world probably, as they grew up together. Wedding photos here

Rita made it to the registry office, pretty late, actually but she got married in the end and awwww wasn't it nice? Walking down the aisle to "On the Street Where You Live"!!! How perfect is that!? There's another red headed Mrs. Tanner on the Street!!! And also, Rick is arrested and that awful stupid storyline is over, too. Tina has chucked Tommy and rightly so, I say. But she took him back eventually with a little help and prodding from her friends.

The party was good mostly but there wasn't enough of it. Great costumes! Sean ended up making up with Stella so that he could use the ovens for the hotpots. The worst part was Sunita and Karl making out in the shop office when they could have gone up to the flat again. Of course they nearly got caught and Karl got locked in the shop. Jason was great as Elvis with his little quips in Elvis-speak. Anna and Owen got back together with Faye's blessing. Nick didn't dress up. I think he could have found someone to "be".

Steve looked great but i thought he looked more like a young Elton John than John Lennon and not really Sonny Bono with Tracy following him around yet again. She just doesn't get the hint does she? Jubilee party pics here

There were people inexplicably missing, not at the wedding nor at the party. I didn't see Leanne, Carla, Peter and Simon. Where were Izzy and Gary? Or did i miss them. I can't believe Maria and Marcus won the costume contest as the Osmonds.

Well Faye was the flower thief but Anna made her apologize to everyone. Norris didn't apologize to everyone he insulted and accused though did he? He just sniffed and turned away. Carla thought she should leave, maybe go to Michelle's. Did she sell her flat? Maybe it's rented out?

Sunita seems to have a lot of never before heard friends that she keeps meeting up with. Doesn't look like Sunita and Karl are going to be done with any time soon, more's the pity. I really didn't need to know she was thinking of not wearing underwear under her costume though. It's so grotty, this affair. I just can't understand how the gossips of the street, usually in Olympic Gold level, don't notice a single thing going on between Karl and Sunita. All that furtive groping, hot steamy looks, whispers in the corners. Nobody sees?? Then the kids found the cash she was hiding for Karl and that certainly put his radar up but she managed to blag her way out of it. She even broke her own mobile phone rather than let him get his hands on it. He cracked it and accused her of having an affair. All those excuses of hers were so obvious!

The best defence is a good offence and she just walked out, with her bags, when Stella came to find her for her shift. And didn't Sunita look scared witless when Stella knocked on the door! Karl looked horrified that his mistress is now under his roof with his wife/partner and he takes the unsympathetic corner in public. In the corner shop, Dev is crying on Sophie's shoulder, poor kid. And of course, Sophie already has ideas about Karl but she's keeping schtum. One day without Sunita, and having to cope with the kids on his own and he's on his knees in the pub with flowers, practically anyway. He might choose to believe her but down deep he must know. She's going to have to be careful.

She's not inclined to go back so he turns and gets nasty and sarcastic again. Dev begs and insults her in halves. It's no wonder she's sick and fed up with him really. Proof that she thinks she's doing the right thing though he did seem to hit a sore spot when he reckoned whoever the man is, he'll let her down eventually. She seems to know that's what's going to happen. And indeed Karl tells her later point blank that he didn't want her to leave Dev for him. Ouch. She tells Stella she doesn't have anywhere to go yet she could move into the flat couldn't she? Now she's hanging out on street corners waiting for Karl and begging him to stay with her. It hurts, doesn't it, he just wanted a bit on the side.

Peter is still digging his heels in and determined to keep Simon away from everyone he loves. He's threatening to bring up Leanne's past as well but i would say he's got just as much to lose in that department. Leanne is pouring her heart out to Nick again and he'll let her. He still loves her, you can tell. But Eva thinks she can get Nick back. It looks like she's going to use Jason to try to make Nick jealous.

Now money and games consoles are going missing and it turned out to be Simon that stole it and still Peter doesn't really seem to get it. And then Carla made a nearly fatal mistake by buying a bottle of wine and hiding it in the utility cupboard and Simon, after a chat with Brian because he'd been crying in assembly, hid at home in the closet. He heard his dad being frantic, wondering where he was, talking to the police. Carla spilled all the beans as to why Simon was really upset because Peter was very defensive about it all. When they went out to look for him, Simon decided to do like daddy does and drown his sorrows in the found bottle of wine. Sins of the fathers. Poor little mite! I can never understand how someone begs and questions someone who's passed out cold. (other than "can you hear me?") He'll be ok, but...

Even *THEN* Peter and Leanne can't help arguing and slanging at each other in front of that poor little boy in his hospital room! Someone really needs to knock their heads together. Brian really had no business sticking his neb in at the hospital like a great wart stuck there. Social Services is involved and rightly so though Peter accused Leanne of dragging them into it. She didn't though. My heart really broke when Simon told Peter that he hated his life and he thought his problems would go away if he drank, like his dad does. I think i heard Peter's heart crack too. He backed down and allowed Leanne to see Simon and could then see how happy it made the boy and he finally did the right thing, telling Simon he can live with Leanne. It nearly killed him but he did it.

Kirsty probably won a few friends over that strike she incited over Eileen's sacking. Carla had to back down but Eileen had already got her job back at the cab office, where she belongs, I might add.

Maria gave Marcus and Sean the Bistro voucher but in the end, Sean told Marcus to take Maria out instead. And Maria is starting to look a bit dreamy eyed about Marcus and talking about him non-stop at work. You could understand her getting a crush on him though, he really is lovely but she's got no chance. Still, Marcus admitted he and Sean are very different. I wonder if that's an admission of bad things to come? Audrey noticed Maria's crush and called her on it. That made her think better of it. That's all it takes sometimes to burst the bubble of infatuation, a reality check.

Gary and Izzy found out it's not that easy to look after a child full time when they minded Faye over the weekend.

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