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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, July 8

To Betty!

The rest of the wake was lovely, some really nice things said, fun memories shared. Gordon reading Betty's letter was a *gulp* moment. It was a bit strange that she'd bequeath the hotpot recipe to Sean. What was she thinking? and if it's only got 3 lbs of meat and 4 carrots, how does it manage to feed people all day? Now Stella demands the recipe. Surely she can find another recipe even if it's not Betty's?

If Gordon was going to drop the issue of Betty supposedly inheriting the pub from Annie Walker, what was the point of it in the first place? To stick Stella in a storyline where she didn't belong, that's why. And can someone please tell me the point of Norris? He was just crass, trying to chase down Gordon for a paper bill that only amounted to less than five pounds.

Sean really is rubbish in the kitchen isn't he? Dropping the recipe into the pot, and in the end it really wasn't quite right. Ah but Betty didn't put her secret ingredient down. That wasn't very fair. Why leave the recipe to someone if the ingredient that made it so special was missing? Luckily, Tina remembered it! A bottle of stout and i've made a beef stew recipe with Guinness in it and it really does make a nice tang to the gravy!

Brian Packham really is an officious pillock isn't he? Trying to make excuses not to go to the scan with Julie and then taking over when he did go. But there was a problem...and he marked that down to ineptitude. Sadly, there is no baby and now there won't likely be. How tragic for Julie! She really would have been a wonderful mother. It's a shock and very sad for them both but as always Julie does make a big drama out of it. In this case i think we can probably look to one side and let her have this one.

Guess what? Carla inherits Frank's factory shares! I do find that a bit unbelievable that Frank wouldn't have changed his will after Carla dumped him, let alone all that legal action about the rape trial. Just jilting him is enough for him to have changed his will back. Anyway it's too bad in some ways that Sally isn't going to get to be boss. Aside from her lording it over the factory bees which she's already doing in anticipation, it would have been a scream seeing her lord it over Michelle who's been doing nothing but sniping at her since she was there as Frank's PA.

Having said that, you know, Michelle is really grating on my nerves. I don't see her point these days. She's basically done nothing but snipe at people since she's returned. Yes, i know, Sally can be just as cutting and irritating but for some reason when it comes from Michelle, it's just crass. I don't think she can pull it off as well. 

Kevin reckons he's impressed by Sally's new business persona, not having seen this side of her before. Well that's probably because he's not really paid a lot of proper attention to the little woman over the years. It smacks of patronising, taking her for granted all those years which he certainly did, not that different from Dev. But Sally and Kevin looked very domestic, didn't they? And Sally got to spend the day looking after Jack which she's probably done before, when he was living there but now it looks like they could get back together and she'll end up being a full time mother. Can she do it?

Turns out, no, she can't. She feels awful about it but the memories and the hurt is still pretty fresh. And the way that baby keeps glaring at Sally, I think he knows, too! Pam has no business telling Sally who to let into her bed. She has a right to worry about the baby,  however. Sally can't take Kevin back, feeling the way she does so what is Kevin going to do? So close, but yet so far! You know he's just wiggling to get back together with her. He thought she could put his betrayal behind them but some things just can't be brushed off that easily.

I'm glad, really, he shouldn't have such an easy road back. A year apart and it's all ok again? Not the way it works, me laddo. He's using as much ammunition as he can, he thinks she can get over how she feels and when that doesn't work, he considers giving the baby away to Pam and Bill so Sally can get her head round the idea. How low can he go?  I'm so glad Pam gave him a verbal smack up the head and it's yet another reason for her not to like Kevin but she was going to do it anyway since Kevin was willing to give up the baby. He saw the error of his ways but it's killing him that Sally won't be mother to the baby. And to tell you the truth, If Sally had given in, then Kevin would really have gotten away with what he'd done so i'm glad she's pushed him back. 

Terry's so good at manipulating poor, dumb Tommy who wants so badly to believe that his Dad always wanted him. Terry's offering Tommy a job but you know he's not paying. IN fact, he says it's for a share of the profits. 10 to one it doesn't even open! Why was anyone surprised to find out it was a lapdancing club with the type of posters they were sending round? It was pretty obvious even before the stripper came to perform. Most of the men enjoyed it aside from Norris and Sean. Now that everyone knows, many of the residents are protesting loud and clear and occupied the building site in a sit in.

I wasn't surprised to see Emily in situ, she's always up for a good protest. Norris can find lots of excuses not to have to sleep there overnight and yes, Rita's too old for it but she was there anyway. Terry didn't get very far trying to persuade them out at first and you know, Some of what Tyrone said to him about Jack (his father, not the baby)  seemed to have hit a nerve. He certainly didn't want the police involved, did he?

That didn't help Terry's plans any but it was hugely funny when they were singing and did a replica of the Queen Bohemian Rhapsody video!! Absolutely brilliant! The protest didn't last much longer and now it looks like Kirsty might get in a bit of trouble over siding with the rabble rousers. Not content, she decided to help out Tyrone and do some offline and independent investigation of the councillor. They busted the councillor and the planning permission is yanked. What's Terry going to do now? And Tommy for that matter. He's still trying to sway Terry away from a lap dancing club but it's all going to be moot now that Terry's plans are scuppered. He was ready to run. Even then, he was spewing bull$hit. That encounter with the thugs? I'm pretty sure that was all set up to get Tommy's cash. Well it seems like it anyway. Though it wouldn't surprised me that Terry borrowed from a loan shark. 

And Kirsty got suspended and is freaking out because she reckons her career is blown. It probably has been. Tyrone really did try to help by finding her a job with the factory but it just felt like too much of a come down and she went off the deep end and man, didn't she turn on Tyrone?? That's some temper! That's also not the way to take out your frustrations, blaming Ty when you went along with it freely. Is she going to be doing this on a regular basis? She's got the personality for it, obsessive, controlling. Poor Ty probably got back handers from his mother, too. Gotta say, though Natalie Gumede is really good isn't she?

Oh and by the way, Emily, Deirdre not only used to work *for* the council, she *was* a councillor or has everyone conveniently forgotten that, including Deirdre herself? Continuity fairy on strike again?

The war of the Salon peaked out with injunctions and holy old rows and Audrey then had a heart attack! David sure felt guilty after that and so he should. Everyone else is shunning David and keeping him in the dark except Nick, who really seems to be like Switzerland these days, trying to keep everyone happy. Audrey hurt him the most, pushing him away. Kylie has a swinging brick for a heart and David rightly blames her for egging him on. Luckily, Audrey will be ok and there seems to be a thaw between Gail and Lewis because of it. Do you think Gail will actually apologize to Lewis?

Now Kylie's done a runner and taken Max with her. First she walked out, just trying to make a point and hoping David will come running. She got drunk and partied with a few fellas like her old self (Ok, maybe she's not really got a new self) would and that didn't really "show" David. All she did was get drunk and ugly and brought out the worst in Eva who was going to get down and dirty and take her out if she'd had the chance. Kylie feels like David's blaming her. Well, he is and she is at least partly to blame for pushing him. 

Anyway, Gail was nearly wetting herself with excitement at thought that David and Kylie might actually break up for good. One down, One (Lewis) to go! I still reckon she'll come crawling back when the money runs out. Her pride is hurt more than anything and she doesn't know how to do "family" very well. She has no idea of the blood bond with a parent or grandparent.  Audrey was probably the one person David did respect, and he felt very guilty that he put so much pressure on that it made her ill. Kylie doesn't understand that.

Ken is still sneaking Leanne in to see Simon and of course the inevitable happens and she gets caught out by Peter and it's Simon that suffers the most, being banned from seeing her altogether and his grandparents too.  It wasn't fair of Peter to accuse Carla of not loving Simon and wanting rid of him. It's not about that at all and it seems like Carla is the only one that really does want to put Simon first and is being the most reasonable of them all. Problem is, her opinion has no sway.

Karl's birthday. Stella only bought him a card. Yet another way to make him feel 2 inches tall. The more she keeps making snarky remarks and making him look the fool, the faster he's running back to Sunita. And buying him a dirt cheap gift was worst than none at all. Sunita bought him quite an expensive gift. 

I don't know why Kylie would be bothered to go heavy drinking in a post Bistro. You'd think it would be cheaper and more comfortable in the pub. You can rub David's and his family's nose in it there just as easily. Musical commentary of the week "You're so Vain" in the pub while Karl and Sunita are flirting with each other. Why on earth would Nick allow the music to be played loud so she could dance on the table when the music was behind the bar anyway? Even if she'd turned it on, he would have had it turned off instantly.

Anna's going to work two jobs and someone has to keep an eye on Faye. She's at that age that's just a little too young to stay on her own (especially after that burned cheese on toast incident) but too old for a "baby" sitter. Mary nearly drove the poor girl to second degree murder, I think. Faye might have been a bit saucy but Mary was treating her like a skivvy or child chimney sweep. Making Faye polish Mary's shoes? On the floor? She's lucky she didn't end up with the brush where the sun doesn't shine. Mary is really turning into a dislikeable character. she's a nasty bully and not very quirky and funny for the most part these days.

Weatherfield in Bloom contest. Basically a storyline for Mary to bully and Norris to bicker with all his neighbours. Eileen and Paul are going to have a holiday. Watch this space.

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If the hotpot recipe belonged to Betty, and she bequeathed it to Sean (for whatever reason), where does Stella get off demanding that he turn it over to her?

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