Friday, 13 January 2017

Missing Corrie Scenes found for Canadian Viewers

(This post was originally posted by Tvor on the Bluenose Corrie Blog January 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Here in Canada, Coronation Street airs on CBC every week night with a repeat omnibus on Sunday mornings. Most Canadians know that we're about two weeks behind the UK air dates for the show.  In the UK, on ITV, Coronation Street airs for one half hour per episode, with commercial ads at the start and end, and one break in the middle for ads. Just one. It seems astonishing to us North American viewers when network television breaks for ads every 5 to 8 minutes (it seems like more!). Coronation Street in the UK is filmed for the way ITV airs the show, sometimes with cliffhangers just before the mid show break.

In Canada, though, because of the extra ad breaks, there is too much Coronation Street to fit in 30 minutes. How do they fit it? CBC cuts out scenes or the last  bits of scenes. Many of us have been aware of this for years. If you watch Corrie through the week and again on the Sunday omnibus, you may see something on Sunday that you didn't see on the weekday episode. The reason for that is CBC doesn't have to fit the start and end show credits in for each half hour segment like they do through the week so there's a little more room though there are still things that stay missing.

That's why some of us are left scratching our collective heads in puzzlement, wondering how the storyline got from A to C. CBC cut has  out the B. There doesn't seem to be very much we can do about it but help is at hand.

There's a new YouTube channel that airs all the bits that were cut from the show each day. It's called Coronation Street Canada Extra. In the evening after the episode airs, or the next day, you can check it out and see what you missed and fill in all those B scenes. No more will we Canadians wonder how we got from A to C. I don't know if a concerted campaign of complaint all over social media can persuade CBC to show more Corrie and less advertising, because that advertising dollar is life's blood to tv stations

This is the video for the scenes that were missing from January 12's broadcast in Canada.

Check out the YouTube channel and support their efforts. They're big stars for doing this for the Canadian fans! And thanks to the folks at Conversation Street who alerted me to the Youtube site.

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