Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sunday Comments January 1

Someone's getting married this morning and she bounces out of Number 6 with Yasmeen behind her, waving and smiling at everyone she sees as she bounces into the salon to get her hair done. Someone else is getting married today and he is looking like it's the last think he wants as he peers through the nets at his intended who is full of joy. I'm Getting Married In the Morning chirps out from Cathy's countdown widget, having reached the day. Roy shuts it off with a sigh. He wanders around the flat, picks up the dictaphone and moves it to another table, then slowly eases off his wedding ring, the one Hayley gave him. He sets it on one of a pair of wooden Dutch shoes under their photo.

Cathy's a very happy and excited bride. Her maid of honour is the traditional BridesmaidZilla offering too much information all the time. Meanwhile, Fiz is ticked off with Tyrone for falling out with Roy. Mary is still trying to avoid Norris and Alex impresses Roy with the fact that you can indeed have more than one "best day ever" by citing there could be two "highest mountains in the world" if they were the same height. Wise.

The spectre of that dictaphone is hovering, however. Roy has moved it off to one side in the flat but Cathy has a last minute wobble and goes to find it. We can all see what's coming but it isn't there yet. People start arriving at the church, Sally in her Donna Karan suit, Rita in a bright purple hat, Mary with curled hair and a flower behind her ear and Sinead in a fab plaid coat. Ty and Brian decide they're going to make up with Roy and come running, Ty still in overalls and Brian in his track suit. Roy accepts their apology. Cathy finally arrives and in a moment alone before heading into the church and down the aisle, listens again to the vows she recorded but this time she hears Roy say that even if the wedding isn't what he wants, he's going to honour his promise. Uh oh. She visibly deflates but heads to the church anyway. What's she going to do?

She got up the aisle, looking nervous and distracted. To Roy's credit, he did say she looked nice. Mary read from Shakespeare. That's different. Tyrone nor Fiz got the chance to do the next reading because Cathy stood up and confronted Roy with what she heard and called off the wedding. Then it was just the two of them. Roy really wanted to do the right thing and he's very fond of her but it isn't love, is it? They had a very calm discussion. She is not holding him to his promise and they should be better off as good friends. Again, Roy didn't do what I think she was hoping he'd do. He agreed that it was the best way forward. I think she wanted him to profess undying love and insist they get married and be happily ever after. It doesn't work that way with Roy.

Back at the cafe, which was hung with a Congratulations sign, Cathy is packing some things up to move out to Yasmeen. At last we find out why she wasn't living at her house or letting Alex live there. She mentioned not wanting to throw out her tennants so she's rented it out. She loves him. She tells him so. He can only reply "Thank you". Upstairs, on his own, he puts his wedding ring back on.

Roy's friends are hovering but he's just fine. He is positive that Cathy understands. I'm not so sure. Brian is going to take the cafe in hand to give Roy a break. Disaster in the making. Cathy does understand they won't be getting back together but it's not what she wants. Alex gave Roy a hard time and by the end of that day, Roy has decided to sell the cafe and flat because he realizes that being friends is more than Cathy can do, according to an upset Alex. Tyrone and Brian are trying to talk him around but I think there's only one person that can do that.

Cathy succumbed to Nessa's suggestion of drinking her sorrows away and she certainly did wallow. Brian decided if he can't talk Roy out of selling up, Cathy just might be the one to succeed. My thoughts exactly but she didn't feel up to it. Talk about the pair of them at cross purposes. It's very frustrating.

Most of the guests went to the reception anyway at the Bistro. Nick is still drunk and showing himself up. Sally and Tim escape to their traditional wedding bunk up. Mary retreated to the pub and Norris insisted she talk to him. She now regrets she ever telling him. He seems to be doing some research on his own. She won't thank him for it at the moment but she thought about it and reconsidered. She asked for his help in finding her son and even told Erica about it. He's called Jude after the hospital where her mother left him. Erica and Norris are determined to find him for her though she's not so sure she wants to actually meet him.

Norris has made a plan to make a full on military assault on the neighbourhood where the nurse Maureen was last known to inhabit. Mary's a bit nervous. Dev isn't sure they're going to find this Jude but Erica espouses the Think Positive plan but they weren't very successful. The one man they found that might have been her Jude, wasn't since they discovered he had a twin and she didn't have more than the one. Though if this had been an American soap, she might have had a second baby and not known about it for years! The day was wasted but she does appreciate how helpful her friends have been. She'd prefer to give up but it's a mission for Norris who is still searching. Gemma overheard and now knows the secret.

Maria is still spending nights with Adam who is feeling a bit used. So he should but then he doesn't want a full time relationship, either so he's got to be clear on the situation. Maria is probably just looking for a distraction since she's soon going to face a sentencing hearing and is worried about Liam.

Anna is having a complete melt down over wearing a dress for the wedding, her scarred legs still looking as bad as ever. She screams hysterically at Kevin when he comes in the bedroom when she's thinking about getting dressed. Why she just didn't pick a nice pair of black trousers and a pretty blouse, I don't know. Poor Kevin doesn't know what to do. She keeps pushing him away and she realizes what's happening so offers to move in with him like they were going to before the accident. She still won't let him see her legs, though. She's got to trust him so she took the chance. Oh dear, she's burned on her back, i didn't realize it. Her legs don't look nearly as bad as the photos in the hospital a few weeks ago. He would never be disgusted, though I'm sure he's filled with pity and he was very supportive.

Gail is having a very low key day. She's going to scatter Michael's ashes near a pond that they both liked. Andy is going with her. He's having trouble letting go his anger and he blames Phelan for Michael's death even if the cause was a heart attack. This may or may not be related to poison pen letters Eileen and Phelan have started to get. She hadn't been telling Phelan how many they were getting and how personal the latest one is. He found it, though. He has compared the letters. There are two that are more personal than the others. She's still not willing to take him back, however. Later on, we see Anna hobbling down the road with a handful of envelopes, most of them red. Christmas Card delivery. But one is white and that's addressed to Pat Phelan and she slips that into the slot at Number 11. Pat watches from across the road.

Next, we see him trying to bide his time but to stop Eileen calling the police, he told her it was Anna. He still pretended to make excuses for her. He's going to be gentle with her. Is he heck. He really put the wind up her and now Kevin is on the warpath. Phelan pretended he had a quiet "gentle" word. His idea of gentle and mine are vastly different. He might get away with it if he can keep Eileen from shouting at Anna. He also has to keep Kevin off his case and that's a bit more difficult because Kevin is like a dog with a bone and he's got a temper. Kevin threatened Phelan, "you're going to pay". Remember that. It's also a Phrase of Doom.

Andy is grieving Michael's death and he's very angry at Phelan. Luke dragged Kevin off Phelan and Andy was very interested in the confrontation details. Andy attacked Phelan viciously with a brick so you just know Kevin is going to be suspected. If he survives, though, he will know who to blame. I think he might have got a quick glimpse of Andy before lights out. Steph found him and Andy put on a plausible front pretending it was a surprise to him.

It seems he's going to be ok. Eileen suspects Kevin straight off the mark and Andy is pushing Luke to report that he saw Kevin fighting with Phelan. Tim saw Kevin heading that way too. Yep, no surprise there that Kevin is the one that's going to be the main suspect. Andy and Steph both told the police that Phelan wasn't very popular and had enemies, with Andy making sure to put Kevin in their radar. I'm very disappointed in Andy. He used to be such a nice, upstanding guy. Kevin was honest with the cops but going to the hospital didn't do him any favours. Pat didn't even know he came to the hospital and he mentioned seeing Kevin as well.

If Kevin was there, how come he didn't see Andy? Well, because Phelan did actually see Andy and is planning to use that little fact. He got Steph and Andy to the hospital to say thank you and then took advantage of having some alone time with Andy to confront him. He did see Andy and he's got plans for him. He's now Phelan's lackey. (to put it kindly) Naturally, (and unfortunately) it's made Eileen realize how much she does still care about him. All is forgiven. It's all back on again.

Robert and Nick's partnership with Steve isn't going too well. A lot of the food is getting cold during delivery but Steve doesn't know there's much he can do about it. The drivers are doing their best. Michelle scolds the partners citing Steve's distraction over the pregnancy and you can just see Nick biting his tongue, wanting to say something. Later on, they've had too much to drink and since there are no available cabs, Peter drives them where they're going in Ken's car, much to Nick's chagrin and Peter's amusement, especially when he brought them home, both of them drunk and getting the sharp end of Leanne's tongue for it.

Steve and Michelle have the 20 week ultrasound scan and they're having a boy! Amy wasn't overly impressed by the scan photo but let's be fair, they do look alienish! Liz urged Michelle to make friends with Leanne since they'll have children the same age. Michelle doesn't want to and blanks Leanne later, but Liz looks thoughtful. Still, Michelle felt a bit bad about it so maybe she's going to make up with Leanne which doesn't make Steve very happy.

Later in the week, Michelle comes to Robert's rescue helping him deliver a food order and got a kiss on the cheek for it. Robert got stroppy and blamed Steve but it wasn't his fault there were no drivers available. Then the yobs were going to take the food and not pay so Michelle pretended she was going into labour! Good times! She and Robert are bezzie mates now where he was her worst enemy a few weeks ago. Zeedan's radar is up even though Robert insists they're just friends. When he finds out that Michelle has offered for him to move into the pub, he'll have even more to say. Robert has to be persuaded and it's not because he's skint, it's because of how he feels about Michelle. Liz dressed to the nines and made sure the pub was clean in anticipation of Robert moving in but he decided to move into a flat in Victoria Court.

Meanwhile, Steve has bought a 55 inch telly for Michelle for the bedroom for when she's feeding the baby. 55 inch. That will light up the room like daylight! I doubt the bedroom in the pub is much larger than that, it'll take up the whole wall! He's going to get Tim to hide it but Tim is worried Sally will think it's hers. Tim's present to Sally is a globe. Educational, he says. I don't think a 50+ woman is going to appreciate a globe especially one that doesn't even have all the continents on it! They've hidden the tv in Tim's allottment shed (sure that's too damp?)

I see Tracy and Luke are still cavorting. A non relationship seems to suit them both but Amy's caught them snogging and Tracy doesn't want to make herself seem like a slag. She put on a good show, bought herself flowers and everything. Apparently, it went well and Luke passed Amy's grilling. They went to the Bistro and discussed their non-relationship. He wants to see other people including her.

The Platts are back on screen. Bethany wants Sarah to do something to perk up David. Chesney and Sinead invite Billy to go to drinks in town and it spiraled into a big party including Luke and Sarah insisted David go out as well. Gail is struggling with her grief. It's a tough time of year. Bethany was nice to her gran. Sarah bought gig tickets in Leeds for her and Gary, Bethany and Faye! Bethany looked disappointed when she realized it was a party of four. David felt like a fifth wheel when they were all clubbing but Chesney was a bit of a downer, too in spite of Sinead's efforts to get him to have a bit of fun and let go. Some random woman plunked herself down beside David and rattled on but he wasn't really very forthcoming. Didn't stop her though and it didn't stop her stealing his wallet on the way out, either.

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Daithi_c said...

Roy and Cathy simply do not communicate.

Cathy's in cloud coo coo land where true love is telepathic
and always says what you want it to say, rather than listen
and respond to what's actually said.

If that's the kind of mind games she plays all the time,
Roy is better off without her.

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