Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sunday Comments January 29

Simon keeps running into Peter and Toyah together and he hates it because he has to lie to his mother. He found Peter's cigs and Leanne ended up assuming they were his. All he had to say was that his Dad dropped in and forgot them. Eva and Toyah did finally make a truce but I don't think they'll ever be best mates, especially now that Eva has wheedled the secret out of Simon about Toyah and Peter.

I really do think Toyah was kind of letting everyone else do a lot of the baby shower work, she was certainly avoiding Eva's calls even though they were supposed to be working together and now that Eva knows about Toyah and Peter, her level of disrespect has overflowed into contempt.

On to the shower and everyone seemed to be taking pains trying to get Audrey to say the magic word, "baby" to get her drunk on shots! Loved how Audrey carefully sprayed perfume over her shoulder at Gemma who stank of onions from the kebab shop! It got to the point that Audrey was setting herself up! And come on, who hires a stripper for a baby shower? I've never seen that in all my days going to baby showers. Never been to one in a pub either, come to that. Eva finally confronted Toyah in the ladies' room and she admitted it. Eva is angry but she's going to have to keep the secret due to Leanne's blood pressure.

Robert's excuses about Steph's friend kind of rang hollow. That's because he really does fancy someone else, someone they all know and it's Michelle! He took the food samples over to the pub for approval. Michelle dragged it out of him, asking about the date and he's definitely sending some kind of signals. He couldn't resist, he had to come back later during the baby shower to talk to her. She was definitely picking up signals and asked him about it. Just came out and said it. Do you fancy me? She was shocked when he admitted it. And you know, i never thought Steve and Michelle were suited. Michelle might be self centred, almost as much as Tracy, but she's most definitely kinder than Tracy and Maybe these two would make a good couple.

It's a moot point now, though, because Michelle doubled over and is losing fluid. She didn't want Steve to know while he was off playing golf but Liz called him when Sean told her and now everyone else nows. In the hospital, she's scared stiff as you would be. Leanne's trying hard to keep her steady but her being pregnant, she's identifying. what if this had been her? Steve got there in good time. There's a heartbeat. They're going to keep her in for antibiotics. Meanwhile, Leanne is really feeling Michelle's worry. Nick is only concerned what happens if Michelle loses the baby. What does it mean for Leanne's baby and them?

Back at the hospital, it's going to be a long night. Neither Michelle nor Steve is going to get any sleep. The next day, Michelle goes into labour. Oh, that's not good. They can't stop the labour, they will do what they can if the baby does breathe but it looks like it won't. Michelle has to give birth knowing her baby will probably not survive. Steve was furious that she was blaming herself and could hear all the babies crying on the ward. She gave birth and the baby didn't make it. At home, Liz lit a candle, remembering her own baby Katy, born too soon and Leanne sobbed, cradling her own baby bump.

It was interesting to see Liz without makeup, pale and washed out, sitting in front of the mirror knowing she is on her way to see Michelle and Steve. Here's what's difficult. The law in the U K says they can't have a birth certificate because he was less than 24 weeks gestated. No death certificate either but that birth certificate is proof that he existed and it's kind of a slap in the face when you've actually given birth. As Michelle says "he existed" and she went off in a rage to sort it only it couldn't be sorted. Turns out the midwife went through the same thing. They said goodbye to their wee son, each in their own way.

It's heartbreaking to watch and moreso because I know that Kym Marsh went through exactly the same thing a couple of years ago and Simon Gregson's wife has had multiple miscarriages. They have both been though this for real and there was a lot more there than just acting. I think they were very brave to go through with this and I have utmost respect for them.

Billy's asked Roy to hire Shona. Roy's explanations of all the ways to cook eggs and bacon is a bit intimidating but it looks like Shona's willing to take on the challenge. Todd tried to get the job, too but he was too late. In other news, Billy's got his church back but he's going to stay living at the Grimshaw house as a "lodger" (just if anyone asks).

Aidan has his lawyer involved regarding Adam's claims and he thinks it might be cheaper to pay him off. Eva was horrified that everything could be lost at the factory. Well she can do something about it. She went straight to Peter and straight to the jugular. Back off the factory or she'll tell. I think she'll get results. Even Toyah can see the merit in it. Michelle's pregnancy scare (and she doesn't know the half of it) brought a reality check to Toyah who knows it could just as easily have been Leanne and it's just not worth it. Peter's going to back off. I don't know if he can convince Adam to, though.

Alya really encouraged Rana to tell Zeedan how she really feels about having a baby just yet. She took Alya's advice and was honest with him. Zeedan was ok with Rana's confession, he agreed to wait until they were both ready. Maybe he is ready to make peace with Alya after finding out she encouraged Rana's honesty.

Dev is getting very antsy about the money Sharif took from the gym accounts. It shouldn't be up to Zeedan to pay Dev back. It shouldn't be up to any of the family members. I guess helping out at the gym for no pay is helping, not sure how. On the plus side, the kebab shop is doing well! so well that the staff can have a free can of pop! At least Zeedan had the grace to thank Alya for talking to Rana. How long will that thaw last is anyone's guess at this point.

The next thing we know, the bailiffs are carting gym equipment away in lieu of what? because the gym hasn't been paying the rent? the VAT? Yes, Sharif took money from the account and hasn't paid it back. Zeedan thought he could get the fancy machine to take to the bailiffs. She won't let him and he's unforgiving. Dev gave Chesney his car keys to pretend the car doesn't belong to him. I don't know if the bailiffs could take non-business related goods but perhaps they can. It's a fuzzy area, something I don't really know about.

So Dev has to scramble to make the other businesses bring in a bit more money. Just the other day he told Chesney and Gemma that the kebab shop takings were up. I guess he needs to feed the 5000 to turn more profit.

Beth is off looking after her mother who had a nasty fall. But at least it was cushioned by all the clothes she shoplifted! Sinead's right. Chesney really doesn't have a sense of humour. He's always been a grumpy old man in a young man's body! He really didn't want to go out nightclubbing with Sinead and Kirk so he jumped at the chance of swopping shifts with Gemma but Sinead wasn't too happy about it. Odd, I would have thought she'd be going to the baby shower, too. Gemma told Sinead what he did for her and Sinead was furious and she went gunning for Chesney. Poor Daniel didn't know which way to look but he didn't leave, either. Probably didn't get his food yet i guess. But the fight was nasty and it ended up with ketchup squirted on Chesney. Deliberately.

Sinead did apologize to Daniel the next day. I wonder if they're setting those two up? He turned up in the kebab shop looking for a book and ran into Sinead there, too. Chesney and Sinead seem to have made up but it wasn't very passionate. He even told Gemma they'd been together too long for all that hot makeup sex. Pah. What did I tell you? He's boring and he knows it.

I don't think Tyrone should have been telling the rest of the staff all about Kevin's financial woes and that he tapped into the tax account to pay the medical bills. It's none of their business. Literally. Other than Tyrone of course, it's his business, too. Freddie had a good idea. Offer valeting on cars separately from having them fixed. Kevin didn't want to know, he was rather dismissive wasn't he? And he was horrible to Tyrone about Hope's expenses.

Phelan insisted that Andy take delivery of Kevin's new two truck and he had to scramble to nick a pair of overalls. He couldn't get them straight away but after Tyrone and Kevin argued he managed to slip in and nick one. Phelan has set up a meeting for Andy to pick up the tow truck and sell it on, even has a fake id done up for him. Pat in the flat with Steph was an extra incentive to go through with it. He did and assuming he handed over the cash, Phelan intends on using him to get him more money. He seems intent on getting revenge on Kevin but for what? Because he doesn't like him? Because he shouted at him once or twice?

Meanwhile, as a result of Kevin using garage money for Sophie's medical bills, Kevin and Tyrone are still bickering, this time over a stapler of all things. At least Fiz and Anna forced them to talk it out. They did and they shook but then Kevin took a call from the people that sold him the truck asking how everything is. Of course, Kevin doesn't have it and someone else signed for it. Now he realizes it's been stolen!

Bethany has finished the exams she swerved, apparently and now wants to start a course in beauty studies. Sarah is in a bad mood over the breakup with Gary no matter what she insists. That Nathan is still lurking around the Street, now he's managed to get Bethany to distribute his business flyers though he made it seem like it was her idea.

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Anonymous said...

Why are Sophie's medical bills all on Kevin? Have the writers forgotten that Sally is Sophie's mother?
The baby shower was way over the top, like you said TVOR who hires a stripper for a baby shower?
I assumed the shower was in the evening but then we saw Kevin, Freddie, Tyronne and Luke all at work?

Daithi_c said...

Sohpie should be responsible for her own medical expenses, because she
didn't get traveling insurance to cover them in another country.

Kevin also humiliated Pat Phelean in the Bisto one time when he and
Anna were having a meal out. Pat loves revenge and humiliating others,
and hates when HE is humiliated.

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