Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sunday Comments January 8

Gemma is making a video about Mary's baby being left in 1984 at the hospital, that his name is Jude and she's looking for him. Gemma's really into this, really sincere in hoping that Mary can find her son. I think this is probably her idea, not sanctified by Mary or Norris who was supervising the hunt. He comes into the kebab shop and she hides her phone quickly. It transpires that yes, yes she's doing this of her own accord because Norris tries to impress upon her the need for secrecy. I don't think he was supposed to have told Gemma but she tells him social media is the way to do it. He's not keen but she's got plans and uploads the video.

She then collars a few of the younger set, Bethany and Seb to ask them to share it. Faye's not happy to see Seb talking to the pretty blonde Bethany, and not best pleased when he expresses admiration for her after indicating that Faye wouldn't be a party girl up for anything like Bethany probably would. Naturally, she objects and is going to want to prove it at some point.

Gemma has taken herself to the Bistro to expand her horizons and had a lovely conversation with Mary who was doing the flowers, all about people coming together. She doesn't tell Mary she knows the secret but there are broad hints. Gemma's heart is in the right place, but as Kirk says, it's private stuff and Mary won't be best pleased it's all over the interwebs. She finds out soon enough, loudly in the pub when Michelle sees and plays the video. Mary puts the blame squarely on Norris and cuts him out of her life.

Sarah's looking forward to the concert (aka "gig") in Leeds though Bethany's anticipating her mother will embarrass the life out of her. Gary pops by to tell them he's booked a hotel, pleasing Sarah. But all the affection being shown is only putting Bethany in a bad mood. Later, Sarah is jostling Harry and tells David that the baby is poorly and David then tells them that his wallet was nicked and he's gutted because there were pictures of Kylie in it. Gary arrives a bit later and is disappointed when Sarah says they can't go because of the baby's illness. She reckons they should go anyway and Gary insists Bethany go with he and Faye so that makes her day.

In the hotel room, Faye is necking mini bar shots (to prove she's a party girl?) and Bethany is trying on slinky dresses and the two girls bicker. Bethany's beverage of choice is voddy in a purple glittery flask. She unzips her dress and goes through to the adjoining room to Gary's room and waits for him to come out of the shower to get her dress zipped. That accomplished, she manages to persuade him that it's ok for her to have a beer, that her mother never minds.

Back home, Harry's improving and Sarah asks Gail if she'd mind Harry. She can just make the concert if she leaves now. Oh you can see where this is going, can't you? In the hotel, Bethany fortifies her nerve while doing her makeup and complains about her looks so that Gary will compliment her. The ploy works. He sidesteps her questions about whether he loves Sarah and that only gives her more encouragement. He nips out, giving her a non-alcoholic drink and she jumps on the bed, draping herself seductively, hair down, waiting for him to return. The door opens but it's Faye, not Gary. Uh oh! Naturally, Faye does what any younger kid would do. Blackmail Bethany for the vodka. She knew darn well that Bethany was trying to seduce Gary. In exchange for keeping the secret and for a crack Bethany made about her having the baby at 13, she gets the rest of the vodka and Bethany's new top.

Now of course, Faye has something over Bethany and tells Gary Bethany has a crush on a man as old as him. He doesn't believe her but Bethany says it is true but nothing's happened yet. He tries to guess, coming up with names of people they know but he doesn't twig that it's him. Sarah arrives in the middle of the conversation and that's that until a hotel security guy brings in a drunk and sick Faye. Bethany owned up to giving Faye the vodka though the story she told was a bit different, she played it as a dare. Sarah is livid. Gary is disappointed. Bethany's in the doghouse and so is Faye for getting drunk. Gary's got a long list of chores for her and is blanking Bethany's attempts to apologize.

Sarah and Gary are yet again off and on again. It's getting tedious. I think Bethany thinks so too. Her poor teenage heart is aching and Luke finds her on the bench. He's always kind to her but he was too anxious to get to his booty call at Tracy's to really listen to her and she took off on the bus. But Norris spotted Luke comforting her and naturally jumped to all the wrong conclusions.

Bethany stayed away overnight and the police are involved. Gary confesses that Bethany said she fancied an older man. You know where this is going, right? Norris's reference to Luke's arm around Bethany to comfort her did exactly what it was intended to, put Luke in the hot spot. Gary has a temper and he's using it but Faye looks very guilty doesn't she? Bethany showed up in the middle of the aggro and she still managed to avoid telling who this man is that she fancies by lying that she made it up. Now Bethany's in the doghouse and taking those diet pills again.

David goes back to the bar to find out that the woman, Shona, has form for robbing people. The good news is that she's in the bar most nights so David decides to wait. When she shows up, she then pretends to be someone else and pretends as well that even if she had taken his wallet, she wouldn't be so stupid as to keep hold of it. But she does go to the dumpster and fishes it out, never mind that the dumpster likely would have been emptied each morning by the industrial binmen. All that's left is Kylie's photo which makes Shona think.

Billy's got his job interview and he's got the job! He was missing all the attention his former flock gave him at Christmas but they did remember. He got a fist full of cards and some mince pies! Todd is still worried Billy will go back to the church.

On to more festive things, kind of. Steve still has to get the new tv he bought for Michelle, which Tim is storing for him. Now you'd think a television box would be fairly sturdy, wouldn't you? But keeping it in the shed in the allottment did it in with damp. I guess we'll never know whether the damp affected the telly or not because it ended up smashed on the cobbles! Tim replaced it of course but now Sally thinks it's hers!!! She even found the globe and expressed her disdain for it, assuming it must be for Faye. That's that, then. Nobody's getting the globe! Tim told Steve about the broken telly but not about Sally appropriating it.

Andy now has a lot on his mind but he won't tell Steph. He pretends it's just the trauma of finding Pat. Steph wonders if Kevin really could have done the deed. Andy has to obey the call of his phone and nips outside. Phelan, of course, summoning him so he pretends he's getting a migraine. When he gets to the hospital, Phelan looks so chipper, I would have thought he'd have been released. Anyway, they banter a bit and Phelan sends him for tea and cake before revealing what he wants. And what he wants is cash and he suggests Andy rob the Bistro to get it.

He goes back to work where he can't get a hand on the till overflow but does discover that there was an over-delivery of expensive tablets, 24 instead of 4. The light bulb goes on. He takes the keys, goes into the closed restaurant, shuts off the security and lifts the tablets. Robert is livid and accuses Steph of not locking up properly and suspends her. More guilt for Andy. Phelan wasn't too keen on tablets instead of cash but he knows someone that will sell them on. He's not letting Andy off the hook, though. He'll milk it for as much as he can for as long as he can.

Why isn't Phelan home, by the way? These days they don't keep people in hospital very long and he seems quite chipper. Macca was at death's door and then at the trial merely a week or two later, so Phelan ought to be cooling his heels at home by now. Andy even went to the doctor for his migraines and it's clear he does need grief counselling more than painkillers but he's eyed the doctor's bag and you know some of the painkillers went walkabout. Is he going to sell them or do himself in? Andy's going out of control.

Peter's advising Simon on his football game along with Leanne. They chat about being a parent, about Ken's recovery and she's kind to him, offering her shoulder as a mate and she later praises his efforts to Nick, the last person that wants to hear it. Adam arrives, dressed to impress. Maria, so he hopes. Peter remarks that Adam is only looking for one thing but he's looking for the "real deal". A few days later, Simon is getting the low down on football from Simon and I'm not sure if he was just getting in on the newest lingo or the whole game which surprised me because Nick was very much into football when he was growing up. He gave Simon tickets to a match and assumed he'd go with Simon who immediately thought of asking his dad. Nick remarked "it's ok. can't think of anything worse". Again, he used to love the game as a kid. Maybe he's just gone off it. People do but football fans never seem to.

Adam's not very happy he got bested by Aidan's fists and it sounds like he's going to find a way to get back at him only I don't think Maria will be his tool of vengeance. Meanwhile, most of the Barlows are having an early Christmas for Simon because Leanne's still planning to take him to Liverpool to see Toyah. Looks like Daniel really is a chip off the old block. He gave Simon the complete works of Shakespeare! Peter quickly hid a small gift, the size of a cassette tape. Peter's gift was a disappointment because Simon already finished the game. Nick blasted everyone else out of the water with a drone. Leanne was right, Nick did it to rub Peter's nose in it and to make himself look the better man, the man he thinks he is (but he isn't, you know, he's a tosser)

Peter made a hotel reservation for himself and "Miss Battersby" and it seemed like he was hinting it was for Leanne, by looking over his shoulder to the house. Thing is, there's another Miss Battersby on this earth and in the Weatherfield world and she lives in Liverpool. Any bets? Nick apologized later on but the congeniality between Leanne and Peter over the trivial persuit game only made him snarl. He found the gift that Peter hid in the sideboard, that cassette of the boy band Leanne liked back in the day with a card saying it was to the love of his life. He's going to explode before long and I think it will be sooner than later.

Audrey later warns Adam off Maria since Maria is having a tough time. She thinks he's out to take advantage of Maria's current vulnerability. That gives Adam a bit of a knockback but he goes to see Maria anyway. She's kept Liam home and they're making cookies and his suggestion that she could park him in front of the telly while they indulge in some bedroom Olympics only gets him knocked back again for being so presumptuous.

Maria's plan to spend all that time with Liam doesn't really have the expected results because Liam wants to go to his Christmas party which Kirk points out. He's an awesome uncle and offers to take Liam to the party for the last couple of hours. She ends up in the bar moaning and then ends up with Adam because Aidan came in and she wanted to make sure he was jealous. Kirk, meanwhile, takes Liam for his first kebab on the way home and Liam doesn't want to go home, he'd rather have chips and go with his uncle and watch dvds. Maria gets herself drunk and a concerned Aidan won't be lured to her bed so she does what she always does, turns to the wrong fella and Adam gets lucky again.

Kirk and Liam both catch Adam leaving in the morning. Kirk is worried for her and she's hungover and only wants to sleep but Liam, being a normal little boy has too much energy for that. But when they do finally get under the duvet, she falls asleep and Liam decides to cook, but can't work the oiven so the gas stays on. Kirk saves the day again because he can sense something's just not right I think. Maria really needs to get herself together.

Meanwhile, Billy and Todd are going clubbing and invite Aidan and Eva. Aidan begs off and Eva decides to go anyway, leaving Aidan alone for the evening. In walks Adam. Aidan blames Adam for getting Maria drunk and the stags are fighting on the mountain before long. Aidan got the first punch in and got to get his wounds tended by Maria. You guessed it. Aidan got lucky. Two men in two days. I don't care if Aidan does think he loves her. Maria better be careful, her reputation is already in tatters, it's going to be non-recoverable at this rate.

Eva's feels guilty about Maria's predicament since she did tell Maria to come clean about the marriage but they would have found out anyway. It was pretty obvious, her going through being charged with murder and her husband nowhere to be seen? I wouldn't believe it either. Aidan feels guilty and he's now looking for the right time to dump Eva. I'd wait until after the sentencing, I would ;)

Maria is really certain she's going to go to jail. That probably means she'll get a light sentence. She's so certain that she organizes a farewell leaving do and explained her absence to Liam with great drama and a lot of tears. Good grief! Anyway, Aidan and Maria managed to sneak a few minutes together at the factory. Promises are made but Johnny busts them and confronts Aidan who says he wants to do the right thing. I think he wants to be the knight in shining armour. Eva's gutted at Maria's predicament so Aidan can't bring himself to upset her even more. Instead, he just tells her he loves her and comforts her.

In court, leniency is urged. The judge seemed reasonable but made a 12 months sentence. I'm really shocked. I really thought she'd get off. I expect she'll be out earlier than that, though. Good behaviour and all that.

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