Monday, 3 October 2011

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Sept. 26 - 30

High Noon award: Gail and Tracy. Tracy's 6 inches taller and Gail is like a dog with a bone. Let the hair pulling begin!

Player award: Gold Star: Nick doesn't think he plays games. I beg to differ.

Bad taste award: Gold Star: Ken gave Simon a tram (ok, it was a train, but it looked like a tram) for Christmas! (oops!)

Underestimating award: Steve figuring Tracy isn't going to come round all guns blazing on Christmas Eve. Is he new here? (that's also the Phrase of Doom award)

Stupidity Award Stapewich, lying to Charlotte's parents, then going with them for Christmas dinner when all he had to say was he was going to his own parents' house.

She knows how to make an entrance award: Tracyluv. (Who gets out of prison and has stilettos and fishnet stockings on hand?)

Crossed the Line award: Platinum Star: Tracy Barlow of course. She crossed every line there is and she did it to cause as much trouble as she could! The worst thing was tossing wine on Amy's dress so she'd have to wear the one Tracy gave her.
Gold Star: Becky. Steve was right to be so angry at her. He thought his last wife was a loose cannon! To be fair, though, Becky's in an impossible spot.

The Voice of Reason award: Eileen had to give Tracy points for wanting her child back after all these years, as much as she hates Tracy. Eileen pointed out that Tracy does have a right to be with her child after 3 years away.

Broken award: Gold Star: Tie: Gary Windass and Tyrone Dobbs. Both broken, different reasons.

Slip of the tongue award: Gold Star: Amy overheard Becky tell Claire she paid for Max.

Lines of the week:
Becky "They're freeing murderers for Christmas?"
Tracy "I'm the most exciting arrival for 2000 years" (oh pul-eeze) and "I'm not here for a slanging match!" (you live for it, dearie)
Steve to Becky "I never said i wanted a divorce" (Yes you did. Well, you said you didn't want to be married to her)
Eddie "I thought the army was meant to make a man of you not a surly thug"
Tracy to Gail "I reckon your story had more holes in it than Joe's boat!"
Mary to Norris "Norris, Socket to me!"
Mary's singing "Mother called it trilling" Norris "More like shrilling"
Deirdre to Ken "You've sat on that fence so flamin' long you've got splinters in your backside"
Nick to Tracy "Over my dead body, and that's not an invitation"
Charlotte's mother "I'd like her to be reincarnated as a stray cat. Then one day she could wander in here and I could feed her milk and fishy treats." (eh?)

Gary about Izzy "I'm more scared of her than i am of the Taliban!"
Deidre needs a cig, can't quit now after a bad year... Ken "You say that every year" Deirdre "I've had a lot of bad years!"
Lloyd "Divorce lawyers love January. Busiest time of the year" (looks like there could be a few of them needed!)

All that shouting and posturing minutes after getting out of the taxi wasn't even classic Tracy, it was embarassing! And why was she making out that she didn't know what happened to everyone? She said she'd heard about the tram crash on the news but wouldn't Deirdre have rang her or got a letter to her?

Best scene: Ciaran on a mission to mistletoe every woman in the pub and Steve grabbing him for a big kiss!!

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