Thursday, 20 October 2011

Peter Barlow: An Appreciation

(This post was originally posted by Rebecca on the Coronation Street Blog in January 2011.)

Dear Coronation Street Writers, I thought a little over a month ago, if you kill off Peter Barlow I am never watching Corrie again. I wouldn't have meant it - for long - but the sentiment remains true. I love Peter Barlow a LOT.

In his earlier incarnations he never meant much to me, because I was too young, and even when he was playing the bigamist with the lovely (and much-missed, at least by me) Shelley (played by the amazing Sally Unwin) and dippy Lucy, he was too old for my teenaged self. But since 2008 he has been one of my favourites, and it doesn't hurt that Chris Gascoyne is, for me, very very easy on the eye. I especially liked his drunken period when he walked around smoking, in his white vest, showing off all his tattoos. I assume they're Chris' real tattoos, but a man like Peter Barlow would, nay should, be covered in them.

In the past 2-and-a-bit years, which has featured a nearly weekly text from my friend V wherein we appreciate Peter a little bit more, we've seen him mature from a new dad who didn't really know what to do with Simon, to a married man to the ever-gorgeous Leanne. Soaps never do run smooth though, and what with spoilers promising that Peter tumbles back into drinking, we're sure to see some more amazing acting from Chris.

He always seems to play the part with genuine pathos, and is a convincing drunk, and can be downright scary at times! But he can also play the part of the dutiful son, the doting dad - and sometimes the cheesed off son and exasperated dad! Peter is becoming part of the backbone of the street, and I can only hope he survives this next round of trauma without too much effect on his child or marriage.

I am really, really glad he didn't die in the tram crash. When we thought there was another regular due to die, and when it looked like it would be between Rita or Peter, I would have chosen Rita to die. Sorry. I love Rita, I do, but she's had her turn and really I think we're only just seeing the beginning of the next generation of Barlows. Peter deserves to be a part of that and I am really glad he survived.

I'm looking forward to what's coming next for Peter, Leanne and Simon - more drink problems? A baby that might not be his? More of the very sweet Alexander Bain on our screens? I hope so. I've just got one request, and it includes a white vest and a packet of cigarettes...

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