Sunday, 2 October 2011

Who was the best bawler during disaster week?

What with all the death, destruction and general mayhem last month, there were an awful lot of tears shed on Coronation Street and rightly so.I've been trying to decide which actor or actress was best at crying/bawling.

I'm leaving Fiz Stape aside, because she was giving birth. Her screams during the live episode are still echoing round my livingroom. My goodness, Jennie McAlpine must have felt better after that! It was more gruelling than listening to John Lennon's 'Mother'. I'm also not counting snivelling or sniffling. It has to be full-blown 'put your back into it' sobbing. Personally I'd go for Sally Dynevor as most convincing. Leanne (Jane Danson) was also pretty good. Carla (Alison King) would be next, but there was a bit too much snot.
Does anyone know how actors produce loads of tears? I'm hoping it's a hanky full of onions but I'm sure someone will disillusion me.
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