Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mentioning Sally's past

Yup, it's finally happened.  In last night's episode, Kevin finally said what we'd all been thinking: "Ian Davenport!"

Sally Webster's holier-than-thou image as the perfect wife was destroyed with one name.  We all knew, and it seems Kevin did as well, that Sally had carried on an illicit affair in a car showroom with Ian Davenport a few years ago.  He'd forgiven her that indiscretion, and moved on.  Yet here was Sally refusing to accept that Kevin had done much the same thing.

Ian Davenport has long been one of those storylines that we all remember, and knew would come back to haunt Sally one day.  The only surprise for me was that it didn't come from Rosie, who knew all about her mother's affair.  Perhaps she told Kevin?

And John Stape hasn't even spoken yet.  Maybe he should fill Kevin in on that ill-fated pass she made while he was tutoring her...?

1 comment:

Tiddsmom said...

Finally Kevin brought it up. I was starting to think that I had dreamt the whole Sally/ Davenport storyline

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