Thursday, 20 October 2011

Corrie weddings rarely run smoothly (Spoilers)

There's a bit of a spoiler in here but nothing you probably haven't already figured out!

This is no exception to the soap rule that a wedding will not go off without some hitch or other. Peter knows about Leanne and Nick's affair and was stone faced and angry. Seething. And only Tracy knows. I thought Tracy was going to tell him gleefully but as it worked out, Peter saw the e-ticket to Italy and started to work it out on his own. He then dragged it out of Tracy.

And so the revenge began. He got all the conspirators at one pub table and told them he wanted to bury the hatchet (in Nick's back, from the looks of his face afterwards). As Tony Stewart of the Mirror says here, Peter is going to publically humiliate Leanne at the blessing on Monday. Jane Danson has said that Leanne's wedding day isn't going to be the one she dreamed about.

Will they split up for good? Will they manage to stay together and work things out? Personally, I hope they do manage to stay together, for Simon's sake to start with. They really do love each other though trust has blown apart now. Leanne learned a hard lesson when she nearly lost Peter. She realized where her priorities and her heart lie but it'll be a long time before Peter believes that. It would be nice to see at least one marraige survive a crisis like this but it's understandable if it doesn't because most of them fall apart for far less. If it were real life, I'd probably tell Peter to ditch Leanne too. How could he trust her again? Simon will be ok in the long run and you can't stay together just for the children if you're going to be miserable.

But it's a soap. It's a fantasy world. Why not have a happy ending once in awhile?

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