Monday, 3 October 2011

Has Becky turned nasty again?

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in December, 2010.)

I do hope so. I've never taken to the "redeemed" Becky (Katherine Kelly), gushing over Stevie-babes and swanking about behind the Rover's bar in an array of horrid off-the-shoulder tops. So I was glad when she half-inched the dosh from Dev's safe. Not a nice thing to do, I'll grant you, but it was a sign that maybe Becky is getting her own brand of bottle back - and not before time as far as this viewer is concerned.
I thought that Katherine Kelly was great as Becky when she first appeared in Corrie as Kelly Crabtree's thieving mate, a really nasty, venal piece of work. Then they started bringing in a bit of back-story, hinting at an abusive past, showing how folk can change and so forth. Fair enough, but for me it didn't work. And unlike most viewers, I've never liked the Becky, Roy and 'Ayles relationship (whereas it worked for me when the Croppers fostered Fiz).
Maybe Steve is finally waking up and smelling the coffee too. Is it the end of the road for this Mcdonald marriage?
Tracy Barlow ended up in a pool of blood on New Year's Eve (surprise). Is Becky the culprit? She's a street fighter and a survivor, so perhaps she is. Personally though, I was hoping for a good hair-puller out on the cobbles rather than a sneaky under-cover-of-darkness attack in the ginnel. If Tracy survives and it ever comes to that, my money would definitely be on Becky.
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