Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Kate Ford's Back and Loving It

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in December, 2010.)

The general consensus on the return of Tracy Barlow is about 95% negative.

The thing is, while Tracy is such an awful character, by all accounts, Kate Ford is a very nice person. Poor thing probably gets an awful lot of stick from the general public when she's doing her weekly shop at Tescos (or wherever she shops). In the Mirror, there's an interview with Kate. No spoilers, don't take any notice of the headline that says she's going to be killed off because, as we've seen, she wasn't. At the end of the piece, we hear there's lots more in store for Tracy.

Kate says she won't be letting her 2 1/2 year old little boy, Otis, watch her on tv because she doesn't think he's old enough to understand that that awful person isn't really his mummy. Tracy spends the week ruffling everyone's feathers and pays for it when she's assaulted on New Year's Eve. We hear about Kate's background and how she came to acting as a profession. I was surprised to hear she'd had a part in a movie I had seen, The Affair of the Necklace but, alas, her part didn't make the final cut as often happens. It's a tough gig, acting!

Kate talks about her time as a full time mum and about her return to the screen where she's got an initial contract for 6 months.

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